Diahn bent over, laying the flowers on her sister's grave. Two years later and she still couldn't believe that her sister was gone. It hurt thinking that it was hisfault she was gone.

She glanced up and noticed a black haired girl, maybe fourteen years old, a knife in her hand. Diahn watched as she threw it, killing a plump black squirrel then running over and grabbing it. From this distance she could tell that she was rather scrawny for her age. Her older sister insticts kicked in and she walked over to the teenager. "Hey, you need somewhere to stay?" Diahn asked. The girl eyed her suspiously, nodding hesitantly. "Don't worry, I'm Laural Lance, my father's the police captain┬╣." The girl held onto her squirrel tightly by it's limp tail as Laural lead her to her car. "Can you leave that here?"

The girl shook her head, "It'd be a waste of a life. I'm eatting it." Her voice was a low alto sound. She shoved it into a plastic bag, tying it off. "I'll make something with it, you'll like it."

"Fine. What's your name?" She asked, unlocking the black car.

"Leslie Parks," she replied, climbing into the passanger seat.

┬╣I'm not sure if this is particuallrly right.

Prequeal to my next story: America. It won't get started for a while since I'm going to work on Hellblazer before it. Also this is short because I hit a wall but got most of the main portion written.