Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, this story certainly exploded in a way I didn't expect in the slightest. It's a coincidence how we're here exactly a month later, and that this glory is ending on the 14th chapter. Well, I'm glad you folks all enjoyed it, so here it is, the satisfying end of Vanellopee. And kudos to the one person who wanted the cybug to have a name. Enjoy!

Vanellope Von Schweetz left the dark, cybernetic world of Hero's Duty, heading back into the Game Central Station with her new, energetic friend, the sea green colored baby cybug. Vanellope bumped into Wreck It Ralph, who was heading to Tapper's for one more drink.

"Oh hey, Fart Feathers!" Ralph greeted as he placed his gigantic hand on his hips. "Did you finally overcame your little problem?"

Vanellope whistled innocently as she shook her head. "Not quite, but I have learned to appreciate it. Whether I like it or not, peeing myself is part of me, and I just gotta accept that and go with the flow." She then smiled as she looked Ralph in the eyes. "And there's no one I rather be, than me."

Ralph smiled as he lowered his eyes, patting Vanellope on the head with his left hand. "That sounds great, kid. I'm glad to hear that you managed to find a way to cope with it." He then lifted his head up, to hear the sirens going off. He waved to Vanellope. "Well, I gotta get back to Fix It Felix Jr.. I'll see you in a few hours, Vanellope!"

Vanellope nodded as she waved goodbye to Ralph. "Okay, stink brain! Take care!" She looked down at her pouch, speaking to her cybug buddy. "Come on, Pixel, I'm gonna give you a new home!"

The friendly baby cybug, newly christened Pixel, squealed with joy as Vanellope headed back into Sugar Rush. Her skirt was still damp from her urine, but she did not think of it any less, fully accepting it after the entire chaotic day.

Once back in Sugar Rush, Vanellope headed towards the Sugar Rush Speedway, only to bump into Taffyta Muttonfudge, who had Rancis and Candlehead behind her, along with the other racers, all who were ready to race. Vanellope smirked, her hands still inside her pouch, holding her baby cybug Pixel.

"So, the bed wetter returned, huh?" Taffyta teased as she took her strawberry flavored pink lollipop out of her mouth, smirking. "How was embarrassing yourself all over the arcade, President Vanilla Pee?"

Vanellope stuck her tongue out at Taffyta. "Well, if it was your elaborate plan to make myself go through a deep depression like I did back when I was considered nothing more than a glitch, you nearly did a good job." She smiled as she moved her head up, closing her eyes. "But, I have learned to appreciate being a bed wetter. There's nothing wrong with wetting yourself."

Rancis gulped as he felt his pants getting tighter, causing the racers to look at him oddly. "Oh geeze, Vanellope, stop making me so aroused..." He muttered, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head with his right hand.

Vaneloope giggled as she noticed Rancis's plight. "Oh Fluggerbutter, I appreciate the fact that you find me so appealing." She then revealed her damp skirt. "If it helps, I'm still a little wet down here..."

Rancis fainted from being too attracted to Vanellope, falling on his back. The other male racers rolled their eyes while shaking their heads.

Candlehead tilted her head to the right. "So, you're totally find feeling wet?" She asked, glancing up at the candle on her head and gasping, placing both of her hands on her face. "Oh my glob! I have a candle on my head! I never knew that!"

Vanellope shook her head as she shrugged. "Well, now that I have asserted myself, if you excuse me, I'm going to get ready for the race." As she was heading to her castle to get her kart, she stopped, turning around and smiling. "Oh by the way, have you met my new buddy?"

"New buddy?" All of the racers asked, except for Rancis and Candlehead, the former having fainted and the latter still having her mind blown due to her oblivious nature.

Vanellope then took Pixel out, revealing the cute, sea green cybug to the other racers. The other racers gasped as Taffyta approached it, glaring at Vanellope.

"You know the rules, Vanel!" Taffyta barked as she slapped Pixel off Vanellope's hands. "No outside things from the other arcade games! What is wrong with you?"

Pixel sniffled as it got back on its tiny legs, before growing to a much larger size, being twice the height of the Sugar Russians. Pixel bellowed as it revealed the light blue insides of its mouth, scaring the Sugar Russians as they all held each other. Taffyta screamed the most, falling on her back as she crawled backwards, completely devastated. Taffyta widened her eyes in horror, feeling much warmer as she glanced down, to see that she wet herself in fright. Vanellope noticed, also looking up to see that the other racers have also wet themselves, with Candlehead looking down to see Pixel's scary form, screaming as she started running in fright, crashing into a nearby red and white sugar cane and falling down, her legs in the air.

"Well well well, look what we have here," Vanellope commented as she patted Pixel, allowing it to return to its cute, baby form, picking it up in her hands as she approached Taffyta, chuckling. "Looks like I'm not the only one here who wets myself!"

Taffyta started crying as tears came flowing down her eyes, getting rub and rubbing her eyes with both of her hands. "That's because I got scared of your freaky bug, you stubborn glitch! It's not like I..." She was too broken down, crying loudly as she collapsed on her knees.

Vanellope smiled, being proud of making Taffyta make an embarrassment of herself as she looked up, to see the other Sugar Russians crying as well, besides the fainted Rancis and Candlehead. Vanellope giggled as she hugged Pixel, looking at it and saying, "While Ralph my be my best friend forever, you're definitely my number two, Pixel!"

Pixel chirped happily in response, and after a few minutes, with the arcade opening, the game of Sugar Rush would go on, with both Rancis and Candlehead taking the day off. All was well for Vanellope, who fully accepted her urine trouble, as well as gaining a new friend in Pixel.