Disclaimer: I don't own Good Luck Charlie. This is dedicated to my friend Jesse

Teddy woke up to the sound of the baby crying. She knew her parents were still sleeping so she went in to check on him. There she found she had gotten there too late. Charlie had already climbed into Toby's crib and was holding him. He had started to settle down.

Oh I have to get a picture of this she thought to herself getting out her phone. As she snapped the picture she got a text from Spencer.

2 Teddy: R u okay?

2 Spencer: I guess. I hate the loser patrol but they're right. I m a loser.

2 Teddy: Don't you ever say that again.

2 Spencer: It's true. Look at them and look at me. They're at winner level

2 Teddy: That's just nonsense. Those girls are no more winners then I am a cat with a can of watermelons. They are bullies. They think they are better then everyone else because of the fact that they breeze through everything. You know what the difference is between them and you Teddy? They have no dignity. They have no self respect and they have no respect for anyone else. They think they're better then you but they aren't worthy to kiss your feet.

2 Spencer: I'm not going to school today. I have a bit of a cold. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?

2 Teddy: You'll see me before tomorrow.
Teddy smiled. Spencer was a good guy. He made high school bearable after Ivy moved away and the loser patrol; Heather Jennifer and Ann came there. Her life at high school was tough since that happened.

2 Teddy: Do you have plans for dinner?

2 Spencer: Yes. My plan for dinner is to eat. LOL

2 Teddy: Gr8 plan. How about we go to dinner tonight? Lets say... La Shaylas

2 Spencer: La Shaylas is a restaurant for winners

2 Teddy: Well if you look in the mirror you will see a winner and I don't give a damn about what those stupid girls say.

2 Spencer: Okay but you're not the one that suffers at their hands. For some reason those girls h8 me and I don't know why.

2 Teddy: They h8 you because they see that you r so much better then they r.

Teddy finally got dressed and got ready for her day. She drove to school. She was greeted by Heather.

"Hey look it's the loser," she snarled.
Teddy tried to ignore her.

"How's the freak club Teddy. You still president of it?"
Teddy took a deep breath and continued to ignore her.

"Hey Teddy," Jennifer said, "Too bad I won't see you on the trip to the show."

"I'll be there," Teddy said.

"No you won't," Jennifer replied, "No losers allowed."

"Oh," Teddy said softly.

"I don't see any losers here," Spencer said coming up behind Teddy.

"Shut up Walsh," Ann said, "This is none of your business."

"That's not true," Spencer said, "When you start with Teddy it becomes my business. By the way I was wrong when I said I don't see any losers because I see three of them right here."

"You have three seconds to apologize," Jennifer demanded.

"Okay," Spencer said, "I'm sorry you girls are losers. I'm sorry that you girls decided that you're better then everyone else. I'm sorry that you make people think that they have to live up to this impossible standard and you never do anything to earn the respect you think you deserve. Why don't you grow up and get a life instead of trying to destroy everyone elses."