Hey hoe, so like I promised here's a plot point summery for those that didn't want to re-read…let's see… hope I don't forget anything…

Gerard's name is now Revon, he and Sonya are not nearly as old as I had made them before, Sonya is now in her late 200's and Revon is now in his late 500's. Why? Because if they were really 2000, 3000, they wouldn't give two shits about humans and could F'ing wreck anyone!

There's a scene of Revon and Sonya walking through Yoshiwara, when he first see's Tsukuyo.

I cut out some useless Cain spiel that Sonya talks about.

The Gintoki x Tsukuyo love scene is longer, (you know you'll go back to read that bit! Lol)

A few places where I think I was trying to refer back to the real story, but it was like I had totally forgotten what had actually happened at the part of the story I was referring too, have been fixed.

Whatever the hell Sonya was talking about on the space ship about some doppelganger shit has been trashed.

It's revealed that Revon and Leona's relationship was very up and down. And he even mutilated her. (he cut out her vocal cords with his crazy space knife so she couldn't heal it)

(A small thing but…) Tsukuyo doesn't cry after talking on the phone with Gintoki cuz it was too out of character.

It is assumed that Tsukuyo really is the reincarnation of Leona, and it is also revealed that when human Sonya once had a twin sister named Jade, who Sonya assumes was reborn as Mitsuba on earth.

Whatever that stuff Sonya was saying at the end of chapter 4 about how she would keep Gin safe was scrapped because it was stupid…well what I have now is still pretty stupid too, but it's in this chapter so you can decide for yourselves.

(basically Sonya has stopped prattling on about useless shit.)

Neway's it had just all around better descriptions when it came to my oc's

Chapter 5:

When you party go all out! There's a 100% chance you'll regret it in the morning!


Kagura: "are you nervous?"

Gintoki: "Very"

Shinpachi: "Well that's to be expected… … …wait WHAT'S WITH THIS HALF ASSED WRITING STILE?"

Gintoki: "What? We do this all the time."

Kagura: "Ya the readers can just picture the Yorozuya like always."


Gintoki: "ah, but the author is lazy…it was really only a matter of time before something like this happened. This is the first real update in almost a year you know?"

Kagura: "I mean its only to be expected, with lame ass characters like you two around all the time. There are simply no decent people in this story at all"


Zura: "it's not Zura its Katsura!"

Elizabeth: … … …

Otose: "Oi Kagura, if you don't take that back I'll double your rent."


Otae: "oh Kagura-chan I know you didn't mean me right?"

Kagura: "of course not big-sis, just the men are useless!"

K-san: "it's not K-san its Zura!-oh wait I mean, KATSURA!"

Ikumatsu: "why do you even speak?"

Gintoki: "Oi…"

Tama: "ah Gintoki-sama, you look distressed do you need something?"

Gintoki: "No… …I'm just wondering…WHY THE HELL YOU'RE ALL HERE!?"

Everyone stopped unpacking the picnic and looked at him in question, like they were aghast that he would even ask such a thing. This was ridiculous, the silver samurai thought. Tsukuyo would be here any minute now with the twins, that were amazingly enough, his children! …That still sounded just wrong…but whatever! He didn't want their first impression of him to be this crazy rabble!

"Well," Otose answered, "we figured we could double your welcome home party, with your welcome to fatherhood party."

"Well thanks." He said sarcastically, plopping down on the blanket next to Kagura and Shinpachi.

"Don't worry Gin-chan!" Kagura chimed, popping her fist to her chest. "Everything's always so much more fun if there are lots of people!"

"And don't be ungrateful," scolded Ikumastu, "I specifically closed up shop and brought all this food for today!"

"I simply came to laugh at you," Otae said, just a bit too sweetly for the harsh words that came out, "and to console the poor women who had to endure you on top of her of course."

Shinpachi spewed out his drink like a whale blows out water. "S-S-S-S-SISTER!" he stuttered, going a deep shade of red. "Why would you say such a thing?"

Actually…Gintoki mused; Tsukuyo had been the one on top half the time, but his male pride would never let him admit that out loud. He sighed in resignation, there was no controlling these people, no matter how hard he made Shinpachi try.

Just then Katsura made an exited noise through his mouthful of food and pointed. Beside him Elizabeth held up a sign, promptly smacking the long haired samurai in the face. 'They're here!' it read with and arrow pointing in the same direction as, the currently writhing on the ground, Katsura had been.

Tsukuyo was wearing her regular getup and holding onto Hana's hand, who in turn, was holding onto Disuke. "Gintoki." The leader of the Hyakka greeted with a nod. "I see you brought along the whole gang."

"Brought along, is a roundabout way to put it…" He mumbled, "Forced into bringing, is much more accurate."

"Grandma-Tose!" exclaimed the little boy running up and throwing his arms around her. Otose chucked in delight, retuning the hug. He then moved over to the still groaning Katsura, and bowed lowly. "Katsura-sensei." The Boy continued around the circle greeting everyone, Ikumatsu, Shinpachi, Otae, Catharine, Tama…even Elizabeth.

He reached Gintoki and stopped short. The Samurai was trying to smile encouragingly, but wasn't quite pulling it off, his eye twitched, and he looked more irritated than anything else. The boy shuffled his feet staring hard at the ground. Suddenly he stood up poker straight, and put his right hand to his forehead in salute. "SIR! I'VE BEEN TRAINING HARD, AND HOPE TO BECOME A PATRIOT JUST LIKE YOU SOMEDAY SIR! TOGETHER I'M SURE WE CAN OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT! DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME, I'M HIGHLY TRAINED BY KATSURA- SENSEI AT EVADING THE LAW, SIR!"

Gintoki promptly hopped over the child, and gave his supposed best friend, a flying kick to the face. "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING MY KID ZURA!?"

Katsura cried out in pain, while Shinpachi and Catherin howled in surprize, Kagura, Otae, and Tama applauded while Elizabeth held up a 10/10 sign, and Otose handed out drinks like nothing had happened.

Gin ran back to the little boy, dropping to his knees in front of him, gripping his shoulders, "Oi, disregard everything this empty headed fool has told you ok? Overthrowing the government is bad news you hear me!" He glanced back at Tsukuyo desperately, "How could you let this happen?" She gave a shrug, settling down next to Ikumatsu, Hana sitting comfortably in her lap.

Gintoki felt little arms come around his stomach and squeeze tightly. He looked down to see the child clinging to his front, eyes scrunched closed, trying to stop a slow trickle of tears. Gin hesitated half a second, then placed his hand on the boy's soft blond head. "Hey now, maybe you don't have to forget everything if it means that much to you."

"D-Daddy." The child wept quietly.

"tch," Gin retuned Disuke's hug with a loose one armed hold, as he scratched his own unruly mop awkwardly. "Looks that way, sorry if you were picturing someone better." As he pulled away from the embrace, Gin looked over at the crowd of fools, watching with those annoying, gooey looking eyes. "Just keep your moe bubbles to yourselves you bastards, this 'ant no shojo manga you hear!"

"He's embarrassed," Kagura laughed behind her hand.

"He's embarrassed." Otae and Tama echoed.

"Since when were you three so close!?" Shinpachi questioned the snickering trio.

Gintoki patted Disuke's head once more as he got to his feet, the little blond wiping away his tears. Gin strode over to Tsukuyo looking down at the figure in her lap. "Well let's see the other one then," he picked up the little girl under her arms, and lifted her to his eye level at arm's length. "Hey, this brat looks just like me!" He moved her up and down like he might toss her in the air, then brought her closer to his face. The girl remained dead pan, never uttering a word or making a noise…Gintoki grit his teeth, "Oi! What's with that vacant expression! Are you ashamed to share my face!?"

"Shitty bastard," she harrumphed.

"Oi! Something pretty terrible just came out of this kid's mouth!"

She turned her head away snorting, small pink patches colouring her cheeks. "It's not like I'm not ashamed, don't be full of yourself."

"Tsundere?" Gin questioned shaking her softly, "My Kid's Tundere? That kinda pisses me off!" Ignoring the laughter around them, he studied the girl closely. "But what's this? ... …why do I find it somehow unbearably adorable? THAT TICKS ME OFF EVEN MORE!"

"Gintoki," Otose cut in, "Give Hana-chan back to her mother, the food's getting cold." Gin obliged the older woman, handing off the child and returning to his seat.

Disuke tugged at his sleeve, "Can I sit by you, f-f-f-father?" the boy had gone beat red. Well at least one of them liked him, Gin thought.

Before he could answer; Kagura flung her arm around Disuke's shoulders. "Don't worry Di-chan your daddy's a Sadist so he'll never say nice things, but he'll be a good daddy, he's kinda like my earth daddy you see, so I know. There are going to be some rough times ahead, as soon as you think you can't bare it anymore, that's when things'll get worse. As long as you keep that in mind, you'll be ok!"

"WHAT THE HELL KIND OF PEP-TALK IS THAT!?" Shinpachi screeched.

Gin promptly smacked the Yato over the back of her head. "Don' tell him strange things. Disuke this is the kind of adult you don't want to grow into." The boy nodded vigorously, settling down between them.

The usual madness of this particular group of people then began to ensue, a food battle of epic proportions (Winner: Kagura), an UNO tournament (Winner: Elizabeth), a creative game of Jan-ken/battle royal (Winner: Otae), and a drinking contest (Loser: Tsukuyo…)

"Oi, who said it was a good Idea to let this one drink huh!?" Gintoki complained, as he observed the former courtesan's mean drunken state.

"Hey ya bastard!" she shouted, shaking Elizabeth. "Why don't ya just speak for once eh? That look in yur eye's really pissen' me off, damnit!"

"Oi!" the samurai cried pulling her away before things turned into a fight. "Learn to drink responsibly! You're scarring the brats."

"Ungh?" she gave him a frown before running over to the twins, who were playing tag with Tama and Sadaharu. She then proceeded to snuggle them near to death, causing Gin to howl in alarm. "My sweet little stars, yur daddy's trying to stop all mommy's fun!"

"Ah, mom, you're crushing us." Disuke wheezed.

"Your breath stinks." the blunt little girl added.

But their mother paid them no mind, "ah, Hana-chan, yur hair's so fluffy an' soft! Di-chan yur cheeks are so sq-woo-shy! Mommy loves ya!"

What was this? Gintoki had never seen this side of drunk Tsukuyo before… well at least she seemed to be calming down. He looked around at the others, those that weren't passed out, were playing UNO again…or just plain fighting…he honestly couldn't tell. The sun was low on the horizon casting an orange glow on the scene. He glanced back at Tsukuyo and the twins, she had reached her limit and was sinking to the ground on the verge of losing consciousness. Gin ran over and caught the woman before she crushed their kids beneath her.

"Gintoki," she mumbled, slapping his face none too softly, but with no real force. "I didn't know ya had a twin…" her eye's rolled back in her head and she was sleeping soundly before he could say that he didn't.

"What a pain," he complained. Looking up at the twins, he gave them a firm warning. "If you've inherited this woman's alcohol tolerance you two are never drinking, ya hear me?" they nodded sluggishly, Disuke stifling a yawn and Hana rubbing her eyes. "Oi, looks like everyone's down for the count eh?"

"Gintoki-sama," Tama cut in, "I shall take Di-chan and Hana-chan home. You carry Tsukuyo-sama."

"All the way to Yoshiwara?" he questioned, cringing at the long distance. "What a pai-"

"Negative." the robot interrupted, "Yorozuya is much closer we will go there. "She picked up the sleepy children, one under each arm and started for home.

"Oi," Gin called, but she didn't look back. He gazed sceptically at the woman in his arms. What kind of hell was he in for tomorrow if he went along with this plan? He watched the others pack up and head out, a barely walking Katsura had each arm slung around Elizabeth and Ikumatsu as they made for the ramen shop, the Shimura siblings where equally supporting and relying on each other as they zigzagged off in the direction of their house, Otose and Catherin were right behind Tama, steady on their feet even after so much drinking. Gintoki sighed in defeat. "Sadaharu." He commanded. The giant white dog yapped in answer, hefting the sleeping Yato girl onto his furry back and following his master to the Yourzuya.

Gin heard a low murmur as he felt Tsukuyo shift in his grip. He halted, cursing as she started to thrash about minimally, like she was in the midst of a nightmare. "Oi," he hummed softly, gripping tightly, so as not to drop her.

Her eyes cracked open slowly as she looked up at his face, "Gintoki," her voice was bleary…as if perhaps she was still half dreaming. A smile ghosted at her lips, "You're always saving me."

He dimly wondered what sort of dream she'd been having, but that thought vanished as her hand slid around his neck and pulled his face down toward hers.


It felt like fireworks, as their lips connected and their tongues danced briefly. Then too soon, she pulled away. Smirking again as she collapsed onto his shoulder, in now peaceful slumber.

Gintoki heaved a heavy sigh… "This woman," he clicked his tongue and continued on his way. He couldn't help but wonder just what the hell the future held in store for them.


Yamazaki lowered the camera, seeing as the target was no longer in range of the focus. "Why is it always them?" he asked himself, taking another bite of his anpan. He scrolled through the secretly taken photos. Somewhere in the middle of the investigation he had gotten sidetracked and started photographing the robotic angel Tama-san! Whatever, what the Vice-Chiff didn't know wouldn't hurt him…Yamakaki scrolled back to the last photo he'd taken… …besides, commander Hijikata would have enough on his plate, he studied the captured lip-lock in awe, he Wondered what the Demon Vice-chief would say…once Yamazaki showed him the woman they were tracking was The Boss's woman.

Sonya readjusted the hood of her dark cloak that had slipped down as she flitted through the streets. She didn't know why she even bothered with it, if the humans she passed saw anything of her, it was merely a blur of shadows. Arriving at her destination she halted, reading the signs, "Yorozuya Gin-chan" and "Otose's Snack House." She reached out with her mind to see which floor her human was currently on, flitting up the stairs and ringing the bell.

"Wake up, wake up!" she begged, ringing it again and again when no one came. Sonya could not enter a living entity's household, without being invited.

"Shut it!" she heard a lazy sounding voice drawl, "Do you know what time it is? There are people sleeping in here." As he said the last words the door clattered open, revealing Sakata Gintoki clad in his sleep wear.

"Invite me in." she commanded.

He only blinked, looking confused and staring her up and down. "Do I know you?"

Sonya pulled back her cowl, revealing her face. "We've met once before human, my name is Sonya, and I've come here to warn you, you're not safe."

Gintoki's eyes widened, "You…"

"Invite me in." she said again with urgency. He stepped aside to let her passed, she shook her head, "You need to say it."

He rolled his eyes but did as she asked. "Well come in then."

Sonya stalked inside, quickly shutting the door behind her. "Don't worry, I wasn't followed." She reassured him as she retreated deeper into the house.

"I'm much more worried about the crazy vampire lady in my house right now." Gin slurred as he eyed her in suspicion. "What do you want?"

Sonya looked back at him, the darkness not impairing her vision at all. "Want? No I came to help you." It was a little disheartening; Sonya could tap into Ginoki's mind at will, and had one-sidedly made a connection with him. She had hoped that somewhere in his subconscious, he would feel it too, and would at least trust her. "It's about your lover; she's in danger, my brother's-"

Gin started coughing loudly, like he'd choked on his own saliva, "My, what now?"

She frowned in agitation, "The courtesan! The one you-" Sonya cut herself off mid-sentence, talking a sniff of the air. "She's here." She looked at Gintoki who only watched her in confusion, not following. Sonya strode over to the bedroom door sliding it open silently.

"Hey!" he hissed, coming up behind her. The futon, in the small room, was occupied by the woman Sonya once knew in another life as Leona. She was snuggled up closely with the two children that each resembled one of their respective parents. Gintoki closed the door hurriedly. "What are you doing?"

Sonya turned to him somberly. "Do you want to protect her Gintoki? Protect them?"

He stopped his sea of grumbling at her serious tone, searching her eyes for a moment before gazing at the door he was still holding closed. "More than anything." It came out as little more than a whisper.

She put her hand on his arm gently. "Then I'm afraid you're going to have to trust me." As she walked away from the door she told him the full truth. "My brother believes that the woman you know as Tsukuyo, is the reincarnation of his long lost lover Leona Duvwall."

"What?" shock coloured his voice as he took a step toward her. "That's insane!"

"We should sit don't you agree?" They each took up a couch, the moonlight streaming in from the window the only thing lighting their conversation. Sonya continued with her tale, "I assure you, it is no baseless assumption. I knew Leona myself, and the resemblance between the two is more than coincidental."

"But…" he stuttered. "That's impossible."

She could tell Gintoki was having trouble with the thought, "is it?" she questioned him. "Matter can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be changed." She stated matter of factly, "The universe is always cycling, breaking down, reusing, and recreating. Is it really so hard to think of souls in the same way? Never dyeing, simply being recycled, remade, and reborn. " Gintoki shrugged, giving her a clueless sort of look. She sighed, "the point is, it doesn't matter if you believe it to be true or not, because Revon does, and he will do anything to have her."

"What am I supposed to do?" Gintoki questioned, "The last Vampire I fought, I only won because you gave me your blood."

Sonya sighed, "yes and Revon is much older and therefore much stronger." She reached into her pocket then held out her fist, dropping the necklace charm so it swung like a pendulum from the steel chain. Gintoki watched the six-stared-pentagram sway with interest. "This," Sonya began, "I offer you, as a symbol of all my trust."

"We hardly know each other," he stated, "How can you say that you trust me?"

Sonya pointed to his heart. "I gave you my blood, Sakata Gintoki. We have been connected ever since." He placed his hand on his heart, like maybe there would be a real string there, tying him to her. "The only reason you can't feel it is because you were never aware of it." She held up the necklace again. "But this presents a much deeper connection then even that."

"How do you mean?"

She handed him the necklace so he could study it as she explained. "it's something my Sire once gave to me… …my maker." she expanded at Gin's quizzical look. "It can allow a vampire to share their power with another."

His head snapped up in surprize, "Share? What you mean with me?"

"Yes, but it's not as simple as that." She interceded, "it's dangerous, and not just for you, but for me as well." She paused but Gintoki didn't interrupt again, he was listening intently, waiting for the rest. She reached into her collar pulling out an identical chain, tugging till she reached the pentagram, tracing the lines as she explained. "The star is more accurately seen as two triangles, each one symbolizing a person," she indicated each point of the upright triangle. "Mind, body, and soul. The triangles interlock, signifying trust and the sharing of power, to strengthen both…" She traced the circle around the star. "The circle is life, binding the two who enter the contract together." She looked up at him gravely. "… …you see Gintoki, accept this and you will be able to draw on my vampire strength and speed at will, but it will weaken me as much as you use. Of course I can do the same to you, but I will not. You have to understand that this ritual, though very powerful, has one very detrimental flaw…if one of us dies… …so does the other." She let her heavy words sink in, not saying another thing till he responded.

The Samurai was silent for a long time, inspecting his own necklace, before looking back at the closed bedroom door. He turned toward her once more, clenching the pentagram in his fist with a determined look in his crimson eyes. Sonya knew his answer before he said it. "I'll do it."

She grinned at his courage, "Give me the necklace." Gin held out his hand with the trinket and she grabbed his wrist. "This might hurt a bit." She warned

"Hurt?" he questioned, then cried out in surprize "Oi!"

She bit him shallowly on the palm, then herself. She pressed the two charms in each of their hands, and then grasped his hand firmly palm to palm.

"By blood we're bound

Our spirits wound

Great Father hear our cry

Bind us two, till death we die!"

A tremor ran through her body starting at their connected hands, she could tell Gintoki felt it too. She pulled her hand free of his, watching as her injuries healed. "You try Gintoki."

He looked at his gash, "What healing it? How?" but even as he thought about wanting to do it, the cut started to close, and Sonya felt the barest trickle of strength flow out of her. "Wholly shit!" the Samurai exclaimed.

Sonya stood from her seat. "I have to hurry back before Revon misses me." She started towards the exit.

"Wait a minute oi!" Gin called following after her. "That's is? You're leaving just like that? I just healed my own fucking hand!" He waved the appendage in her face amazed.

Sonya pulled her necklace over her head and slipped it inside her top. "No Gintoki, that is most certainly not it." He pulled on his own chain, following her lead and tucking it under his cloths. "We are connected now you and I… …I'm not your lover nor are we simply friends, I'm not your mother, sister or child, but we are bound by blood." She pulled up the hood of her cloak, giving him one last parting smile. "It'll never be "it" as you say…we are Sanguine Bonded now."