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"You need to pin it in a bun, too, Daddy. Sara's gonna be a princess," ordered Hela, from her place at Loki's side. Santiago snorted from her place on Loki's other side, feet tucked up underneath her and elbow resting on the couch armrest as a glass of red wine dangled from her hand.

"I see. And what will you be, Hela?" asked Loki, trying to remember if they had any hairpins or barrettes.

"The Queen!" she said, beaming.

"Would Queen Hela mind fetching the hairpins from her royal bedchambers?" Loki asked.

Santiago nearly choked in laughter. Loki rolled his eyes at her absurdity and listened to the sound of Hela's bare feet striking the floor as she ran to her room and Fenn and Manny's cartoon in the next room over. Sara shuffled over so that she was leaning on his leg and he wondered at how quickly this Midgardian life was beginning to feel like home.