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Ayumi's excitement died away a little when she caught Yoshiki's look. She glanced at Kito, similar concerns being raised in her. She wanted to help the little boy... but it wasn't worth all three of their lives to stick around any longer than necessary. If they found Yuki, they had to go, right? Although... if it had been any of her friends... or her older sister... she could never bear to leave with the knowledge they were alive, or possibly alive. Still, they didn't know what would happen if the tongue was given to Yuki. Maybe it would release everyone who was still alive back to the normal plain?"Right, let's get out of this rain," she said. Although, she had been thankful to stand around in it for a while, since it washed off that sticky, gross green water that she had unwillingly jumped into. When back into the locker room, she twisted both her twin tails to get the extra water out of them. She frowned, trying to figure out what the best course of action was. If they saw Yuki, they couldn't give up the opportunity. But, until they encountered her, maybe they should take a quick look around to find his sister?

Yoshiki attempted to smooth the water out of his hair, but that didn't work too well. Once the other two seemed ready, he guessed it was time to move, and look for Yuki. Last time he had seen her, she was down stairs, and went down the hall they were first in. "I saw her a little while ago. I guess we'll start there,"he announced, turning to leave. Kito followed, but was uncertain of what the two were even up to. Were they looking for his sister now? Or this Yuki person? He kept quiet, not wanting to be difficult.

After they had looked in the hall for a little bit, he stopped as he came to a classroom. The blood stained room... He wanted to look for the ID again, but that would mean leaving Kito and Ayumi alone again, which he was reluctant to do. He gave Ayumi a look, subtly motioning to the room. If she remembered which it was, she'd know what he was trying to communicate.

Ayumi nodded, eager to find Yuki. She told herself she needed to calm herself down, but the idea of getting home was getting her excited. She had been sure they were going to die in this place. She looked over at Yoshiki, catching his small motion. She looked confused at first, trying to figure out what the room he was being subtle about was. Her brain stalled, but when she realized, it was a jolt. Was that why he acted weird with Kito earlier? Was his sister the source of the blood in that room? If that was the case, they'd be fine to just move on... but how would they explain this to him? He was so young. She wanted to ask Yoshiki about the specifics, but that wouldn't be possible.

Ayumi's eyes shifted when she saw a bright blue light down the hall. It a couple of seconds, the ghost girl turned the corner and was beginning to head towards them. Her pace was slow, daunting. Her eye glazed over like a dead fishes. The wound in her other eye made Ayumi uneasy, her heart beginning to race at the sight of the ghost. This was it, though. The last barricade in their way.

There was Yuki... They had to take the chance. Sorry, Kito... Yoshiki thought as he tensed, the ghost girl coming closer and outstretching her arms. "Gihh ih baaack!" she demanded, her eye wide and deranged. He stepped forward, taking a deep breath"Kanno Yuki!" he called, causing the ghost stop, just as the others had, "This... belongs to you, right? We're giving it back." He felt like a broken record repeating this over and over, but hopefully this would be the last."..." Yuki paused, hesitantly coming forward and gently taking the bag."!"she gasped at it's contents. She slowly grabbed the tongue out, as if stunned she got to be reunited with it. She slipped it back into her mouth, her eye widening in shock. "Th-thank you!"she said with a smile, clasping her hands together. She disappeared, and another earthquake came, much more powerful than the rest. Yoshiki gasped, falling over, and then everything went black...

Was he dead? He felt nostalgic thoughts coming back to him, similar to when he first woke up in Heavenly Host. Only, this time, when his eyes began to open, he was staring at the ceiling, his head hurting like nothing else. "Is... everyone ok?" called a familiar voice. Ms... Shishido? He sat up, rubbing his sore head. Had that all been... a dream? A quick look immediately answered that for him. Ayumi, who was face down on the floor, was wearing his jacket, and he and her still looked a bit damp. That, and his wrist hurt like Hell. "I-I think so...," muttered Naomi, rubbing the back of her neck.

Ayumi watched Yoshiki hand Yuki her tongue back with bated breath. She felt a pang of guilt, that they were doing this with no explanation for Kito... but it was now or never. Ayumi let out a cry as the earth felt like it was splitting open under her feet, and her world went black.

Ayumi jolted awake, sitting up and looking around. Her eyes welled up with relief when she realized they were back in their nice, normal, no blood, no holes, no corpses classroom. Everyone was okay... they managed to make it back alive. Her heart swelled with so many emotions she felt ready to burst into tears, though she was fighting them back because everyone but Yoshiki would think she was losing her mind. Though, she glanced over at him and then down at herself. They were going to have a hard time explaining but she didn't care, she was just happy to be home. "Mm, yep, A-okay!" she heard Seiko's cheery announcement. She was a bit stunned that they were all okay, untouched by Heavenly Host.

"That earthquake was scary..," cried Mayu, huddling up to Sakutaro, but then she let out a small gasp. "Kishinuma? Shinozaki? What happened to the both of you?"She sounded genuinely confused, and Yoshiki couldn't blame her. With her question, everyone focused on them, a lot having the same strange expression as Mayu. "Errr... well...," Yoshiki muttered, looking to the side as he felt an air of awkwardness. How in the world were they supposed to explain this away? They would definitely have to tell the truth, or just refuse to answer, but that didn't sound like it'd go over well."It's... a long story?" he said, but sounded if he was unsure of his own answer. "We have time!" Mayu piped up, very curious as to why the two looked so rough. Ayumi definitely had not been wearing Yoshiki's jacket a little while ago, right?

Ayumi froze as the attention was brought to them, everyone remaining silent for the long story. Her eyes caught Satoshi's, a look of concern on his face about the two's condition. Although, she realized quickly she was wearing Yoshiki's jacket, and the question Kito asked entered her mind. She silently, trying to be subtle, slipped it off. It was warm enough in here that she didn't need it anyways. She paused she the jacket fell to the ground, the tape making a bit of a click. She had forgotten about even grabbing it. Crap! It probably had water damage... She glanced back up to the group, realizing she was stalling in her own mind. She sighed, almost wondering if she should light one of her candles for the stories. She realized with a bit of a start that she didn't have any on her... she had used them all? It was almost funny. "We... messed up the charm somehow," Ayumi stated. "And... as a result..." her face was going red with embarrassment. This was different than one of her scary stories. This was herstory. "We were sent to a different dimension where we ended up in Heavenly Host Elementary School which was haunted by ghosts wronged at the school years ago."

"Eeeh, Ayumi, are you pullin' our legs?" Seiko asked, tilting her head in confusion."I wish," Ayumi responded dryly, her eyes glancing between her's and Yoshiki's conditions. "You guys didn't end up being pulled through... for some reason... I really don't understand that part yet," she said, eyes focusing on the ground ahead of her. God, she really wanted to go home, take a shower, eat something, and sleep.

Ms. Shishido paused a moment, trying to take their story for real. "Well... what's consistent with all of us except for Kishinuma and Shinozaki?" she asked the rest, looking around at them all. Mayu hummed, trying to think hard. "Well..." She was coming up dry. "Uhm, the only thing Ididdifferently today was buy a charm from another class during the culture festival," Naomi piped up, taking the small charm out from inside her student ID, which was next to where she had placed the Sachiko doll paper scrap. A charm? "Oh, I have one too! Only, Shige-nii got the little doll one for me! It was so much cuter!" Mayu said, taking out her phone that had a small doll attached to it by a strap. Ms. Shishido paused before taking out her own phone, that had a charm similar to Mayu's. "Big brother got one for me," Yuka announced, taking hers out of a hidden pocket on the side of her dress. "Do you two have one?"Ms. Shishido asked, assuming the rest had them too.

"N-no... I'm not really into the supernatural stuff, so I didn't get one,"Yoshiki said, frowning. Really...? Could all of that been avoided by the simple purchase of a little charm? This hit hard, even more so if it proved the rest had one, and Ayumi didn't.

"I didn't have a chance to do anything but the cafe during the culture festival, so no," Ayumi responded with a stiffness to her voice. She could have avoided all of this with a charm? Her sister's room had practically hundreds of different charms in it. If she had just carried one around all the time she wouldn't have had to go throughhell? The thought made her pretty bitter, but she pushed it aside. What's done is done. Though, she would probably find one to keep on her from now on. Especially with the knowledge she was susceptible to possessions. "So, what exactly was this 'Heavenly Host' place like?"Morishige questioned calmly.

"It..." Ayumi paused, image after image flashing through her head. Her heart twisted painfully, she didn't want to relive it again. Still, their looks demanded explanation. "It was an Elementary School... very dark... it was always night, with a thunderstorm going on outside. Half the school's floor was missing..." her voice was tightening and her body trembling. "And there were bodies everywhere of students who had been dragged in and never escaped."

Yoshiki was unable to communicate the type of feeling he was having... They could have been spared this whole ordeal... by a simple expense of one dollar?... He felt ridiculous, but at least the experience hadn't been all nightmares. He felt a lot closer to Ayumi now, especially since they had survived. They knew a lot more about one another, so the chances and fear of him being left behind was a lot lower now... Still, ugh... such a ridiculous thing to save the rest, but damn them.

"B-bodies?!" Naomi repeated, lifting a hand to her mouth, "That's-... " She couldn't find the words to express how awful and disturbing that was... Other students who had been trapped there after messing up the charm had all died? The thought chilled her, especially knowing how close she had come to experiencing that. Mayu, Yuka, and Ms. Shishido went quiet, either not knowing what to say or too freaked out to reply.

"There were a lot of souls caught in the space too... Some of them were actually helpful. But, a lot of them were angry at what happened to them. Especially three ghost children," Ayumi said, pulling out the article she had grabbed in the library. It had been wet, but it was mostly dry. The ink was difficult to read, but still legible. "I think the story I told you guys earlier tonight wasn't quite right..." she explained, unfolding the paper. "Or at least, it was only a small part of everything. There were kidnappings by a teacher... who cut out the tongues of his students and left them to bleed to death in the basement of the Elementary School."Satoshi was trembling, his mind racing as he realized how close they had been to this... how close Yukahad been. Morishige watched only calmly, his mouth curved downward in a frown. Seiko look pretty stunned at the information.

"I don't really know exactly how the dimension was created or the exact story behind it..." Ayumi mentioned. Though, she was certainly planning on researching such events. After all, there were archives online of tons of old newspapers... she had the chance to find out the real story of Heavenly Host. "The way we got out... well... we found the detached tongues in bags around the school," she said, glancing at Yoshiki as she wondered if he still had the doll. Not that she wanted to see the damned thing ever again. "And we gave each ghost child their tongue back, which allowed us to escape." Although... there was that fourth child they never dealt with. She wasn't going to question their return too much though, she was thankful the three relieved ghost children allowed them to escape.

Yoshiki noticed the look, wondering what it meant, but quickly remembered what he had been carrying this whole time. He checked his pocket to see if the doll was still there, and, regrettably, it was. He took it out, frowning before tossing it to the middle of the class room for the rest to see, and so he wouldn't have to hold onto it. "That thing there is what helped us find the tongues. It's supposedly the killer's repentance,"hem mentioned, so they all knew exactly what the small doll signified.

Mayu was about to comment on the dolls adorable qualities, but the definition Yoshiki gave made her a little creeped out. She didn't want to call anything connected to a killer 'cute'... even though it was...

"That's... quite the experience,"Ms. Shishido remarked, unsure of what to say. Her students had been through some truly troubling things, and she was unable to help them as their teacher... It was a little aggravating, but she was still thankful they had managed to return mostly unscathed.

"I'm... not sure I would've made it...," Naomi muttered, looking to the floor. In a dark school, littered with the bodies of people her age? No way, she'd go insane before even taking a step. She admired the two for being able to get through all that...

Morishige looked at the doll, as if expecting it to almost do something. The descriptions of this place were... interesting. He was pretty grateful that most of them had managed to miss going there. It certainly didn't sound like a place Mayu would've been able to survive in.

"Uh-huh,"Seiko agreed with Naomi. For once, she didn't have much to say. It sounded like the two went through hell and back. She felt a bit bad that they had to go through it, but at the very least they had one another.

"Are you two okay?"Satoshi asked, trying to level him voice. He looked both of them up and down, taking in their conditions. They both had bandages on their hands, but Yoshiki's was obviously a splint. Did he break his wrist in that place? Plus, the both seemed wet... and exhausted.

Ayumi blushed slightly at the question, looking aside. "I'm fine," she answered. She managed to get out of Heavenly Host with little to no damage, which would have never happened if it hadn't been for Yoshiki's protection. She had a cut on her hand to show for the experience. Though, the psychological cuts would be the bigger problem stemming from this experience.

Yoshiki looked to Satoshi, shrugging slightly. "A lot better than I could be," he said with a flat tone, finally standing, "And, as much as I'd love to tell you all more, I'm exhausted..." He turned and picked up his jacket, not noticing the weight of the tape inside, figuring it was just it being damp. He glanced at the clock in their class room, noticing it read that it was eleven thirty. He had never been at school so late... He didn't really have any parents worrying about where he was, but everyone else did, especially Satoshi with his little sister. "In fact, I think we all need to head home... It'll be midnight in a few minutes," he said as he began to walk towards the door, stopping abruptly. "Even though we messed up the charm... We'll all stay in touch, alright, Mayu?"he reassured her. It wouldn't feel right not saying anything to her, since this was the last time they'd meet in school. He then was the first to leave, deserting the doll without a second thought.

Mayu smiled lightly and nodded, almost forgetting this was her last day at Kisaragi in all the craziness. Recalling the impending move, she started to sniffle again, but held in her tears, because she felt foolish for getting upset over such a thing when they had went through Hell. She didn't feel like her problem held priority over Ayumi and Yoshiki's at all, but she was glad he had said such a thing. Though, it seemed a little out of his character, especially since he tended to hang out more with Ayumi and Satoshi, besides her. She sniffled again, rubbing her face on her sleeve to try and snap herself out of it. She wanted to apologize for being such a child, but she didn't want a sob to accidentally slip.

Naomi shifted closer to Ayumi, lightly examining her hand. "Is it bad?" she asked, frowning, but then she heard Mayu start to get upset. So many bad feelings had come about at the end of a day that had started out great... It was really depressing her.

Ayumi blinked at Naomi, strangely touched by the concern. Despite the jealousy that stung on occasion towards her, Naomi really was a close friend. "It's barely a scratch," she assured with a smile. "It would've been fine to leave it unwrapped, but Yoshiki had insisted, she explained lightly. The wood had caught her skin when she stuck her hand in that hole. And in retrospect, she was so grateful she grabbed that power stone that managed to snap Yoshiki out of the ghost's trance. She paused, noticing Yoshiki had left completely. It was a very strange surge that his absence shot through her heart... she was just used to being with him constantly at this point, she told herself. She looked over at the crying Mayu, feeling awful that this was how they were leaving her. "Sorry about all of this Mayu," Ayumi apologized, wishing she had never pulled the charm out. "I really did want to send you off with something nicer,"she admitted with a sheepish, weak smile.

Morishige put his hand on Mayu's shoulder, giving her a light smile. "We've talked about this. We'll still talk all the time and see each other on breaks. It'll be like you still go here," he told her in his balanced tone. He really hated the Mayu was leaving the school, but he truly believed it wouldn't affect their relationship. He'd make sure of it.

"Eh?"Naomi muttered, blinking questioningly as she let her hand go. Yoshiki? Had Ayumi just used his first name? She shrugged it off, figuring anyone in a situation like that would just drop the formalities. But, would that be a normal thing? It was weird, to say the least... She didn't call anyone by their first name except Seiko, not even Satoshi. Just the notion of it embarrassed her.

Mayu smiled up at Sakutaro, nodding. "Mhm!" she agreed, sniffling again as she wiped at her eyes. She then looked to Ayumi, shuffling nervously."No, here I am crying at something so small when... you and Kishinuma..." she paused, sniveling again, "... went through such an awful thing. I'm sorry..." She then smiled slightly, still holding onto the piece of paper they had all torn together. She would still regard it as it was intended. "Besides..., Shige-nii and Kishinuma are right! We'll still hang out! Just 'cos I won't be here, doesn't mean we'll stop being friends," she said, regaining her normal expression of glee, "And... I really appreciate all the trouble you went through to make me feel better, despite... the bad ending to it..."

Ayumi smiled at Mayu, she really was going to miss the sweet girl's presence in the classroom. It sucked that things ended up this way, but the group was determined to continue the friendship, and Ayumi believed they would. "Of course. For what it's worth, keep the scrap of the Sachiko doll. It should still keep us all connected,"she said with a smile. She stood up, glancing at the clock. She was going to get her ear bitten off when she made it home. "Well, I should get going. Night, everyone,"Ayumi said with a small wave before leaving the room. The hallways were dark, like Heavenly Host's were... though they were less intimidating, she still felt uneasy. She pushed the door open for the outside, the fresh air hitting her. She sighed, taking in the fact that she was aliveā€¦

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