Author's Note- My second Ed Edd n Eddy story. :) Sorry I took so long to write another one. I've been REALLY busy. This story takes place before the Big Picture Show.

Disclaimer- Ed Edd n Eddy belongs to Danny Antonucci.

Eddy groaned for the umpteenth time that day. He was so frustrated with how boring school could be. He could of been spending his day scamming other kids, but here he was stuck in this prison. At least it was his last class for the day.

He found it extremely difficult to focus on what the teacher was saying. He was too busy staring at the clock on the wall, silently cursing time for moving too slowly. It wasn't until Eddy heard the word 'money' being said by his teacher that all of his attention went to the instructor.

"So in order to raise money for the school, we will be having a fundraiser. All students are required to participate." said the teacher, a woman who looked to be in her thirties.

A few students groaned after hearing this.

"Money? Sweet!" Eddy shouted with excitement in his voice "What're we sellin'? Whatever it is, I'll have no problem with scamming the suck- I mean selling the items."

He then turned to face Ed who was sitting at his right, and he covered his mouth with his hand as he said in a hushed tone "We'll be swimming in cash."

"Actually Eddy," Double D began as he faced Eddy "The money that students earn from the fundraiser will be contributions for the school."

"That's correct Eddward." said the teacher "Students will not be allowed to keep any of the money earned."

Eddy paused for a moment, seemingly dumbfounded. He then groaned, yet again, and his expression of excitement was soon replaced by one of annoyance.

"If we don't get to keep any money, then what's the point of doing this stupid thing?!" said Eddy

"You are doing this to help your school. Don't you think that you, as students, should feel more enthusiastic about helping to improve the quality of your education?" said the teacher

All of the students, with the exception of Ed and Double D, held facial expressions that held either boredom or annoyance. Ed smiled vacantly, as usual, and Double D smiled with enthusiasm.

The teacher sighed "Well maybe you'll all feel more excited about this idea when you learn about the prize that is involved." There were a few looks of boredom replaced with confusion and curiosity.

"What prize?" asked Nazz

"Whichever student sells the most boxes of chocolate will win a free trip to the Jawbreaker factory."

"Jawbreakers?!" said Eddy, excitement returning to his voice.

"That is so rad!" said Nazz

"Awesome!" said Kevin

"Plank and I love jawbreakers!" said Jonny

"Chocolate!" yelled Ed with excitement.

"We're supposed to sell it, not eat it Ed." said Eddy

"Aww..." said Ed

The students chatted excitedly with one another about the fundraiser and it's prize.

"Children, settle down!" said the teacher, trying to quiet the chattering students. Once the room was quiet enough, the teacher spoke again.

"You may pick up the boxes of chocolate once you leave the classroom. You have two weeks to sell as many boxes as you can. Have fun!"

"Oh we'll have fun alright! We'll have fun when we win that free trip to the Jawbreaker factory!" said Eddy as he and his two companions exited the school building. They each held four boxes of chocolate.

"Eddy, this fundraiser wasn't created to be a competition. We're doing this to raise money to help to support our school." said Double D

"And eat chocolate!" Ed added

"Aw come on Sockhead! Don't tell me that you're not even a little interested in winning that free trip to the jawbreaker factory."

"Well..." Double D began "It would be quite intriguing to learn about the creation of the sweet, succulent orbs known as jawbreakers."

"Forget learning about them. I just wanna eat them! Speaking of eating," Eddy turned to face his tallest companion "Ed! Do not eat the chocolate."

The Eds were arriving at the Cul-de-sac. They decided to immediately begin trying to sell the chocolate. They stopped in the center of the Cul-de-sac to discuss how they would persuade customers to buy the candy.

"This'll be easy." Eddy began "It'll be just like scamming the others. Ed, you stay quiet. Double D, you help them fill out the purchase forms. I'll do all the sweet-talking that'll get them interested."

"Eddy, I hardly believe that your 'scamming techniques' will work on adults." Double D began "Besides, there's really no need for us to put so much effort into trying to sell the candy. I'm sure that if we simply choose to be polite and honest, people will be willing to purchase our treats. It is, after all, a charitable donation to help support our school."

"They aren't just gonna buy our candy if we don't try to get their attention! We gotta give them a reason to buy our candy! When we knock on someone's door, I'll handle all the persuading, then once I pull them in, you just tell them how to fill out the forms."

Double D sighed "Very well, Why don't we start there." He pointed to a house at the end of the Cul-de-sac.

The Eds walked over to the house and rang the doorbell. They waited for a few moments before a man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties, answered the door.

"Good evening, sir, and may I say that you are one sophisticated-looking gentleman! And, what's that?" Eddy gestured to the man's shirt "A tie! Wow, you must be very professional! I bet you even work in a business. You know I'm quite a business man myself. So why don't we talk, business man to business man."

Double D rolled his eyes. The man cocked his head in confusion as Eddy continued.

"I'm willing to make you an offer. How would you like to purchase your very own box of chocolate? For a small fee of-"

"No thank you." The man closed his door before Eddy had the chance to say anything else to him. Double D turned to Eddy with his arms folded across his chest. He was clearly unimpressed.

"Flattery, Eddy? Is that really the way you plan on persuading people to buy our chocolate?"

"Flattery's one of the best methods of persuasion! That guy's just jealous of us." said Eddy

"Yeah" Ed chimed in "He was just grumpy because he didn't have any chocolate."

"Yeah, he was just jealous because we have all the chocolate and he didn't have any!" said Eddy

Double D face-palmed "Eddy, if he wanted to have chocolate, don't you think he would-Oh forget it. Let's just resume our quest to sell these boxes of chocolate."

The three misfits walked over to the house next door and rang the doorbell. Soon, a woman answered the door.

"Good afternoon Ma'am. You're looking very lovely today. You know what would make you look even better? Our teeth-whitening, fat-free, chocolate!"

"Teeth-whitening Eddy?" Double D whispered to Eddy, but his shorter friend ignored him and continued.

"It'll make your teeth look cleaner after just one bite. You'll never have to brush your teeth again! This wonderful product can be yours for just a small fee of-"

"No thank you." The woman said before closing her door.

"Why didn't she buy it, Eddy?" asked Ed, confusion in his voice.

"Maybe I should've told her that it can be used as a facial mask." said Eddy

"Eddy, she was obviously too smart to fall for your fib." Double D began "First flattery, now lying? Eddy, I disapprove of this. We shouldn't deceive our customers!"

"We're not lying to them. We're just finding ways to make them feel good about buying our chocolate. That doesn't mean I'm lying. Who knows? Maybe this stuff does whiten teeth."

"You have no proof of that!"

"And you can't prove that I'm wrong. Look, we just had bad luck with the first two people. I'm sure we'll be selling chocolates in no time!"


"Good afternoon sir. I must say, you look very strong. I bet you work out all the time! How would you like to buy our protein, muscle-building chocolate bars? They'll keep you fit and ready to-"

"No thanks."


"Good evening sir. You look very tired. How would you like to buy our chocolate energy bars? They'll make you go from feeling tired to having the energy of a five year old! For a small fee of-"

"No thanks."


"Good evening, Mrs. Johnson. Have you lost weight? You have haven't you? You know how you should reward yourself? By buying a few boxes of our fat-free chocolate, that's how!" The woman began to close her door slowly, causing the Eds the look nervous.

"Uh, did I mention that it's fat-free? Because it is! You will not gain one pound from-" She closed the door. Eddy growled.

"Stupid, fat old Mrs. Johnson..." He muttered

"Eddy, lying to our customers clearly isn't working. Honesty is the best policy. We shouldn't try to deceive them."

"Why not?! We always lie when we scam the kids. That's why it's called scamming!" Eddy yelled in frustration and confusion.

"But this is different, Eddy. Adults aren't as easily fooled. It's best if we just choose to be polite and honest next time. Why don't we-Ed! You're not supposed to eat the chocolate!"

Eddy and Double D faced Ed, who had at least ten chocolate bars stuffed in his mouth.

"Sorry." said Ed, his voice came out muffled.

"You'd better be planning on paying for those Lumpy!" Eddy yelled angrily. Double D sighed.

"It's getting late, gentle men. Why don't we continue this tomorrow after school?"

"Yeah, okay." Eddy grumbled.