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Chapter Numero Twenty-Nine

Turbo's trial ending up being held in Game Central Station. The benches were pushed together to form seats for the spectators and jury and a podium was set up for Sonic, who was to act as judge. Every hero from every arcade game, including Felix and Calhoun, was present, representing the jury in the trail. Vanellope and Ralph sat among the spectators, along with everyone else in the arcade. They were both in tip-top shape thanks to Felix's magic hammer. Turbo sat in a chair before the podium, destructive armor removed and his hands bound before him.

"Turbo." Sonic declared from his seat. "You have been charged with game jumping, the unplugging of your game and another, the destruction and almost downfall of Sugar Rush, the attempt to delete another characters code, and the attempted overtaking of the entire Arcade. How do you plead?"

Turbo didn't even blink. "Guilty."

Sonic's eyes narrowed. "The defendant pleads guilty. The jury will debate this time. Is there anything you would like to say in your defense, Turbo?"

Turbo said nothing. His yellow eyes stared coldly out at the crowd as an insidious grin twisted his face.

Sonic shifted in his seat, looking agitated. "Aren't you repentant for your crimes?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Turbo crackled. "I'm sorry for not deleting that pathetic glitches code while I had the chance."

Vanellope felt Ralph tense up beside her. She leaned against him, patting his arm reassuringly. "Don't waste your energy, Stinkbrain. He can't hurt us where he's going."

The crowd of heroes debated among themselves from the jury benches, but Turbo's fate was obvious. A few seconds later, Sonic was handed a letter. Calling for order, he opened the note and read it. "The jury has found the defendant guilty. Punishment for these crimes is deletion, sentence will be carried out immediately." The javelin struck the podium, signaling the end of the trail.

The bailiffs, two characters from Mortal Combat, yanked Turbo to his feet and marched him forward. His yellow eyes scanned the crowd, landing on Ralph and Vanellope just as he was passing their seats. He abruptly stopped before them, making his guards stumble.

"Move it, Turbo." His guard gave his a push to tell him to keep moving, but Turbo wouldn't move. The villain leaned forward and Ralph growled a low warning, slowly rising to his feet.

"I'll always be with you... ." Turbo sneered, grinning. He ignored Ralph, zeroing in on the young woman. "You'll never get rid of me, Glitch-"

"Go jump into the Nesquick Pit, barf breath!" Vanellope yelled, standing up. "You can't hurt me anymore!"

Turbo jerked in his restraints, nearly getting ahold of Vanellope's long hair and scaring the wits out of the wrecker beside her. The guards managed to hold him back, but just barely.

Ralph pushed Vanellope behind himself, blocking her from the viruses view. "Get away from her you-"

Vanellope grabbed his hand and the guards drug Turbo off down the station. The president poked out from behind Ralph to wave mockingly at him. "Have fun getting deleted!"

Turbo and his guards disappeared from view. Ralph exhaled loudly, tightening his hold on her hand. "I'm glad that's finally over."

"Come on, Ralphie boy." Vanellope laughed. "Lets ditch this popsicle stand."

At Fix-It Felix Jr.

"Sonic called." Felix said cheerfully, reentering the rec room, a new one outside of the Nicelander apartment complex that had been built to accommodate Ralph. Their little group had gathered to celebrate. "He witnessed the deletion himself and said it was successful. We won't be having trouble from Turbo ever again."

Felix sat down on the arm of his wife's seat. Calhoun shook her head, grinning. "I only wish I coulda seen that jerks face when he fried."

"Lets just be happy he's gone, sugar lumps." Felix encouraged her. He nodded to Vanellope who sat across from them on the couch with Ralph.

Vanellope sighed happily, fondly playing with the frayed ends of Ralph's shirt.

Ralph leaned down to whisper so only she could hear. "I'm just that your safe with me, princess."

She laughed, smiling. "How many times do I gotta tell you I'm a president, Admiral Underpants?"

Vanellope defending her title was like a good omen to Ralph. Thanking Arcade silently, he realized that Vanellope was finally acting like her happy, energetic self again. Things were finally getting back to normal and it couldn't have made him happier.

So, bowing his head in fake humility, he replied. "My most greatest of apologies, my Royal Guttersnipe! It seems to slip my mind every time I see you." His hand brushed her face, sliding her dark hair behind an ear.

She caught his hand, her eyes betraying her attempt to mockingly scolding him. "Guess I'll just have to stick around until you get it right, huh?"

Ralph grinned, leaning toward her and placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Then I have a feeling you'll be around for a long, long time, Princess Fart-feather."

Vanellope laughed again, nuzzling his nose. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Stinkbrain."

The End.

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