Notes: This is for the NFA "You Should Have Come to Me" challenge. It is also my 100th FIC!

Ziva stepped from the elevator in a jubilant mood. She'd had a wonderful weekend, and didn't want it to end. As she crossed the squad room to her desk, she noticed Tony sitting glumly in his chair.

"Are you all right, Tony?"

"I'm fine, Ziva. Had a crappy weekend."

"Didn't get lucky?" Tim chimed in as he came in and dropped his stuff at his desk. He grinned when Tony didn't shoot back with a witty retort. "Really? You're that upset over it?"

"It's not funny, Probie!" Tony exclaimed. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Good, let's talk about the dead body in Rock Creek Park, DiNozzo," Gibbs said as he hurried into the bullpen. "Grab your gear."


Gibbs assigned Tony to take photos when they arrived at the crime scene. The body was that of a woman, a Navy Lieutenant. She was lying face down in a pile of leaves. Tony took pictures of the body, and surrounding area. He was still upset about being dumped over the weekend, but he knew he'd get over it. Eventually. After all, he was usually the one that did the dumping.

Ducky arrived about ten minutes after they did. Tony stuck around to take pictures as Ducky and Jimmy prepared to roll the body over. Jimmy took the girl by her shoulder and carefully turned her onto her back. When her face came into view, Tony nearly dropped the camera.

"It can't be…" he mumbled to himself. "No…"

"Problem, DiNozzo?"

Gibbs. He can't find out. I will NOT tell Gibbs!

"No, Boss." Tony resumed taking photographs, as if nothing was wrong.


When they got back to NCIS, Tony and Tim dropped off the evidence at Abby's lab. When they got into the elevator, Tony reached over and hit the stop.

"What's the matter?" Tim asked immediately.

"I have to tell you something, and you have to promise that you will NOT tell Gibbs."

Tim chuckled. What could be that bad?

"It's about the body today. Lieutenant Knowles."

"What about her, Tony?" Tim asked, growing concerned.

"She's the girl I've been dating."

"What? You have to tell him!"

"No, I don't have to tell him, because it's not important to this case!"

"Tony, he's going to find out. Better he find out from you than after I run a search or something."

"I'm not telling him, and you're not telling him either. Got it?"


"Do you hear me!"

"Yeah, Tony. I promise not to tell Gibbs."

"Good. Thanks Probie."

"Don't mention it."

Tony turned the elevator on and they rode up to the squad room. They silently went to their desks.

"McGee, run Lieutenant Knowles' credit card statements, and see if she was up to anything hinky."

"On it, Boss." Tim glanced at Tony as he turned to start his searches.

"DiNozzo, check out the Lieutenant's history. Boyfriends, family, friends."

Boyfriends… crap. How am I going to get that by him?

"Yes, Boss."


Tony trudged into the squad room the next day looking like hell. Tim was the first to notice.

"Rough night?"

Tony nodded.

"No DiNozzo Defibulator this morning?" Tim asked, grinning.

"I'm not hung over enough for that, Probie," Tony spat back, nearly collapsing into his desk chair. He didn't get to sit for long.

"We have another body," Gibbs announced as he came into the bullpen.

"Where?" Tony asked.

"Rock Creek Park."


"Just get going, DiNozzo."

"Right Boss."


Ducky had arrived before the MCRT, for once.

"DiNozzo, photos!" Gibbs shouted.

Tony made his way to the body to start, and froze in his tracks.

"This can't be happening…" he said softly.

"What's the matter?"

Tony turned to see Tim standing there with an evidence bag. Gibbs was near the truck, out of earshot.

"This woman… I dated her too."