Notes: If you haven't noticed already, there are spoilers for season 4 (I think) with the whole Jeanne thing, for anyone who hasn't gotten that far yet (I just watched them all myself in November/December).

Tony was antsy the entire drive to his apartment. Gibbs was nearly breaking land speed records driving there. Everyone was shocked that he hadn't caused an accident on the way there. As soon as Gibbs stopped the car, Tony jumped out and started to canvass the area. Tim got out and ran after him, while Gibbs and Ziva went into Tony's building to search. Tim found his partner around the block from his building. He was holding a broken cell phone in his hand.

"We missed her. She's gone."

"We'll get her, Tony. I promise you." Tim took out his cell and called Gibbs quickly to advise him of the situation. When he was finished, he turned his attention back to Tony, who had taken a seat on the curb. Tim sat next to him. "We won't let Wendy die."

"She's going to be impossible to find, if she's anything like her father. Wendy is dead. I've failed her again. I can't keep doing this, Tim."

Tim squatted in front of Tony and put both hands on his shoulders.

"Listen to me! We're going to find Jeanne and Wendy. She's not going to die. Stop talking like she's already dead, get off your ass and help us find her!"

Tony sighed and played with the broken phone in his hand, until a headslap made him look up.

"You did not just head slap me, Probie…"

"You bet your ass I did…someone has to knock some sense into you."

Tony got up and brushed off his slacks.

"You'll pay for that later, Probalicious," he said with a laugh. He clapped Tim on the back as they walked toward the car. "Let's find this bitch."


Tim spent an hour in Abby's lab putting Jeanne's burn phone back together. He whooped triumphantly when he was finally able to turn it on. Abby giggled and left Major Mass Spec to join him.

"Anything interesting in her call log, Timmy?"

"Not as far as I can see—wait a minute, what's this?" He said, stopping over a list of numbers that had been called within two minutes of each other – one of which was Tony's cell phone number. Tim picked up the desk phone and dialed the squad room.


"You'd better get down here, Boss. Bring Tony. I think I found something on Jeanne's burn phone."

He heard the click of Gibbs hanging up, and put down the phone with a sigh. There were three numbers called in a ten minute span. One of them was Tony's. He typed one of the numbers into the computer and waited for it to search for a match. As he did this, Gibbs came bounding into the Lab.

"What have you got for me, McGee?"

"I found two other numbers dialed out in the same 10 minute span that Tony's call came in," he said. The computer dinged, and he turned to the screen. "The first number looks like a burn phone." He typed the second number in. "This one is attached to a man named Justin LeBlanc. It looks like she called LeBlanc a bunch of times before she called Tony."

"Does he have a record, McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"Not that I can see. He's twenty-five, and he immigrated here from France in 1999, with his mother. Dad is an American. He's been clean. Not even a parking ticket."

Tony stared at the image on the screen. Where had he seen LeBlanc before? It was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't think of the place. A head slap brought him back from his musings.

"You with us, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah Boss, sorry. I feel like I've seen LeBlanc somewhere before, but I can't put my finger on it."

"Keep trying. McGee, can you locate LeBlanc with his cell phone GPS?"

"If he hasn't ditched the phone yet, yeah, I can track him. Give me a minute." Tim turned and did some fast typing. "I have it, Boss. The phone is- here?"

"Here at NCIS?"

"Yeah. It's in Autopsy."

Silence followed this revelation. Tony, Gibbs and Tim ran for the stairwell. They bolted down to Autopsy, practically breaking through the door before it opened for them.

"Gracious! What's the matter?" Ducky asked as the three of them bound into Autopsy.

"Find it, McGee."

Tim walked around Autopsy with a portable GPS tracker. He stopped short in front of drawer number 43.

"It's coming from in here."

Before Tim could reach for the handle, Tony was ripping it open. He slid the drawer out with all of his strength. There, lying on the slab, bound, gagged and unconscious, was Wendy. The cell phone was sitting on top of her stomach, still flipped open.

Gibbs turned to Tim immediately.

"McGee, call this in to security. We need to lock the building down right now. Whoever put her here could still be in the building."

"On it, Boss."

Tony moved to scoop Wendy up, to get her out of that freezer, but Gibbs stopped him.

"Let me go, Gibbs."

"Let Ducky look at her before you move her. She may be badly injured."

Ducky stepped up and checked Wendy's vitals.

"She's alive, but her heartbeat is weak. We need to get her to a hospital."

"I'll call," Tony offered, and had his phone out before Gibbs could object.

"Duck, can we remove those ropes?" Gibbs asked.

"Go ahead, but put these on," Ducky said, holding out a box of latex gloves. Gibbs put them on and took out his knife. He carefully cut the ropes around Wendy's wrists and ankles, and removed the gag from her mouth. Ducky was there with an extra large evidence bag. Gibbs deposited them into it.

"I'll bring these to Abigail," Ducky offered. Gibbs nodded. As Ducky left, Tony came running back.

"Ambulance is on the way. I talked to McGee. Vance has the building on lockdown. Ziva is leading the search of the building."


Gibbs' phone rang at that moment.


"We got the guy, Boss! It's LeBlanc! Ziva caught him trying to jump off the Barry."

"Bring him down to Interrogation, McGee."

"With pleasure."

"What happened?" Tony asked anxiously.

"Ziva caught LeBlanc trying to jump off the Barry into the river. She and McGee are taking him to interrogation now."

"I want to tear him limb from limb!" Tony said angrily, stalking toward the door. Gibbs intercepted him.

"You're not going up there. You're going to stay here with Wendy. We can't risk you going in there and beating him to a pulp before we get any answers."

"Can't I just—"

"No, DiNozzo. You and I are staying here. End of conversation."


Tony turned and went back to Wendy's side. He slipped her hand in his, and rubbed a thumb over the top of her hand. She was cold. Very cold. He felt for a pulse. It was weak, but still there.

The paramedics joined them about ten minutes later. Tony held her hand as they put her on the gurney.

"Sir, you are going to have to let go," the paramedic said gently. Tony didn't want to let go of her, but he did. "We'll take good care of her. Don't worry."

Tony nodded, and the paramedics wheeled her out of Autopsy.

"You should follow them to the hospital," Gibbs said.

"But LeBlanc—"

"We'll take care of him. You go."

"Thanks, Boss."