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This fic came from my own desire to read more Jotun Loki, Thorki smut, arranged marriages and humour. So there will be lots of stupid situations and no angust at all.


Thor grew up sure of one thing:

No matter how much he had to fight for it, no matter how stupid and romantic it sounded for a warrior and a prince, he would only marry a person he truly loved. Maybe the other young Asgardians would make fun of him if they knew about his idealistic and simple dream, but they didn't have to endure the same fate as him, because they hadn't been betrothed to a monster from the earliest years of their lives.

It was almost funny how Thor could have anything he wanted just by taking it, but he only wanted the one thing he could never have. Because he had to wear a golden bracelet on his wrist as a reminder he was not available for the court ladies whereas he didn't even know if his fiancé did the same, since they'd never truly met. Sometimes, almost asleep in some foreign bed with a nameless wench wrapped around him he thought about his fate and wondered what his future husband would be like. The Thunderer sometimes heard things from the Jotun ambassadors: "runt", "liar", "trickster", "wicked witch", "puny abomination"…None of them were promising. And Thor tended to shiver just thinking about his ill destiny beside a creature which even his monstrous fellows considered unattractive, his mind conjuring terrible and revolting pictures of deformed blue faces and hunchbacked bodies. He would even prefer to marry a frog, like in that Midgardian tale.

Thor remembered clearly when he was just a boy and his father came from Jotunheim with news for him. An arranged marriage, with one of those horrid creatures, even if a prince…the poor boy at first became enraged, slamming all the decorations in the place and then he would run to his mother crying like a baby. Odin told him the name of his betrothed but it slipped from Thor's memory almost forcefully, remaining in his mind as "the Jotun" alone. And even if they never spoke about it again the bracelet stayed heavy on his wrist, burning his eyes every time he saw it.

Oh how cruel the Norns could be!

And now, after several centuries the young god stood in front of the All-father's throne with a bowed head.

"My dear son, Today is a great day to make a fair announcement. After decades of struggle and negotiations, Jotunheim and Asgard have finally come to the last point of our treaty. All preparations are complete, and all hatred long forgotten. Soon, as in six moons time, you will marry the youngest son of King Laufey and the warrior Queen Farbauti"

Thor's blood froze in his veins. So soon? He wasn't prepared for it yet…he couldn't just go right now and get married. Half a mortal year, six months… What kind of heartless being warned about that kind of thing with so little time left?

"Your betrothed" continued the king "will arrive here a couple of weeks before the wedding - make sure you're ready to greet him. " He smiled. The old fool was smiling.

Thor stormed out of the room again, feeling like he could crush an entire city with his hands, and oh he was willing to! To destroy everything, to murder, to let the blood wash the desperation off his heart…

But he knew he couldn't. That marriage would become the symbol of prosperity, the end of thousands of years of passionate war and bad peace. Many had died praying for that day to come, and he could not disappoint his people by running away like a coward. And really, the golden prince of Asgard was afraid of very few things. He could ride into the heart of a battle with only expectation, face the most powerful monsters with a smile on his handsome face, but that…to be married, bound forever to an alien creature he didn't know at all and had just heard terrible rumours about...he wasn't prepared for that.

"What ails you, my child?" His mother, Frigga, approached him slowly and he buried his head in her arms, unable to hide his despair.

"I'm not ready, mother. I'm not ready to take a spouse yet."

"You're just confused, dear."

"Maybe" he wasn't going to tell her the truth. Not that it was necessary. Frigga always knew everything, what happened and was about to happen; she just chose not to share it. A terrible secret to bear on those gentle shoulders, but she was strong, maybe even more so than her husband. A strength that only a woman could posses.

"Come with me, son."

And he followed her into her private gardens. A place that she loved and cared for herself. It was so full of exotic plants and colourful flowers, shining under the setting sun. Most of them were brought from Vanaheim, a reminder of her birth land; others were Thor's gifts from Midgard. And many, many more…their collective scent relaxing the prince's muscles and softening his spirits.

They remained there for several hours. From the palace the sounds of a going feast could be heard which made Thor imagine his friends drinking and wondering where the hell his royal ass was. Hell! He could almost see Sif and Fandral flirting with fair maidens and Volstagg flirting with a roasted boar. But he felt no desires to join them in that evening, instead to be alone, for a day or ten, to think about how his life was going to change and how to face it. Because be it congratulations or pitying looks that others would cast him they would annoy him just the same. And he couldn't trust himself when enraged.


His mother quiet by his side seemed to read his thoughts because she just wrapped her arms around his shoulders, caressing the blond head as if he was still a little boy. Nevertheless, for her he would be forever just a baby.

"Thor, oh my dear Thor." She said at the end, and withdrew a little token from her pocket: something small and sparkly " give me your hand"

An unknown object was delivered in his hand - a pendant resembling a small drop with bluish glow in its heart.

"What is this, mother?"

She smiled fondly. "Sometimes we need some space and peace, and a little bit of faith from others is the only thing that lacks to accomplish it. I'm giving you that faith now. Take this; it will allow you to travel once to any place in the Nine Realms you find suitable and shield you from Heimdall's gaze. Take your time alone to find the courage that you need, and then come back. I trust you not to run from your destiny, but to learn how to accept it."

"But Father…"

"I'll cover you for as long as I can, but make sure to go somewhere he will not find you easily."

"You would let me go like that? Why?"

She just smiled kindly again.

"Mother knows best."

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