"Kurt," Blaine rubbed circles on the back on the taller man who was leaning over the toilet. "Go and see a doctor. You have food poisoning."

"For a week," Kurt looked up. "I've never felt this nauseous before Blaine."

"And that is why you should see a doctor babe," Blaine pushed the hair out of the taller man's face. "I'm going to book you an appointment, okay."

"I'll do it." Kurt groaned as he let out the rest of the contents of his breakfast.

The taller man tried to stand up afterwards and felt lightheaded before fainting in Blaine's arms. He woke up in a hospital bed with Blaine nervously sitting next to him.

"Blaine," Kurt mumbled. "What happened?"

"You're pregnant." The twenty eight year old looked at Kurt.

"Oh my – what?" Kurt's eyes widened. "What?"

A woman in her forties walked into the room. "You have a uterus and ovaries."

"I'm a man," Kurt looked at her. "I have all the male parts. Tell her Blaine."

"I'm not saying that you aren't a man," The woman rolled her eyes. "What I'm saying is that you were born with a uterus and ovaries which means that there was a one in a miracle chance that you would one day fall pregnant."

"If you have a uterus and ovaries, wouldn't you get your period or something?" Blaine asked, now confused.

"Not in Kurt's situation," The woman looked at the shorter man, before taking off her glasses. "You have two choices here."

"We want to go through with it," Kurt said as Blaine nodded. "We have been on adoption lists for a year now, and this is better."

"Okay," The woman wrote Kurt a prescription for anti-nausea tablets. "This will help with the vomiting. I am going to want to closely monitor this pregnancy because there is a good chance for problems."

"What kinds of problems?" Blaine asked nervously.

"Nothing serious if we closely monitor it Mr Hummel-Anderson." The woman re-assured Blaine.

They were given an appointment for their first sonogram and Kurt was warned to keep stress down and to come straight back if he notices anything abnormal. This was it – after a year of waiting, they were going to get a chance to be fathers to a child that is genetically both of theirs.

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