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"So you told her?" Kyla is pacing the front living room while I am seated on the edge of the couch. She seems on edge than I do. All this pacing she is doing is making me nervous.

"Well I didn't exactly tell her I'm in love with her, but she knows how I feel. Everything happened so fast." Kyla stops attacking her thumbnail to look at me. "Will you please sit down? You're making me nervous."

I nod and Kyla takes a seat beside me. "Wow, Ash." I believe me, I know.

"I love her Kyla." I say it more confidently than I've ever said it before. "I love her like I've never loved anybody else. Spencer makes me feel things I've never felt before and maybe for years I suppressed those feelings but I don't want to do that anymore. Every time I've seen her since she's been back I want to just take her in my arms and kiss her until we're breathless. I want to show her just how beautiful she is. I want to make her feel wanted and loved."

"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" I laugh at Kyla's joke. "I've never heard you talk like this before Ash. You must really love her."

"I know and today I felt so bad when I confronted her. She looked so broken, so sad, my anger subsided and I just couldn't hold back my feelings any longer and I almost kissed her…we almost kissed."

"You almost kissed?"

"Yeah, she stopped it. Which, I don't blame her she's still with Heather. But it almost happened and god I knew she did the right thing by stopping but almost wish she hadn't." I look away thinking about the almost kiss we shared.

"So what happens next?" Kyla asks clearly concerned about my feelings.

"She's at Heathers now. There's so much left still to talk about. I just hope I have the strength to be everything she needs me to be."

"You're all Spencer has ever needed Ash. We all silently watched as the two of you danced around each other for years. I'm just happy that both of you are finally being honest with yourselves. I just want you to be happy Ash." Kyla kisses my temple and leaves me alone with my thoughts.

I think about everything that took place earlier that afternoon. I think about how I haven't seen Spencer in a couple of hours. I think about how things are going to change between us. I decide that I've been thinking too much and my head is starting to hurt. I was waiting to for Spencer to get home but I just need to lie down.

I make my way to my room and climb under the covers and close my eyes hoping this sudden headache will go away.

When I wake up I notice my room is dark, it's probably well into the evening. I hear soft breathing from beside me. It's then when I see Spencer cuddled under the blankets sleeping next to me. I can't even express the feeling of waking up and seeing her lying next to me, peacefully asleep.

I watch her as she serenely sleeps next to me. I brush some long strands of blonde hair out of her face and draw invisible patterns on her cheek. "Hey." She breathes out startling me.

"Hey." We both turn onto our sides. "Are you okay?" I ask wanting know what happened with Heather but I don't want to push if she's not ready to talk about it. I want her to know I'm still here as her best friend before anything else and nothing will change that.

She nods and tucks my curly brunette back behind my ear. "I am." She places her hand in the middle of our bodies, next to the pillow her head is resting on and I reach out taking it my own hand and softly stroking the back of her hand with my thumb.

"Are you…Did you…" I lose all my confidence. I don't want to leave from this blissful state but I'm curious to know the answers to my questions.

"We're not together anymore." I want to smile but I hold it back. I know Spencer must be a little hurt over her break up. I don't want her to think it was something I forced her to do. I never asked her to break up with Heather. I don't want her to resent me.

"I'm sorry Spencer. I didn't mean for all of this to happen. I know you're probably hurting right now and I understand that. I just want you to know you can talk to me about anything, whenever you're ready. I know what you did was probably hard and…"

"I'm right where I want to be, Ash." She cuts me off and smiles at me. I smile back. "I feel like I'm dreaming." Spencer whispers outs. "I've wanted this for so long. I've had these feelings…"

"Why did you never say anything Spence? Why were you about to marry Heather?" My curiosity gets the best of me.

She sighs before speaking.

"I was scared Ash. I never thought you would feel the same and I didn't want things to change between us if I told you how I felt, especially if you didn't feel the same. Heather," she pauses and shakes her head and closes her eyes briefly. "Heather was a mistake. I was lonely in London, I was missing you. Don't get me wrong I loved Heather but I wasn't in love with her. I thought she could make me happy, help me to finally move on. I was able to give her all of me in London but when I got back here and I saw you I slowly started to fall back into that place, my Ashley induced high."

"But you stayed away from me."

"I did. I didn't want too but at the same time I knew I needed to take a step back in order to fully be happy with her. It was terrible of me I know and I'm so sorry I hurt you Ash."

"I've missed you so much Spence. The day I picked you up from the airport, I was going to tell you… then you showed up with Heather… I just couldn't do it. I couldn't ruin your happiness. But every time I saw you after that, it took everything in me not to kiss you and tell you how I was feeling about you."

"I knew those roses were for me." She giggles as she teases. "I'm sorry you never got to give them to me."

I shrug. "All that matters is that you're here now." I lean in and kiss the tip of her nose.

We are silent for minutes just taking in the moment of all our recent truths. "So what happens now?"

"You throw on your infamous Davies charm and woo me." Spencer giggles out from next to me as she shuffles closer to me, unlinking our hands and wrapping an arm around my waist. I inhale her intoxicating scent and instantly my senses go into over drive.

"Oh believe me Spence, there will plenty of wooing. " A small smile escapes her lips.

I return the action scooting a bit closer to her and placing my arm around her waist and pulling her in a tad bit more, our bodies are achingly close I can feel the heat radiating off of her. Again, something that has been normal for us in the past seems far less innocent as we gaze into each other's eyes and our chest starts to rise and fall with our erratic breathing.

"We need to get out of bed." I inwardly groan at my own confession. The last thing I want to do is leave the the moment we are in but if I lay here any longer with her it will be harder not to kiss her, not to want her. "Maybe we can, I don't know, you know… go out to dinner?"

"Ashley Davies, is this your lame attempt at asking me out on a date?" I love how we can go from serious to playfulness in a matter of moments. I love that I'm starting to see a side of Spencer I've never seen before, a different side that I'm starting to fall in love with all over again.

I sigh knowing full well she deserves a lot more than what I'm giving her now because she's been waiting for this moment for so long. She's has had these feelings for me a lot longer than I have and I give her credit for all the times she's had to endure my closeness, all the times we've cuddled, held hands and her taking it as nothing more than friendship when she was wanting more all along.

"Spencer, would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?" I try to sound confident but a new found shyness gets the better of me.

"You're so cute Ash." Spencer sits up, slowly getting out of bed and walking to the door. Where is she going? I miss her closeness.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to get ready for our date." All of a sudden, I realize how attracted I am to this side of Spencer; the confidence that is brimming from her is so incredibly sexy.

"Spencer, wait…" I get up out of bed and make my way over to her. I can't wait any longer I need to feel her. I back her up against my closed door and place a gentle hand on her neck. I can't let this go any longer.

Our eyes are locked in an intense staring contest we both know what is about to happen and neither of us want it to be stopped this time. "You're so beautiful." I whisper out. "And I'm so head over heels in love with you."

Her breath hitches and I slowly lean further in and our lips finally make contact. The kiss is slowly and we are just enjoying this new feeling, the new level we have taken our relationship. Spencer tilts her head and runs her tongue along by bottom lip, wrapping her arms around my head and pulling me closer to her.

I open my mouth and allow our tongues to explore this new territory and upon hearing her moan into the kiss, I can't help but respond with a moan of my own. I never felt so alive. I never felt so much with a single kiss. I've never been so turned on before.

I break away from the kiss and deliver hot kisses to her neck and she moves her neck granting me more access. I love the way she is making me feel. I make my way back up and kiss her softly and slowly one more time on her lips.

"I'm so in love with you too Ash." She whispers when we break apart and lean our foreheads against one another's.

I was worried about how the transition from best friends to potential lovers would affect us, but Spencer is proving to me that it is nothing to fear. We're still the same people we've always been just with deeper more meaningful feelings, feelings that more than likely have been there all along. There are new feelings just waiting to be discovered, places that have yet to be touched and secrets left to be shared.

Everything will change, but for once it's a change we are both willing to except.