Chapter 1: Big City, Small Town

I threw my hair up into a messy bun as I dragged 2 more cardboard boxes into my new bedroom. I just moved from New York City to Greenville, Texas and to say the least it was a change. At least my parents didn't make our family move to some tiny town in Texas; Greenville had a decent population. Sure it was no New York but I was hoping I would get used to it eventually. At heart, I was definitely a city girl but moving wasn't all that new to me. I had never liked any of our "temporary homes" as I liked to call them because NYC was where I was born and raised, for the most part. I was hoping we would only have to stay in Greenville for 2 years like most of my dad's promotions required. My brother, who is a year older than me, and I definitely did not want to move but when my mom saw the offer to move to Texas she jumped on it. My mother never really liked the city and grew up on a farm so she immediately started making plans for buying cows and horses and everything that you could possibly have on a farm.

As I unpacked I turned up the volume on my stereo trying to drown out my thoughts. I skipped to Taylor Swift's "Starlight" thinking it would get me into the southern mood. My brother Ethan called to me, "Darcy, where did you put the box with my skateboard?"

I laughed, "Where are you going to skateboard? The grass?" My brother and I were usually really close but he had been acting kind of distant through the whole move. It was the summer before his senior year of high school, and of course we just had to move, so I guess I could understand.

"Thanks for the help," he sighed. Ugh, now I felt guilty.

I started searching through the other boxes, "Ethan, it's right here." I handed the beat up skateboard to him, "How are you doing?" I asked with a concerned look.

"Pretty well, Dr. Darcy," he smiled. I laughed and walked back into my room. As I was peeling off the tape to another box, the doorbell rang.