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I intently stare at the clock on the wall and patiently wait as it ticks away. Tick tock tick tock. This is crazy! Time could not go any slower. When do I ever sit by the phone and wait for somebody to call. I'm not that person. I'm the person that does the calling not the waiting. And what's taking her so long? She always calls at this time. I sit eagerly on the couch bouncing my legs up and down while my hands drum my knees.

"I'm pretty sure no matter how long you stare at the clock, it won't go any faster." I turn and see Kyla in her pajamas making her way into the kitchen. I roll my eyes at her comment and get up and follow her. It's official, I'm hopeless. "I'm going to make a pot of coffee, you want some?"

"Do you even have to ask?" I glance back at the clock and see it's now one minute past the time she normally calls. Maybe I should call her, this isn't like her. But I don't want to bug her. Maybe she is busy. Maybe she's forgotten all about me? She could never forget about me. At least I don't think she would, we've been best friends for ten years.

"So when are you going to tell her?" I'm drawn out of inner debate by Kyla's question.

"Tell who, what?" I ask not knowing what Kyla is referring to.

"When are you going to tell Spencer that you're in love with her?" What? Where did she get that idea?

"I'm not in love with Spencer." I whisper out.

"First of all, that was not at all convincing. And that's why you're not staring at the clock waiting for her to call?" She says with a smirk on her face. I move around the kitchen and start pulling out two coffee mugs for the both of us.

"I just miss her Ky. This is the longest I've been without my best friend. And I'm sure she gets lonely being all the way in London by herself. I just want to make sure I'm always available when she calls." I really miss her. I've been going crazy without Spencer here. Okay I've been out of my mind. Usually on weekends we'd stay up late watching corny romantic comedies until we both pass out in each other's beds or we wake up early and take a jog along Santa Monica beach. The weekends are our time. I miss our time.

"Ashley, you can spin whatever lies you want but you're in love with Spencer and it's only a matter of time before you figure it out. Plus I've never seen you mope around the house as damn much as I have in the past four weeks."

Ugh, four weeks don't remind me. That's how long Spencer has been in London. We try to talk at least twice a week but Saturday mornings are our day we actually get to sit down and fill each other in on everything that had happened that past week. I get to hear about all the great places she's getting to see and go.

Spencer is a freelance photographer but she was recently contracted by Vogue to do a fall issue and they wanted all the shots to be photographed in and around London. So that is where she's been working these past four weeks, while I've been here working on writing lyrics for new upcoming artist. It's been my passion, I love that I get to stay out of the spotlight but still get to be a part of the music industry.

"Spencer isn't going to wait around forever you know?" I'm pulled out my thoughts yet again by Kyla.

"Hmmm?" I say pouring the now freshly brewed coffee into my mug.

"Spencer, she's not going wait around forever Ash." I look at her dumbfound.

"What are you blabbing on about Kyla?" I say before carefully taking a sip of my steaming hot coffee. "Spencer isn't interested. We're best friends. We've been best friends since high school and ten years later we'll still be best friends."

"How many serious relationships has Spencer had in those ten years of friendship Ash?" I quickly run through a list of Spencer's past relationships in my head. There hasn't been much. Well none that I can think of right now at least.

"Exactly." Kyla chimes in reading my mind. "She's been waiting for you to finally open your eyes! Jesus Ash, you can't be this dense." I'm still going through a list in my head of Spencer's past relationships to prove to Kyla there have been some but I can't think of any at the moment. "Now let me ask you this, how many serious relationship have you been in Ash?'

Well that's easy. "I'm too picky."

"And why is that?" She counters as we both take a seat on some bar stools located in our kitchen.

"I don't know. They all just seem to bug me in the end. Either they're too clingy or too emotional, too tall or too short, too brunette or too blonde."

"What about Spencer?'

"Spencer is Spencer. She's perfect. She's beautiful, smart, and funny, she's everything I look for in a woman. Maybe that's why most of my relationships never work out because I compare them all to Spencer. " I look over at Kyla who has a big knowing grin on her face.

Am I? No, I can't possibly be.

"I'm in love with Spencer aren't I?" I ask already knowing the answer and she just nods her head. "How..Why…"

"It happens Ash. It just sucks that it's taken you this long to figure it out. Now you just need to tell her." Tell her? I can't do that. It will ruin our friendship.

"I.. I… can't"

"Of course you can. It will be okay Ash. I'm almost certain she feels the same way. But you need to tell her. You can't secretly be in love with Spencer for the rest of your life. It will eat up at you." She's right. I don't understand how or why it has taken me this long to figure it out.

I look back over at the clock and notice it's now thirty minutes past the time she normally calls. I'm starting to get a little worried.

"She hasn't called yet huh?" Kyla asks through sips of her coffee. I look over at her and sigh.

"Not yet." I pull my phone out of my pocket and set it down on the kitchen island willing it to ring.

"Why don't you just call her?" Kyla laughs and shakes her head at my desperation for Spencer to call.

"I don't want to disturb her if she's shooting." I say weakly. Right now I don't have a good enough reason as to why I haven't dialed her number other than I just realized I'm in love with her and I don't know exactly what to do about it yet.

All of sudden my phone rings and a big smile spreads across my face when I see Spencer's name appear on it.

"Hey you." I answer.

"Hey Ash, sorry I'm so late calling but I've got some news." You're not the only one.

"It's okay Spence. I'm just glad I finally get to hear your voice. We haven't talked since last Saturday. I miss you." I've literally been going out of my mind waiting for you to call.

"I know I've been…busy. I miss you too Ash. But listen I'm on my way home."

"What!? Now? Like right now? I thought you were supposed to be there another week? That's awesome Spence. I can't wait." I hear her giggle on the other end of the phone.

"Geez Ash, calm down. I'm currently in New York. I've got an hour layover and then I'll be there around 5pm. Will you do me a huge favor and pick me up from the airport please?"

"Spence! How come you didn't even tell me you left London? Oh my god, you're going to be home today!" I look at my watch and notice it's 11 am. "In like a couple of hours? Of course I'll pick you up Spence. You don't even have to ask."

"Great. Thanks Ash. You're the best you know that?" I feel some heat coat my cheeks. What the hell is wrong with me? I faintly hear whispering on the other end of the line. "Listen Ash I've got to go. I can't wait to see you later."

"Me too, Spence. Me too. Have a safe flight. I'll see you soon. Later Spence." I say just before we both hang up.

"So she's coming home today?" Kyla says sitting there staring at me. I forgot she was even in the room.

"Yeah. She's in New York she'll be here at 5 this evening."

"So… are you going to tell her?" She pauses, "… today?" Kyla asks as she gets up from her chair and puts her mug in the sink. I contemplate her question. I'm not sure. "Do it for yourself Ash. Do it for Spencer. Do it so you both can finally be happy in a way you always knew deep inside you could be."

"You're right Kyla. The longer I wait, the more time that I waste. I love Spencer." Wow saying it out loud feels so right. "And I'm going to tell her tonight. I'm going to take her to dinner after I pick her up and tell her that I've fallen for her. It sucks that it took her being away four weeks for me to figure it out."

"Good. Now come on we only have a couple hours to make you unbelievably sexy for her." Kyla says grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the direction of my room.

I'm so nervous. Nervous is an understatement. Kyla spent two hours picking out my outfit, which she decided on tight blue skinny jeans with a red top that hangs over one shoulder and leaving the other exposed with brown boots that go up to my knees. Now it was only an hour before I have to leave to the airport to pick up Spencer. One hour, before I was going to tell her how I feel about her. One hour, before my life was about to change. One hour, before I will say something that will change who we are.

"Will you quit pacing? You will be fine. Everything will be fine." I sigh and take a seat on the couch next to Kyla, who has been flipping through channels this whole time I've been pacing the living room.

"I'm just nervous Ky." I wipe my sweaty palms on my jean clad thighs.

"Don't worry so much Ash." Easy for her, she's not the one about to tell her best friend that she's in love with her. I sigh. I can't sit in the loft any longer I need to get out of here. Maybe some fresh air will calm my nervous. Who am I kidding? It will take a lot more than fresh air to calm my nerves.

"I'm going to head out." I say walking over and grabbing my keys and my purse from the kitchen counter.

"It's still early."

"I know but I need to make a stop first. I'll see you later."

"Good luck Ash." Kyla says barely taking her eyes off whatever reality television show she's found on. Doesn't she know that stuff rots your brain?

I exit the condo no braver than I was a few minutes ago.

As I walk into the airport people are buzzing everywhere. I make my way over to the baggage claim area to wait for Spencer. I look up at the screen where all the arrival and departure information is shown and it shows that her flight landed ten minutes ago. I stand around awkwardly as people start to fill in around me, all of them looking tired from sitting on flight for the past couple of hours.

On the way to the airport, I stopped at a local flower shop and picked up a dozen red roses for her. I bring them up to my nose and smell the fresh floral scent. I can't wait to see her. It's been four long weeks. I'm suddenly excited but my insides are a wreck with nerves.

It's then I see her coming down the escalators laughing with the woman next to her. She's so beautiful. I've missed her smile.

Wait, what?

The brunette next to her just kissed Spencer's temple after wrapping a secure arm around her waist and pulling her closer to her. I stand there confused and slightly hurt. Well hello there jealously.

"Ashley!" Spencer finally spots me and quickly comes up to me and in gulps me in a hug. I'm still shocked at what I just witness that it takes me a moment to realize she indeed has her arms around me hugging me for dear Iife. My brain finally registers and I hug her back.

"Hey Spence, I've missed you." I whisper out. We pull out of our embrace and she notices the roses, she opens her mouth to say something but clueless brunette temple kisser, who faintly resembles Anna Kendrick, from earlier clears her throat and demands our attention. Well maybe not as harshly but she clears her throat bring Spencer's attention back to herself.

"Oh Ashley, there is somebody I want you to meet." Spencer grabs wrist and turns me in the direction of the unknown brunette. "Heather, this is my best friend Ashley. Ashley, this is Heather, my fiancée."

Excuse me what?