Kurt looked down at his wedding band and smiled. When the kids were growing up, for their twentieth anniversary, they got their names inscribed into the rings. He looked at the perfectly inscribed, Aiden, Eliza & Katie written and then turned his head to Katie's second Christmas and Kurt and Blaine had taken them to get a photo with Santa.

"I am not getting a photo with Santa!" Eleven year old Aiden pushed his glasses to his face. "I am eleven years old."

"Please Aiden," Kurt asked nicely. "Put on your shoes."

"No," Aiden rebutted. "I don't want a photo with stinking Santa. Why can't the girls get the photo?"

"This is our last chance to get one, Aiden," Kurt reasoned. "Please."

"An extra hour with my PlayStation tonight?" The boy looked at the taller man.

"Half an hour." Kurt responded.

"45 minutes or no Santa." Aiden sat down on the couch.

"Deal," Kurt groaned. "Shoes on and not one word from you."

"Fine." Aiden said in the way a pre-teen boy would.

"Hey honey," Blaine put his arms around the distracted man. "Eliza will be here soon to pick us up."

"Okay," Kurt said. "I just have to put my shoes on."

"I remember this," Blaine looked at the picture of Eliza on her wedding day. "She still looks so much like you, Kurt."

Blaine ran to the doorbell and let in Eliza, who was meant to be going over wedding details with Kurt.

"We changed our minds," Eliza said quickly. "Were going to wait a bit before we get married, dad."

"Why?" Kurt asked. Not that it mattered.

"Just – we are." The twenty five year old answered, before tearing up.

"Eliza," Blaine said as the girl started sobbing in his shoulder. "What happened?"

"We broke up." Eliza said next.

"What did that asshole do?" Kurt sighed.

"He ran when he heard I was pregnant." The girl said as Blaine turned to Kurt.

"Pregnant?" Kurt asked. "How far along?"

"Thirteen weeks now," Eliza responded. "I don't want to be a single mum. I can't do this alone."

"You won't be alone," Blaine responded. "You'll have me and dad."

After their first grandson Alex, was born, Eliza and Paul got back together and it was about a year after that they decided to get married.

"Dad! Papa!" Eliza called from downstairs. "We have to go."

The men came down the stairs and saw their now forty year old daughter, who had two sons, waiting downstairs for them. They followed her into the car, and stopped outside a restaurant that the men were familiar with. When they got there, 34 year old, and twenty three week pregnant, Katie was waiting for them.

"I thought you were in LA!" Kurt got out of the car and hugged the shorter woman. "How is Cameron and Lila and the album stuff."

"Were all good." Katie said as she helped the taller man into the restaurant with Blaine.

Kurt and Blaine were in LA and had just got the call that Katie had gone into labour. They were at the Evans house, and Kurt got off his phone.

"Cedes, Sam, Blaine," He looked at the three of them. "Katie is in labour."

"KurtCedes baby is on it's way." Mercedes laughed.

"You can't just call it KurtCedes baby," Blaine interjected. "What about the Blam part."

"Blam?" Mercedes looked at the shorter man, who then looked at the blonde man.

"Its our name," Sam explained. "Like Kurtcedes. We made it up in superhero club in high school."

"Superhero club," Kurt laughed. "You just reminded me that I married the biggest dork ever."

"But you love me." Blaine said flirtatiously.

"In all honesty though," Mercedes sat down. "This baby is going to be fierce. Half me and Kurt, that is bound to be diva genetics. It will kind of be like-"

"Unique." They both said in unison, remembering the now international star that they met in high school who was literally, what Kurt and Mercedes love child would be like.

"The Evans and Anderson half will calm down the fierceness, hopefully." Sam looked at his wife.

It was just over twelve hours later they got the call saying they had a grand-daughter named Lila.

Kurt and Blaine were led to the table where they saw their entire family. Rachel, Finn, Mercedes who had Lila on her knee, Sam, Cameron, Eliza's husband Paul, Jacob and their youngest Ben and last but not least, Aiden, his husband Taylor and their ten year old daughter they adopted, Grace.

"I can't believe everyone is here." Blaine said sitting down.

"Well you two have been married for fifty years now," Rachel smiled. "That is a pretty huge milestone."

"Speak for yourself." Kurt laughed at the woman, who had now been married for almost as long as that.

"I have a toast," Blaine said when their drinks came, and everyone raised their glasses. "Fifty years ago, when I married Kurt, I would have not imagined my life to be like this. We were only twenty one at the time. Then forty four years ago, we found out that we were having a baby, and it felt like a miracle, and that something like that would happen only once in a miracle to us. But through some luck, we got two beautiful girls as well, and though I still don't know how, we got the perfect family. Everyone in this room is the best family that I could ever ask for, and I still, every day feel grateful for all of you. Kurt, you are the best husband that a man could ask for, and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the perfect family that would have never been possible without you, the love of my life. So, I guess I will raise this to the next fifty."

"To the next fifty." Everyone said together as Kurt just beamed at the shorter man.

Katie saw Blaine eye the piano in the corner of the room, and he looked at her, and whispered Teenage Dream honey. No one had noticed anything until Katie started playing and looked to Blaine, who started singing. Kurt turned his head to the girl on the piano and then to the man, who still owned this song as much as he did, all those years ago. Kurt couldn't have imagined his life in any other way, and he only had Blaine Anderson, his Teenage Dream, and his three beautiful children and now grandchildren to thank for that.

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