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Vampire blood, more comely referred to on the street as V. It was the new up and comer drug of choice. It made you stronger, faster, heightened all of your senses exponentially and currently, Sakata Gintoki was pumped full of the stuff. He could hardly even stand up right he was so over loaded with the sheer beauty of the world around him; small mundane things astonished him. The dust particles that fluttered in the moon light seemed to dance to a far off melody he could almost hear, curling and flexing his own fingers was a wondrous mechanical marvel. Sounds, sights and colors he never knew existed were everywhere and in everything. Magnificence in the form of breathy melodic tones overpowered everything else. "G-Gin-Gintoki…" he zeroed in on her and she was the most exquisite thing his new eyes had yet seen. Breathing heavy, blond hair down and dishevelled so unlike usual, beautiful porcelain skin glowing like the moon, her scarred face seemed less a flaw and more of an added sense of tragic beauty, (he was a sadist after all.) Her eyes were glazed looking around her groggily like she was unsure of what was happening. Slowly he registered the fact that she was covered in blood.

"Shit, Tsukuyo." Gintoki rushed to her side trying desperately to get control of his senses and in his haste nearly tripped over a dead body. Hardly taking note of this fact he assessed the woman in front of him but quickly discovered the blood was not hers. Sighing Gin looked back at the headless body on the floor and for the first time where in the hell they were... No lights were on and he realized the room was Brighter than it should be, he glanced up out the broken window at the moon and lost his train of thought once more. It wasn't white like he remembered; it was a big round disco ball of refracted colours that lit up the night as the aurora borealis danced around it.

"Gintoki, please…I-I can't move." Shaking his head he snapped back into focus. Tsukuyo's wrists and ankles where bound by heavy duty manacles. They rattled as she shifted and he remembered what he was doing.

"Right." He quickly patted down the dead body searching for a key. As his hand closed around what he was looking for Gin turned back to the bound woman and eyed the room while unlocking her restraints. It looked abandoned and that's because it was. They were somewhere in the old district of Yoshiwara. He knew this less from looking around and more from swimming through the foggy memory of the few hours prior. Something stupid, he'd done something stupid and troublesome; Tsukuyo was here so she had something to do with it but what…

24 hours earlier:

"Yoshiwara, huh? I must say, it's not all I was expecting." Sonya eyed her brother suspiciously as he walked down the street of the famous red light district, "I mean the ceiling is open." he continued, "What's the point of a town famous for being a place of never ending night, if it doesn't hold up the night part of the promise?" he twirled around to meet her gaze, giving her his devilish grin. "Wouldn't you say sister?" Revon wasn't her real brother, and looking at them, no one would mistake them as siblings. Rev was tall with broad shoulders but not bulky. He had elegantly long and pointed features that mixed with his slicked back ebony hair seemed to make his strong jaw line more pronounced. She on the other hand was small framed with a heart shaped face, a button nose and long blond hair. In fact, the only thing that was similar about them was their glowing red eyes…but that had nothing to do with being siblings. That was simply a trait shared by all vampires.

"Are we done here?" she sighed lazily, "or are you still determined to see this 'sun' everyone here is so fond of?"

He gave her a disapproving look. "What can I say, I'm interested in the little pet Housen was so obsessed with that he eventually died trying to keep her by his side."

"How exquisitely romantic." she grumbled sarcastically.

Rev smiled at her, "I think so too." He started off ahead with a small spring to his step. Sonya could only shake her head in exasperation. Unlike her, Rev wasn't kidding, it's not like he didn't know about the part where Housen had crippled the woman or that he was keeping her with him against her will…no, Sonya's adoptive brother just had a warped sense of what was romantic. After all, he had once cut out the voice box of the only woman he had ever loved.

"Revon wait." She called rushing after him. What was his deal today? Rev hated humans. Why was he prancing around mingling when his business on earth was already complete? It took her less than a second to catch up with him. "The sun rises in a few hours." She pointed out, "We should head back to the terminal."

He took her arm and wove it through his own, "but look love, we're here!" Pointing to the building in front of them he halted their progress.

Sonya observed the scene before her; the building's fist floor had an open face that customers could walk into freely. Her eyes fell onto the human her brother was interested in. Beauty emanated from the woman who sat like a queen in her wheeled chair, but not just her looks, Sonya sensed inner beauty in the warm kindness the woman emitted. It seemed infections to all those around her too, everyone within three feet of the personified sun was smiling. Sonya could feel her own mouth tugging up at the corners just watching.

"So she's just another boring human." Rev cut in, wiping any trace of jubilance off her face. "How disappointing…" Sometimes she wondered if her brother could really see anything at all… …oh well at least they were done here she thought. Rev was about to turn away when something caught his eye. "Sonya!" he cried out suddenly crushing her hand in his own. "Tell me you see her!"

Cursing at his painful grip she followed his line of sight. "By the blood of Cain Revon, what are you-" Sonya stopped mid-sentence. No, it couldn't be…she had…she had met her true end years ago. But there she was, making her way toward the woman in the chair. She wore a black kimono with an autumn leaf pattern, her blond hair was done up in a simple fashion and she was smoking a pipe leisurely. And…"wait, look Revon." she hissed pointing at the woman. "Look at her closer, those eyes that scar," the woman's eyes were violet and there were two scars crisscrossing along her forehead and across her left eye. "She's a human. It's not her."

"Leo." He whispered tenderly, like he hadn't heard her at all, he started forward ignoring her protests. Sonya grabbed him forcefully and pulled him away pushing him against a nearby ally wall. He hissed at her baring his fangs.

"It's not HER!" she growled flashing her own elongated canines. "Leona is dead, truly dead!" she gave him a moment to regain his senses then let go.

He ran his hands through his hair, returning a few renegade strands to order. "Forgive me Sonya, I seem to have lost myself for a moment there." She nodded in acceptance of his apology.

"We should go," she started softly. "Dawn approaches."

Rev held up his first finger, the universal signal for 'one second.' "Excuse me gentlemen," he called out to two men walking close by. They seemed a little rough around the edges but they stopped none the less, probably surprised at being referred to as gentlemen. Rev wasted no time with any kind of small talk, "Would you be so kind as to tell me the name of that lovely young woman next to the lady…Hinowa was it?"

The two men looked over at the woman he was inquiring after, then at each other before finally letting their attention fall back to Rev. "Aye that's Tsukuyo that is."

"Damn scary woman in my opinion."

"A real beauty though, it's a shame about the scar."

"Leader of the Hyakka she is, she'll kill anyone who don't follow the rules around here."

"She ain't for sale nether, damn shame…what I wouldn't give to have a tumble with her."

Revon leveled them with a glare before returning to Sonya's side leaving the two wayward men confused. "Let's go." As they made their way to Yoshiwara's exit, Sonya stared her brother down hard. He finally gave up. "You're burning a hole in the back of my head Sonya, whatever it is just say it!"

"What are you planning?" she probed, "You should leave that innocent girl alone."

Rev smirked slyly "come now Sonya, it's just a simple interest. A little curiosity never hurt anyone yes?"

"Tell that to the cat." She mumbled under her breath. Revon chuckled darkly and seemed to think that was the end of it, but she wasn't buying it, she had known him far too long to be fooled so easily. No matter, whatever scheme he had going in his head, she would make sure things didn't get out of control. She always did.

The following evening:

Gintoki hurried down the streets of Kabukicho not really caring about the people he bumped into or their loud complaints about it ether. He was driven like he seldom was in life by the seriousness in Hinowa's voice when she had told him on the phone that Tsukuyo was missing. She had been investigating a resent outburst in Yoshiwara of the mysterious new drug called V when she disappeared. Last seen with a pale, but very strong individual, who had long braided hair. Gintoki had high tailed it out of the house faster than hell on wheels, not even leaving a note for Shinpachi and Kagura. Who were both out for dinner with that gorilla woman Shinpachi called a sister. If one thing could motivate the sugar loving samurai it was putting his friends in danger, and Christ on a crucifix was Tsukuyo in danger if his thoughts were headed in the right direction. Kamui, Kagura's Psychotic older brother, was a Former Capitan of the Harusame space pirates who were well known for drug trafficking, he had also technically been in charge of the Yoshiwara district. He was one of the strongest people Gin had ever met and pale as a fucking ghost. Kamui also wanted to kill him. Gin quickened his pace.

"Oi Hinowa" Gin called out as he burst into her house, he found her in her wheel chair next to another woman he had never met before, but was somehow familiar looking. Momentarily stunned he stood in the door way awkwardly. She had blond hair that was long even though it was tied back she was pasty white, almost ill looking but had a strange eerie grace about her. Her eyes were glowing red and that's what he knew was off, if her eyes were a little lighter, more brown, and her hair maybe, if it was short…she would look just like someone else… …but for the life of him he couldn't remember who.

"Sakata-san" Hinowa's soft voice saved him from his strange inner confusion. "You have perfect timing; this lady here says she knows where Tsukuyo is." Gin eyed the woman sceptically

"Is it Kamui? Did he finally come to collect?" he asked. "That rat tailed bastard, If it's a fight he wants I'm right here! Why would he take Tsukuyo of all people?"

Her perfectly arched eyebrows nit down perplexed by his words. "Kamui?" she shook her head "I don't know this Kamui you speak of, but I know who has taken your friend."

Now it's Gin's turn to be confused. "Oi oi you mean someone other than a Yato was able to get the jump on that terminator woman?"

"Sakata-san" Hinowa cut in gently, "why don't you let our guest explain herself. He sighed and the woman bowed her head in thanks to Hinowa.

"Your assumption of Yato involvement is understandable, after all our race is most similar to there's than any other." She gestured to her arm, "Pale skin from lack of sunlight, a thirst for blood though in different ways and strength that is beyond human limitations, these are the similarities between the Yato clan and my own race of Vampires."

"Wait! Stop!" Gin interrupted, "Vampires? You're kidding right? This is all just a joke right, I can go home now can't I"

"Sakata-san" Hinowa's Soft Voice could barely be herd over Gintoki's ranting, his voice increasing with volume and dread.

"I refuse to believe this! Oi you think I'm some gullible kid you can trick? Vampires belong in the category of ghosts and goblins and FICTION" he started laughing, a forced and panicked sound that made the two women look at him in utter confusion. The blond vampire moved toward him

"Um…could you by any chance…" Gintoki Quickly stumbled away into the wall

"BACK DEMON!" he shouted making a cross with is fingers. She stared at him a moment too shocked to respond, and then she burst into laughter unable to help herself. It was a tinkling musical sound and it made Gintoki lower his hands back to his sides ashamed.

"Sorry" she said through her hand" I just find it interesting that a person who would rush in to save a friend, even when he thought said friend was in the hands of a Yato, could also be afraid of ghost and horror stories." Gin grimaced at her, unconvinced of her seeming friendliness. "I will explain the situation a little better. Perhaps that will convince you of my harmless intentions." Hinowa Wheeled over to them and gestured them to sit, both obliged.

"I shall keep things brief as we are pressed for time." With Hinowa's blessing wave for her to go on, she cleared her throat and resumed. "Vampires are not these terrible monsters that pray on living creatures, well…" she hesitated for half a second making her bold stamen less convincing. "At least…all of us aren't like that." She shook her head getting back to her point. "What I'm saying is your friend's life is not in imminent danger, in fact I know for certain my brother will not want her harmed."

"Your brother!?" Gin exclaimed in both shock and anger. Was this woman in on it? His hand went to his wooden sword before she raised her hands in surrender.

"Please let me finish. Yes my Brother has taken your friend but I do not condone his actions which is why I am here. My brother and I merely stopped on this planet for a brief stay to conduct some business. In one of his dealings my brother heard of this town that was supposedly the town of eternal night. I'm sure you can imagine the appeal to vampires like us. We came and were met by disappointment to find out that it was no longer like what we'd heard."

"We freed our self's." Hinowa cut in bravely. "With the help of Sakata-san of course, and we have been very fortunate since."

"Yes well unfortunately for you," The Vampire lamented. "My brother found something else he coveted much more than a false night sky."

"Tsukuyo." Gintoki said all traces of his earlier fear gone, leaving just the anger.

She nodded, "I know he did not do it himself I was keeping too close an eye on him for that, but tonight I overheard him telling an underling of his to meet him with the girl later, I knew someone would be coming for her but I was too late to stop it."

"Why?" Hinowa asked. "What does he want her for?"

The vampire shook her head "All you need to know is my brother always gets what he wants and this time it's her…if you value your friend I would go to her now." She reached into her pocket and brought out a map drawn on paper and handed it to Gintoki. "Oz, the one who took her is a young vampire but still strong…"hesitantly she pulled out something else, a syringe filled with a deep red liquid. "Take this, if things get too intense…." She hesitated but eventually handed it over with an almost reluctant look. "Use it. Stick it in a main artery," as Gin was about to take it she pulled it away once more her eyes filled with strong caution. "but only if you really need it."

Gin nodded his understanding before taking the Vial. Looking at the map then the syringe, he thanked her as he hurried out the door. Hinowa watched him go concern painted on her features. The lady vampire sighed and Hinowa patted her arm. "Thank you child for helping us, you needn't worry too much. Sakata-san is Yowshiwara's saviour after all." She smiled warmly. "You haven't even told me your name yet."

The blond vampire looked upon Yoshiwara's sun and smiled "It's Sonya"

Gin considered the building before him, it didn't look all that welcoming, being abandoned and currently housing a potentially very deadly vampire and all. His fingers curled tightly around his wooden sword, for once it would give him the upper hand he needed and like a long stake he planned to drive it through this blood suckers cold dead heart if Tsukuyo was hurt. He approached with caution navigating the halls slowly waiting for an attack. Then her muffled moans filled his ears calling him to action. Silently stalking forward doing his best to hide his presents, he peaked through the crack of the door. Tsukuyo was bound with thick chains in the corner looking disoriented, above her stood a tall man with his back to Gin. His black hair was shaved on the sides and spiked up like a Mohawk, at the nape of his neck his hair was long and gathered into several small braids that fell down his back. The vampire held a syringe like the one Gin had.

"Here's a small taste of your future love." Roughly he turned Tsukuyo's head to the side and stuck her in the jugular. Her eye's widened and her body started to shake.

Gin burst into the room full speed, sword raised to strike. Just as he was about to connect with the vampire's head he seemed to vanish before Gin's eye's. He then felt a crippling blow to his side sending him crashing into the wall. "Oi oi," Gin complained as he coughed up blood, "it ain't enough your strength is second only to a yato, you're also faster than even my eyes can follow? Give me a break here I'm not as young as I used to be you know."

The vampire laughed deeply. "I also herd you coming. Your heart beat gave you away while you were lurking outside the door" He smiled at Gin sadistically. "Come for the hooker have you?" Gin glared hard at the vampire, his grip tightened on Lake Toya as he regained his fighting stance.

"Gintoki?" Tsukuyo asked in confusion. Gin slowly made his way toward her and the vampire Oz made no move to stop him.

"You ok?" he asked keeping his guard up and attention fixed on the vampire.

"I feel funny" Gin spared her a quick glance noting she was physically unhurt. "Gintoki your hair is so beautiful!" she gasped in awe. Mentally on the other had he wasn't so sure.

"What's wrong with her?" Gin demanded as Tsukuyo reached out with her bound hands to try and touch him. Oz shrugged

"Nothing much just shot her up with a couple doses of V juice." He tapped the inside crease of his arm. "Vampire blood does all kinds of fun things to a human. I gave her a diluted dose of course, but she needs to have enough stamina to keep up with master Rev when he gets here if you know what I mean." Oz wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Gin who scowled and clicked his tongue at the vampire.

"Tsh, No amount of drugs will ever make this one put ou-" Both Tsukuyo's hair kunai flew at his skull and he barely dogged them "OI! IF YOU HAVE A WEPON USE IT ON THE ENEMY!" Oz snickered at their antics and stepped closer making Gin move in front of Tsukuyo protectively.

Oz Smirked, "Haven't we proved this already? I'm 100 times faster than you will ever be." Gin charged the vampire who sneered in return but at the last second Gin changed the direction of his swing slashing the vampire across the face where he hadn't been a second before. Oz hissed and backed away his canines' elongating into fangs as he touched his bloodied face which was already healing. "Now that pisses me off." he growled as he moved to a full out assault on Gintoki. Gin was the Shiroyasha again, all his old senses, instinct and muscle memories awakened but still he was only managing to block little more than half of what the vampire dished out. One or two odd hits here and there were all he was managing to land and they were all healing. He needed to think of something. Last time when he had fought Housen he hadn't been alone, and even though Housen had more physical strength, Oz was a lot faster. Housen hadn't healed ether, which was becoming a real pain. He though Tsukuyo was saying something and the sudden distraction made him leave an opening. Another critical blow sent him sprawling to the floor his head landed hard and he laid there dazed for a few seconds.

Oz licked Gin's blood off his fingers red eyes glowing brightly. "Huh…" he mused, "your blood is really sweet." Gin coughed up more of his apparently sweet blood and tried desperately to get to his feet, but he was bruised, battered and broken with no plan of action whatsoever. He glanced at Tsukuyo who was fighting against the chains that bound her and yelling encouraging words for him to get up and keep fighting. Gintoki blinked twice astounded. They were bending... The chains, she was actually warping those thick chains. Suddenly he remembered what was in his pocket and discreetly he reached for it.

Oz was looking at Tsukuyo now "Hey Bitch shut the fuck up!" he stocked over and grabbed her chin roughly with one hand, lifting her clear off the ground like she was but air. "You should be honoured the master even looked twice at you. Yet here you are, crying for your boyfriend who is already dead!" Tsukuyo spit in his face and he struck her hard with the back of his hand.

Gin had fished out the syringe from his pocket. Looking at the consistency his suspicions where correct, the vile was filled with blood and not diluted blood ether, pure vampire blood. This wasn't a good idea, who knows what the hell was going to happen… it didn't take him two seconds to decide to just fuck it. Tsukuyo had just been back handed so hard her cheek bone may well have shattered and sooner or later Oz was going to turn his attention back on him. Well he wasn't going to do this shit half assed, he plunged the needle right into his heart giving only a small grunt of pain as he pushed all the contents straight into his blood stream.

The affect was instantaneous he felt the pain of his limbs ebbing away and strength like none he had ever felt before filled him like a rapid fire. He sprang into action, moving so fast the room blurred around him he seized the vampire's wrist that held Tsukuyo feeling the bones break between his fingers, causing him to let go of the woman as she tumbled to the ground.

Oz jerked up his startled gaze to meet Gin's and felt a cold chill of fear at what he saw. His crimson eye's were glowing in a way that no human eyes should. Gin seized the opportunity the hesitation provided to make good on his promise. He thrust his wooden sword through the vampire's heart.

"Don't Fucking touch her you filthy scumbag." Oz's eye's widened in a final moment of astonishment and pain, then his skin started to turn ashen and his eye's blackened. Gintoki swiftly yanked out his sword with a sickening yet satisfying sound and burying his fist in the unruly Mohawk, loped of the vampire's head for good measure. The vampire's headless body collapsed to the ground spraying his blood in a wide arc, catching Tsukuyo in its path. "S-Sorry" Gintoki mumbled feeling woozy as he tossed the head aside; it thudded away across the wood floor. The blood coursing through Gintoki's veins started to take its full effect on him, slowly all things went black.

"Why have you helped us?" Hinowa asked the vampire as she poured herself some tea. Sonya had tried to leave right after Gintoki rushed out, but Hinowa had insisted that she stay at least for a little while. Sighing Sonya contemplated she should say. Help was a strong word; she had done practically nothing other than most likely send that man to his death. If Sonya really wanted to help them she would have rescued the girl herself. But…directly apposing her brother like that was…well, it felt wrong, even if she did think his actions were misguided.

Hinowa gestured with inquiry to the cup in front of her. Sonya shook her head in refusal to the offer; after all she didn't eat or drink anything other than blood. The vampire looked upon the sun of Yoshiwara and smiled to herself at the irony of the situation. Hinowa, who was still waiting for a response to her earlier question, furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Well…" Sonya started slowly, "I guess it was less for you and more... a difference of opinion between my brother and me."

Hinowa hummed in understanding, "Regardless, I am much obliged"

Sonya gazed at the human looking so peaceful sipping her tea, at ease with a vampire across from her. Granted she had no idea of the danger, seeing only the guise of sheep's clothing and not the wolf underneath. Or perhaps she was accustom too dining with devils, from what Sonya had herd the king of the Yato clan, it was amazing that Hinowa was still so intact physically and emotionally.

"You intrigue me." Sonya stated "and not just you exactly, this whole place… its, I don't know since I got here I've been curious, which is rare…for me to find something of interest." Hinowa smiled in an understanding sort of way, Sonya continued "I hope to come back someday, once I've retuned home I think I might petition for a permanent residence."

"I see." The frail woman gazed at the vampire seriously. "Then as long as you do not wish anyone in Yoshiwara harm you're always welcome here."

Sonya felt a guilty pang, harm; she had already caused enough of that in her overly long life time. She thought of the blood she had given to the Silver haired young man from earlier. "I have a confession," the vampire whispered. "I gave something very dangerous to your friend."

"To Sakata-san?" Hinowa asked.

Sonya nodded she didn't know what she had been thinking giving him her blood; she was two-hundred-and-sixty-seven years old and you just didn't give a human that much undiluted blood unless you were going to turn them. The V that they distributed had only a few drops from maybe a fifty year old vampire so the amount she had given Sakata, and of her own blood no less… it could cause… …That's when she felt it, the connection was formed as she felt her blood being pumped into his living veins. For a second she felt like her long dead heart was beating again. It was somehow exhilarating. She could feel him too, his desperation, his anger, fear, astonishment at this new strength, it overwhelmed her… a tide of emotions she hadn't felt in who knows how long came crashing down on her. A small cry escaped her lips as she put her overloaded head in her hands.

Hinowa wheeled up next to her, concern paining her delicate features. "What is it?"

Sonya was seeing brief flashes of things she knew where not from her own sight. A dark room, a chained woman, and Oz being decapitated. She wondered if this connection would fade soon or stay forever…oh god what if it did. What if it stayed even after you did turn them? She had never been a sire before but Oz was her brother's fledgling would he feel him die?

"I have to go" she said standing swiftly. Hinowa started; surprised at the sudden movement which was probably too fast for her to follow. "Perhaps I'll see you again some night" with that and a curt nod she flashed out of the room leaving behind a very confused and concerned Hinowa.

"Tsukuyo" Gin tried again for the hundredth time to keep her attention. It wasn't working so well and he was finding it hard to concentrate himself. He felt so magnificent! He wanted to run or fight something, jump on rooftops, arm wrestle Kagura and win! "Damn it, Look at me" he grabbed her head forcefully between his hands. And saw her glazed eyes focus on his. "We need to get out of here!" She nodded and tried to stand only to wobble and fall back to the ground panting. She looked feverish Gin noted and sighed with frustration. Curse her low tolerance to all forms of intoxication. He was sure he had more V in his system than her from the easy work he had made of the chains that bound her. He picked her up cradling her in his arms with ease; she weighed but a feather which was surprizing though it shouldn't have been really. It's just when he carried her before she was heavier…not in a bad way but she weighed something! He clicked his tongue at her. "You may be light as a feather but this is still a pain, you listening? Oi!" she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and burrowing her face in the crock between his collarbone and jaw. He looked down at her and realised maybe she wasn't as out of it as he first thought, after all last time he saved her there had been a similar moment, when she couldn't walk on her own he let her lean on him for the strength she herself couldn't muster. This time the thought of what might have happened could have overwhelmed her. The way that vampire was talking, seemed like this head honcho vamp wanted Tsukuyo for a very specific and lecherous reason. He supposed it didn't matter where you grew up being unwilling and forced was always frightening for a woman, even just the threat of it. Silently he walked out of the house into the abandoned street he didn't know what to say so he didn't say anything, just held tight as her hitching breathes warmed his neck.

The silence was weighing heavy on Gintoki as he made his way through the labyrinth of the old district usually he would be cool with things the way they were but he was chalk full of vampire blood and realizing it heightened more than just his five senses and strength. Tsukuyo was slowly tracing circles on the back of his neck her fingers slipping down into the collar of his shirt. He wasn't even sure she was aware of it, but combined with her short breaths against his collarbone, it was sending shivers down his spine and igniting a fire in his lower abdomen that was really disconcerting.

"Gintoki," she mumbled into his chest "I don't want to go back just yet"

"Oi, Hinowa will be worried about you" he said stopping and looking at the woman in his arms.

"I know but I feel off…I-I can't see everyone like this" she stammered. "I know a place that's close; I used to hide the girls here before I snuck them into the Hyakka. Please Gintoki?" she looked up at him eyes shining and suddenly he thought it was a brilliant idea. The sooner he put her down the better, and apparently she had no intentions of walking herself anytime tonight.

"Point the way" he sighed in defeat, she gestured to a building up ahead that looked a little less rundown then the others. He started toward it as she started up the maddening feather light touch of her fingers again, slipping further down into the back of his shirt. He quickened his pace and found himself in front of the house before he knew it. Got to love V induced speed. Easily holding Tsukuyo with one arm he opened the door. The space was small and humble but pretty well kept. He followed a small hallway that lead him to a room with a futon. Good, she could sleep it off and he could go back home after reporting to Hinowa and the others she was safe. He was about to lower the drugged woman to the bed but she tightened her grip, pressing herself to him as much as possible, moving her right hand to cultch his hair at the nape. "Oi, oi…" Gintoki protested startled "what are you…?"

"Gintoki," her voice was low as she cut him off, "your hair is so soft" Tsukuyo scraped her fingers up his scalp and Gin lets his lids flutter closed. God, how can something so small feel so good? Suddenly she was kissing and biting him, Gintoki almost dropped her. First his neck and jaw line then his ear. He groaned lowly then snapped his eyes open, realizing that whatever this was, it needed to stop. NOW!

"What the hell Tsukuyo!" Gin yelled as he pried her off him and stet her on the floor; noting with slight irritation that she was perfectly steady on her feet. Seriously wasn't she just traumatized or something? Did he misinterpret that? Honestly these convenient shifts in and out of coherence were becoming a real pain. He looked her in the eye then regretted it almost immediately. They shift from purple to gray to blue and back to purple; throughout the metamorphosis were constant flecks of silver that glittered like starlight. He felt like he was being pulled into them and swimming in some far off nebula "your eyes" he drawled, "are sooo preettyyy…" reaching out to touch her face. She leaned into his palm and put her hand over his, sighing and closing her eyes breaking the spell on Gintoki. He shook his head trying to clear it, grasping desperately to any rationality he had left.

Tsukuyo who still held his hand in hers moved in closer not helping maters at all. "Gintoki," her cheeks were pink and her eyes heavy lidded (though Gin was careful not to look into those dangerous things directly). "I…I want you." Suddenly she pushed him hard and he fell to the futon.

"OIii! WHATS WITH THIS OUT OF CHARICTOR DEVELOPMENT!" he shouted at no one in particular. He then felt her weight indent the futon on either side his waist as she knelt above him. He swallowed hard, eyes wide as she, with deliberate sluggish seduction, removed her arm warmer and untied her red and purple sash. "Seriously Tsukuyo, don't you think the joke's gone a little too far?" he tried to laugh but it came out too throaty and forced. He ended it with an awkward cough as his easy smile fell from his face.

She leaned in close to his ear making her kimono shift into a much more reviling position and whispered. "Who's joking?" An involuntary shudder ran through him. Tsukuyo put one hand to Gin's chest and leaning close; stroked his cheek and traced his lips with her fingers of the other. Gin didn't know wither to be exited or mortified. On one hand, she was a good friend whom he respected, and hell, one of the few whose company he actually enjoyed, if things escalated further then that would be thrown out the window. On the other hand was pure and simple drug haze lust, and temptation in the form of a scantily clad woman in his lap. Though the choice should have been obvious, the second option was still pretty damn appealing.

Tsukuyo repositioned her face in front of his so they were only centimetres apart their eyes locked again, sending Gintoki's thoughts spinning. As their short heavy breathes tanged together she inched closer painfully slow and brushed her lips against his. Gin tried to protest, but he only managed a small murmur. The movement of his lips had turned the touch into a kiss. It was electrifying, a little uncertain and hesitant at first but once both grasped that yes, this was happening and yes, neither was pushing the other away , Tsukuyo went for his hair again and deepened the kiss with skill attesting to the Yoshiwara woman she was. Gintoki, through frustrated wither dominance, reciprocated with a burning passion that was almost desperate. He felt something off in the pit of his stomach that wasn't guilt at taking advantage of a drugged up woman. (He figured he had more V in his system and she was on top so who was taking advantage of whom really?) No, it was something else…it was deeper, something in the core of his being was wrong.

He pulled away caching his breath noting that air would no longer satisfy him completely unless it was shared with her…Tsukuyo, he studied the porcelain face and figure before him, as she too caught her breath. Beautiful was putting it lightly in his opinion, and he knew this to be true of inside as well as out.

"Hey Tsukuyo" he inquired suddenly, "I know you got kidnaped and all but why were you Investigating the V on your own? Why weren't your guards with you?"

She gazed at him in surprise of the sudden question. "I had heard a few rumors about V…" she paused as if reluctant to admit something. "People have said it could heal injuries…even old ones." Gin observed her carefully as she shifted uncomfortably under his scrutiny, idly playing with his shirt collar. "My first thought was for Hinowa and her legs of course but…" she tentatively touched the left side of her face "I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind…" Gently he brushed her hair aside and lightly kissed the scar on her forehead, then the one down her cheek under her eye. She sighed shakily as her lids fluttered closed.

"I've told you before, your soul is beautiful and so is your face." When she looked at him again she was almost in tears but they did not fall. He resumed kissing her but this time it was tender and she seemed frail in his arms. Eventually, though the emotions stayed, the placidity ebbed away and he reached for the skin her now completely open kimono left exposed. She had made light work of his sash and robe and was now tugging at his shirt. Then he felt it again, wrong, and suddenly he knew what it was. He pulled back and pushed Tsukuyo away roughly. "No, we have to stop." he commanded gruffly.

"I think someone else disagrees" she giggled, smiling playfully and looking down

"That's the minority vote," Gin quickly retorted easily slipping into the game of banter, anything to stop what was happening to him! "He's egger to prove himself, been the butt of one too many jokes lately."

"I'm pretty sure it's the majority…" she made to kiss him again but he held her firm and she eyed him in confusion. She couldn't see it, didn't understand, he knew where this would go if it was allowed to continue and that had repercussions. She was having an effect on him. He felt it, deep in his soul. If he did this…if he went there with her, putting aside how awkward things would be once they were both sober… Gintoki was a shitty, sadistic, and selfish excuse of a human being. He always said that bonds were like burdens, yet he always seemed to find himself weighted down by them. Not that he didn't enjoy his new family; he had once told Katsura that even if it's a burned it would be boring walking the word without them. But this with her… right now…it was different, it would be too heavy a burden to take on, and when it was gone…he wouldn't feel lighter, he'd feel empty.

"Gintoki" she cut across his thoughts and his name in her voice made his stomach flip flop making him realise it was too late. She grabbed his face between her hands and he let her. "Just stop thinking!" she enunciated each word as he looked into her eyes, those eyes he could lose himself in, and that's exactly what he did. He stopped thinking and for the first time that night since he saw her on the floor covered in the dead vampire's blood he let the V take over and what he saw was a beautiful creature whom he desperately wanted to ravish, though being under her would never do.

Gintoki flipped Tsukuyo onto the futon so their positions were switched, she grinned up at him liking the change of attitude. He found himself obsessed with every detail of her body and felt the need to explore it thoroughly. He tore off her kimono in a savage fashion quickly followed by the removal of her under garments. She was left in only her fishnets; Gintoki gazed down at her dinking in the sight.

She fingered the top of the lace, a question in her eye. "What about these?"

Starting at her knee Gin ran his hand up her inner thigh, stopping at the top of the stocking and snapping the band softly "I like them." he growled.

She blushed profusely, a bit of the old Tsukuyo shyness worming its self into even her current euphoric state. "Perv."

Gintoki chuckled darkly and let his mouth form a sly grin as he shoved her legs down to the futon on either side. "As always."

Normal Tsukuyo would cry out in embarrassment at what Gintoki did next, but in her current state she lied back perfectly content to let him do as he wished. He was rewarded with gasps and moans in soft breathy tones. Once she was quivering in uncontrollable ecstasy she tugged at his hair pulling him up from between her legs. Siting up she yanked at his shirt again. "No fair Gintoki, being the only one is boring." Reluctantly he let her go, and allowed her to pull his shit off. As soon as his head was clear she started to kiss him, leaving him stranded in an awkward tangle of shirt and arms. Desperate to have his hands free again, he nearly tore the article to shreds but somehow managed to refrain, flinging it across the room as he pulled free. Gin wrapped his arms around her delicate frame, pulling her closer, her fishnet clad legs came around his waist, and the heat of skin against skin exhilarated him. All the while he never broke away from her intoxicating kisses. He finally backed off of her mouth as he found himself hissing in pleasurable pain at the sensation of her nails dragging down his back.

She looked up at him though her thick lashes as he felt her hands snaking between their connected abdomens. He stopped breathing for a second and heard a small pop and quiet zip. "Tsukuyo." He warned one last time. It wasn't too late to back out just yet, but if she continued…there would be no more stopping him. But apparently she was fully committed, biting her lip in a way that made him stare, her hands slipped inside. Gintoki moaned, forehead falling against her neck as the movement started. It was ridiculous how amazing it felt. She was good enough on her own but added with the Vampire blood pumping though his veins it was making his head spin. Unable to endure another second he pulled her hands up and pushed her under him once more, pinning her wrists above her head with one hand.

Their Faces were so close together their noses grazed, and Gintoki once again found himself spellbound by the magic of her eyes. "G-Gintoki," she exhaled between panting breaths. "I need more." She lifted her head and licked his ear lobe; it surprised him enough that he lost his grip on her wrists. "I want everything with you." The soft whisper in his ear sent shivers down his spine. Tsukuyo ran her fingers through his unruly hair again and made a fist, pulling the small hairs at the nape of his neck. With a rock of her hips she made one last scarcely audible request. "I want to feel you inside me."

Gin needed no more coaxing, he could barely contain himself as it was, and the friction she had created with a single subtle movement of her hips had heightened his desire to unbearable. He shifted his weight above her, careful not to be too rough in his excitement. He saw a somewhat pained expression flash across her face at the initial invasion but it was replaced quickly by one of rapture. Shivers ran up and down her skin as their bodies connected again and again. He pressed his lips to hers, gulping down all her sweet cries greedily. She convulsed around, him a final peek moan escaping as she threw her head back. He shuddered, biting down on the soft flesh of her shoulder as his passion also reached its zenith.

For a minute he just laid there, trying to catch his breath listening to the rapid rhythm of Tsukuyo's accelerated heartbeat. Pushing himself up on his forearms, the silver samurai gazed at the ravished woman beneath him. The red of her swollen lips made redder by her fair compaction, and her dishevelled Blond strands that fanned out around her like a golden mane. Then of course there were those down right criminal eyes, glazed over with euphoria. Suddenly a beast-like urge thundered though him. He sat up abruptly, pulling her along with him.

She gave a sharp yip of surprise. "Gintoki what are-"

"It's not enough." He rumbled, barely recognising the gruffness of his own voice. He grabbed her slim hips firmly as he slowly lowered her once more onto himself. A whimper graced his ears as she clung desperately to his shoulders; she had yet to recover from her last release and the sudden stimulation was sending aftershocks though out her entire body.

"W-wait!" she hummed panicked, "I-I'm still-" he didn't let her finish the sentence, raising and lowing her hips with feverish abandon till she moved of her own accord. Gin palmed her perfectly shaped breasts, which he had somehow managed to neglect up till now, and gave her pleasure there as well. They slammed together, both reaching and spilling over their second tipping point. Just as Gintoki thought he was finally satisfied, Tsukuyo gripped his face hard between her palms and seemed to be trying to suck the very life out of him with her skillful tongue.

Things started to blur together, again and again they found rapture in each other's arms. The V ensuring nether party tired. They embraced in passion, sweetness, comfort, pain, and sometimes just plain savagery. After what felt like hours, they collapsed onto the futon on the flat of their backs in true exhausted satisfaction, labored breathing finally slowing to normal.

Giggling like a giddy school girl Tsukuyo looked down at her feet. She had lost one of the fishnet stockings along the way and the other was bunched around her calf. "I can't feel my toes." She hummed.

Gintoki glanced at her sideways, "that's a good thing right?" she nodded in response turning her face toward him. Flipping to his side Gin reached out to caress her cheek, tracing her scar with his thumb, following it all the way down and transferring to the outline of her lips. She caught the appendix playfully between her teeth, biting down ever so softly. All thoughts of the future were nowhere in sight, right now it was only them and this moment, like a still-frame forever captured in his mind.

He felt her shiver and he too shuddered at the contrast of cool air after the intense heat of their entwined bodies. He sat up and grabbed the long abandoned blanket spreading it over both their nude forms. He pulled her close, unable to ignore how perfectly she fit against him.

"Gintoki?" Tsukuyo questioned softly, breaking a long silence. He hummed in answer that he was still awake. "Don't forget."

"Never," he croaked groggily. Nuzzling her throat and inhaling her sent Gin reversed the promise on her. "What about you?" Only silence greeted him. "Tsukuyo?" propping his head up he noticed her slow regular breaths, as he watched her sleeping face, deep, deep down he felt the stir of an emotion he never would have guessed he would ever feel…but he wouldn't voice it, not to her or anyone, not even to himself, after all…a demon could not love. Not even the courtesan of death.