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The last thing Yoshiki remembered... was that him and his friends had all been in their classroom, doing some sort of charm so they could stay friends, or something like that... Then, the earth shook with tremendous force, and everything went black. It still was... He didn't know what had become of him, where he was, if he was even alive... and what about the others? Had they been hurt?... Was... Shinozaki ok? With that sudden burst of worry, his eyes flung open, and his breaths started up in gasps. His sight was still blurry, and his mind unfocused. Where am I?... Where is everyone? As soon as the gasps became even breaths, he began calling out for anyone who'd hear... and for someone a lot more specific. "Hello?! Is anyone there?! Anyone?!" he paused, getting a deep breath, "Shinozaki!"

No response came, and Yoshiki felt dread begin to overcome him. He struggled upwards, and, with cleared vision, looked at his surroundings, attempting to keep himself calm. But it only got worse. The place he sat in... No inch of it looked familiar, not a single floorboard. His breathing gained pace, and he could feel sweat already trailing down his face. "Wh... where is this? What the hell is happening?!" he yelled out in frustration and panic, pushing his back against the wall. He felt completely vulnerable in this place... The air itself felt as if it was trying to strangle him, and the planks beneath him creaked as if someone was approaching, no sort of good intention about them. Chills ran down his spine as he attempted to stand, gulping. If he was here... that must mean the others were too... That meant Shinozaki was here... and that meant he had to find her...

The earth fell out from under her. It felt like an earthquake ripped apart the school, causing it to consume her entirely. The darkness surrounded Ayumi and any sense of reality seemed to fall away as she sank deeper and deeper into the earth. Her body jerked awake when she felt contact with solid ground. She sat up quickly, too quickly, and her head reeled from it. She put a hand against her head, squeezing it a bit as her eyes readjusted and her head recovered. Her heart sank as she looked around the dark, cold, empty classroom. It was nothing like any classroom she knew. Floorboards were torn away, sticking up, and nails jutted out from the floor. Dust and dirt coated the room, making the air thick. She gasped for breath, panic settling heavily in her stomach.

The charm... the charm was the last thing she remembered. She had found it while looking online for scary stories to tell everyone after the festival. She looked around the room, seeing no one. Where were the others? Satoshi... she clutched her hand to her chest. She shakily stood up, trying to make out some figures in the dark room. She swallowed thickly, fumbling as she remembered the candles she had brought. Her shaking hands took a few moments of coaxing to flick the match on and light one of the candles. The bright, warm little flame brought a small amount of comfort. That was, until her eyes caught what else was coating the room beside dirt and dust. A scream tore from the very center of her being as she saw the large splattering of blood in the room.

Once the scream had departed from Ayumi's lungs, she found herself gasping in panic for air. Blood, blood, so much blood. If this blood came from a person... that means... there was no way to survive so much blood loss. Where was the body? Was it in the room? Was this a sick prank? Her heart beat harshly against her chest, she wheezed and panted for air to fill her throbbing lungs but to no avail.

Yoshiki attempted to stand away from the wall, but he was was still far from stable. His harsh breathing was making him a little dizzy, and there was a foul stench that wafted through with the wind that made him sick to the pit of his stomach. With only a few steps away from the wall, his knees came close to buckling, but he was determined, to keep upright. If he fell now, it would be that much harder to get back up again... Plus, he couldn't see hardly two feet in front of him, so falling to the ground could lead to a much worse situation. After regaining his balance, and forcing down lunch, He took only one more step before his ears were met with a piercing scream.

A serge of panic flowed through him, and his hesitant steps became a determined dash. "Shinozaki?! Shinozaki!?" His heart raced at the sound, a fear welling up in him as he raced to the source of the voice. Was that... Is Shinozaki in trouble? In pain?! his thoughts ran through his head as he skidded to a stop at a classroom door, almost slipping on the hardwood floor. Without a single pause, he flung the door open, his breathing heavy. His eyes settled upon Ayumi, who held her famous candle for lighting, and ignored everything else. He had to make sure she was ok! He quickly approached her, passing the mess that lie in the middle of the classroom. "Shinozaki! Are you ok?" he asked, about to place his hands on her shoulders, but thought better of it. He let his hands drop back to his sides, to play it off as it was only inertia that drew them close to her.

Ayumi jumped, clutching onto her candle, as if it was a lifeline when she heard the door fly open. She gasped painfully, registering Kishinuma coming into the room. She wasn't alone, a thought that only brought so much comfort, with the knowledge that Mochida and the others might be lost as well in this place. She was unable to bring herself to respond to Kishinuma's question, as her wheezing dissolved into fits of coughing. She shakily rose her hand, pointing to the blood strewed over the floors and walls. "B-blood!" she managed to cough out between her painful breaths. Tears formed in her eyes, as she stared at the deep red blood that was definitely not fake.

Yoshiki watched anxiously as her breathing came close to hyperventilating. He wanted to help her, but was stuck on how to do so. Despite her trouble, though, she began to calm down enough to speak, but he was hoping for an 'I'm ok.' But instead, she uttered one word, and pointed towards the back of the class... Did... he even want to look?... He took a deep breath and turned slowly, trying to prepare himself for anything that may await him... however, what he was met with was something no one could prepare for. Blood... Pooling in the middle of the classroom, upon the walls, the desks, even the ceiling... This had to be a prank... right...? He covered his hand with his mouth to keep himself from getting sick again, finding it hard to believe this was anything but reality. What had happened to this person? Where were they now?... And... what had killed them?

He looked back to Ayumi, who was still having breathing problems as she gazed in horror at the gore. I've got to get her out of here... to calm her down, he thought, quickly coming to her side and placing his hand on her back. "Come on, you don't need to be in here," he told her, helping her to the door and slamming it shut behind him. Even though they had left the room, the sight was still in his brain, and he couldn't stop worrying over it. That couldn't have been natural, and it was a closed room, so there was no chance it was a suicide... No! He didn't need to be thinking about this! He still needed to calm down Shinozaki. He turned to her, calming his own breath down before attempting to talk to her. "Calm down, ok? It was probably just a sick prank," he told her, but was unsure of his own condolence, "Just the lighting made it look real."

Ayumi hardly realized a hand on her back and being led out of the blood-soaked room. Once the door was shut and the horrors out of view, the large amount of pressure on her body seemed to slip away. Her panicked breathing and coughs devolved into pants, as she tried to get a grasp on the situation. She couldn't get the picture out of her head. The blood that should be in someone's body... splashed and pooled everywhere. So much blood, she thought with a tremble. Did the blood belong to one of their classmates? That thought broke her and tears began to spill freely. She looked at Kishinuma, his explanation not satisfying at all.

"A prank!" she yelled at him. The thought had crossed her mind, but as they exited into the hallway of a broken school that still didn't resembles their's, she knew this was something else entirely. "No way is this a prank!" The festivals at their school were over. The haunted house had been cleaned up, and even if it hadn't, there was no way their classmates would have pulled off such a real look. "That- that was real blood!"she choked out with a sob.

Yoshiki looked away as her voice rose at him, knowing full well how absurd his reasoning was. "..." He rubbed the back of his neck, turning to see if he could see inside the room. With a sigh, he messed with his hair in frustration. He couldn't let her get worried about it, but he had no other explanation than a person, or animal, or whatever, had been brutally massacred in that room. But what worried him, and probably Ayumi too, was the question of who it was... He hadn't gotten a good look, and he didn't particularly want to, but maybe if he investigated the room further, he could find some sort of student ID or something... to ease their worries... Or at least, Ayumi's. If it was any of their friends... he'd have to lie to her.

He crossed his arms while still facing the door, sorting his thoughts through. "I'm going back... to see if I can find anything of use," he said, but was hesitant about his own decision. But he had already said he would, and there was no going back. He turned to approach her, eyeing the candle in her hands. "Do you have more of those?" he asked, since searching the room in the pitch black wouldn't do any good, and he definitely didn't plan on leading her back in there. This was something he had to do by himself, so she could recover. He could take it, to an extent, and keep his breaths calm.

Ayumi stared at him, mentally arguing with herself if she should she should go in with him or stay out in the hallway alone. The idea of being back in that room, the smell of death so strong, she couldn't bear it. Her expression perked up at the question. "Yep! I have lots," she replied, happy to pull out another candle. She used the flame from her own candle to light the new one and held it out for him. The small amount of brightness in her face vanished as she looked at the door Kishinuma was going to go through. She frowned, the blood entering her mind again. What if it was Mochida? Or any of the others? She couldn't bear the painful thought that they were dead.

"Thanks," Yoshiki said, taking the handle of the holder and approaching the door. His hand took the handle, but this time he was a lot more hesitant. Now, instead of fear propelling him inside the room, it was fear that made it difficult to even open the door. Pull it together..., he told himself, and, with a deep breath, he wrenched the door open. It was a little more difficult, as the old door didn't slide as smoothly as it probably once did, and his strength was already draining as opposed to his adrenaline state a few minutes prior. The smell hit him full force, and it made him want to slam the door back shut, but he couldn't chicken out. He walked in and closed the door behind him, holding the candle out in front. He stepped carefully around the various holes in the floor, and made sure to keep an eye out for any glistening metal, or plastic. He took a deep breath before stepping over the blood stains to reach the other side of the room, where he continued the search.

Ayumi watched Yoshiki's back as he opened the door and went back into the room. She couldn't help but think he was crazy for going back in that room that was so drenched in blood and smelled so strongly of decay. She sighed, worry consuming her mind. Was that one of their friends in there? It couldn't be... when she woke up the room was like that. Her body trembled, the image forever implanted in her brain. She sniffled, wiping tears away as she waited for Yoshiki to come back. The hallway was devoid of noises, which did nothing to sooth the anxiety that settled into her. It was so dark, the only spots she could see was the small surrounding area that her candle illuminated…

...There! Yoshiki's eyes caught a shine among the blood as lightning struck outside. He slowly came forward, already feeling waves of nausea, as he knew what he had to do to put his worries to rest, one way or the other. He crouched down near the small puddle, at least thankful that it wasn't where most of the blood pooled. As his hand neared the rectangular object, his body gave retches of opposition, but he ignored the pleas to rethink this. He flinched as his fingertips met with the blood... warm blood. He moved his arm to cover his mouth, so he could keep anything unwanted from coming up, and keep the smell from gagging him further. He lifted the plastic piece from the blood, instantly recognizing it as a student ID. He rubbed it to get a clear look at the name, school, anything, and his heart began to race. Seisei Academy for Girls. He let out a long held sigh of relief, but felt bad for doing so immediately. Sorry... but I'd rather it be you than someone I know...

He tossed the ID to the side, having no interest of learning the... girls name... It'd only make him feel worse about his thoughts. He stood and tried to recover from his sickness, but wanted to get his search over with. He checked the far corners of the room, and once he came up dry, he made a beeline for the door. He was much quicker in coming out than going in, and as soon as he was out, he let himself hit the wall with his back. His legs felt like mush, but he couldn't rest for long. He didn't want to look weak or pitiful in front of Ayumi. "There's... nothing in there...," he breathed, standing up without support almost as soon as he had leaned against the wall. He attempted to wipe his other hand clean on his pants, but he was certain it was still dirtied with red.

Ayumi's mind was reeling with questions about this place, but more than anything she wanted to make sure everyone was okay. Ayumi jumped when the door swung open and Yoshiki reappeared. Just by him opening the door and coming out, the smell of death wafted over to her, making her body jerk with the urge to gag. She stared at him as he reported the emptiness of the room. She didn't know what he was expecting to be in there. There was only blood. She shivered once again, hoping that was the worse thing to come from this place. She looked down the hall in both directions, her eyes unable to see past the darkness. She felt unnerved not knowing what was ahead or in back of them. She looked back at Yoshiki, determination in her eyes. She only had one goal in mind."Let's go look for Mochida and the others."

Yoshiki looked over Ayumi's expression, noticing that her fear had become determination, at least on the outside. While he felt a little irritation at the specific mention of Satoshi, he whole heartedly agreed. "Right. They've got to be somewhere in here," he replied, glancing down the hallway he thought he had come from. While he'd like to make more ground by looking both ways at the same time, splitting up seemed like a really bad idea in this place... That, and he wanted to stay directly by her side. If anything happened, he'd make sure she came out ok. "How about this way first? I think it's the way I came from," he informed, looking over back at her to see if she agreed. All the while, he was making a point to hide his crimson stained hand. He didn't want her knowing what he had actually been doing in there... Even though it wasn't a friend, which was good, he didn't want her to know it was a human at all. That, in itself, would be more terrifying than not knowing, even though beforehand he had thought differently.

Right, they have to be in here, somewhere, Ayumi thought to herself for reassurance. Everyone who was present after the charm had been done... the ground swallowed all of them, right? She could hardly remember the moments that the world began to shake and Ms. Yui shouted at them all to get under desks. They hardly had time to move before the floor split. She looked in the direction Yoshiki suggested and nodded. She had no preference to which way they looked first. She had a feeling they'd have to go around the entire school. "That sounds good," Ayumi agreed, trying to keep her voice from shaking. She took a few steps in the direction, the floorboards creaking with protest. This entire place was so decayed she was afraid of the floor collapsing on her. She held her candle out in front of her, seeing patches of the floor that were completely gone. They would have to be careful where they walked. She hesitated slightly as she looked at the holes in the floor, but forced herself to keep her legs moving. They had to find their friends.

Yoshiki followed behind her, looking at all of his surroundings with the faint light of the candle. As they passed, he gazed down the dark craters in the floor, feeling extremely lucky. God, how did I not fall into one of those? Trying to shake the thought of so many places he could have died, he chose to look forward, occupying his mind with something he knew would keep him off of dreading over everything. After all, admiring Ayumi successfully distracted him from class most of the time. Anytime he did, he was overcome by a sense of longing..., and hopelessness. He sighed, deciding to try and find something else distract him, looking to the side with his cheeks slightly tinted red, but the dim light didn't reveal such features about him. Though, something caught his eye in the distance, causing him to side step and come to the lead of the search. If there was anything suspicious, he definitely wanted to be the one to face it.

He held out the candle as far as his arm could outstretch, and what it illuminated made him stop in his tracks. Bones... "Uh, wait here for a second," he told Ayumi, walking carefully forward. Upon seeing the figure, it's human shape... an overwhelming sense of dread came over him. Now he knew of two humans that were killed here... This wasn't looking good... He bent down to get a better look, reaching out to touch the bleach white bones. Though, he quickly jerked away and fell over as a blue light appeared out of nowhere. "Wh-what the-?!" he gasped, dropping the candle, putting it out on impact. But the blue light let out a glow that gave sufficient light, so he didn't worry about being in pitch black. Instead, he was immensely alarmed at the blue orb and the body it hovered over. "Oh... you two must be... the new victims..." a voice called, it's tone sorrowful.

Ayumi walked in silence, her thoughts flickering from the bloody wall to her friend's faces. It seemed like only an hour ago that she was telling the group a scary story. Mochida was so freaked out! She frowned to herself. Now that she was in a scary story, she could say she wasn't fond of this at all. She stopped when she heard Yoshiki break the silence. She watched in confusion as he went on ahead. What was he looking at? Her eyes narrowed as she tried to make out what caught Yoshiki's attention. Suddenly there was a blue light and a quick flurry of motions. Yoshiki fell back, his candle going out, and the blue light hovered in the air. Her eyes became stuck on the form that the blue orb was hovering.

She screamed as she came to realize that there was a human skeleton on the floor. She felt any semblance of calm slip from her as she began to hyperventilate. Her heart beat painfully in panic, her lungs gasped for breath but her breathing wouldn't allow it. The blue orb speaking did not help as she began to slip. "A pity..." it said sadly. "You don't seem like you'll last long," it observed, tone becoming only more depressed. Ayumi's lungs were beginning to burn, her short breaths interrupted with small fits of coughing. Was it saying they would die soon? She didn't want to! She wanted to go home! She wanted to wake up in the classroom with Mochida, Ms. Yui, and everyone. She wanted them to laugh at how she passed out during the earthquake and had a bad dream! She wasn't ready to die.

Yoshiki heard Ayumi's scream, looking over his shoulder as panic once again filled his heart and mind. He hurried upward, quickly coming to Ayumi's side to calm her down. "Calm down Shinozaki!" he said, a sense of urgency in his voice, placing a hand on her shoulder. He knew that simple phrase wouldn't help her, but it's all he could manage to pull out of the top of his head. After all, there was a pile of bones only feet away. He had no way of explaining it away, or putting it out of her mind. He turned towards the spirit, standing firmly in front of Ayumi in case it was dangerous. Of course he was scared, but this thing sounded like it knew something they didn't... and he had to find out what.

"What... what do you mean 'victims'?" he asked hesitantly, a bead of sweat inching down his face. It didn't respond for a time, as if thinking something over, but eventually replied. "You're trapped here... forever... There's no way out. No matter what, you're destined to die... eventually." No way... out? Yoshiki felt his blood run cold, but he wouldn't accept his nor Ayumi's doom so easily. "How do you know that for sure? In fact, just what are you?" he inquired with a hint of skepticism. Nothing was impossible... or so they always said.

Ayumi heard, but did not register what Yoshiki told her to do. Her body was trembling in fear and from her short, quick, uneven breaths. All she could do was stare at the blue-lit skeleton below the floating orb. The skeleton seemed to have no flesh left on it, but a torn uniform decorated it. The bare bones used to be inside a living, breathing person! A person with hopes and dreams and fears and love. The trembling worsened, resulting in her hand being unable to keep a grip on her candle. It fell to the floor, the air swooshing it out before it made contact with the wood. She let out an anguished cry as the blue orb told them of their fate. Her knees gave out, causing her to slump to the floor miserably.

The blue flame made no noise as Ayumi cried out. It remained thoughtfully silent for a few moments. "I... I am a remnant of what you see..." it told him. The bones laid heavily beneath the flame. Were the bones the floating soul's? That would not be said, but it spoke the truth. It was a remnant of one of the many deaths that have happened on these grounds. "I've seen a lot of it... death... it gets everyone... No escape."

Yoshiki was startled when Ayumi cried and slumped down to the floor. He quickly followed her down, keeping his hand on her shoulder, too much of a coward to give her anymore physical comfort than that. His look was one of great concern, then it turned to determined as he looked to the orb again... Though, it was calling itself a spirit. He looked at the pile of bones, then to the 'ghost.' "So... you're saying there's absolutely no way out?" he asked again, his body slightly trembling, but he had to hold in any major reactions. He couldn't be telling Ayumi to calm down, when he himself was panicking. "How do you know for sure?" After all... you died.., he thought, but knew better than to say that out loud. "..." The spirit paused again, and all Yoshiki could hear was Ayumi's sobs. It was driving him crazy that he couldn't calm her down... If Satoshi were here, she'd probably... be fine... But it was him, not Satoshi... "It's true I didn't get a long time to search for a way to leave this cursed place... I guess it's better to say that leaving this place will be close to impossible, if not completely." Yoshiki gulped, tensing up as the spirit basically told them their chances were slim, if there at all. "We'll find it... There has to be an exit..," he muttered, looking down at the floor.

Ayumi gasped painfully for air between her sobs. The ghost speaking of a slim chance did not make her feel any better. How did all these people die? The puddles of blood in the classroom and now a bare skeleton. She could stand to think of herself or her friends in such a state. She clutched her hands closely to her chest as she deeper and deeper descended into panic. She wanted to get away from this skeleton. She didn't want to be face to face with such a horrible sight. This wasn't supposed to happen in real life. The spirit wasn't even sure if there was a chance! He was just admitting he wasn't sure! What would her sister and parents think if she never came home? She couldn't bear to think of it. Between her sobs she heard Yoshiki speak of an exit. As much as she would love to bee-line for any suspected way out of this hell, she shook her head vigorously."Ke...others... ke...we need to... ke... find- them!" she coughed out painfully. She refused to leave this place without the others. She had to know they were okay.

Yoshiki stared as the spirit made no move to answer back. It was probably doubting their survival, but he wouldn't give up on himself, Ayumi, or the others. As she began to speak again, he changed his total attention towards her. He frowned, realizing his prior statement sounding as if he planned to abandon anyone stuck here. "I... of course we are," he muttered, looking back to the floor, "But... we also have to find a way out..." They couldn't find the exit and leave their friends, but they also couldn't find their friends, but end up dying anyways. This meant they had two goals, and the spirit was making the second task sound near impossible.