Lana sighed as she shut the front door behind her. She leaned against it and closed her eyes, trying to relax after a long day of work. She dropped her purse full of notes from seemingly endless interviews onto the couch and stumbled into her bedroom- their bedroom, already half-asleep.

Wendy lay across the bed, sound asleep but still dressed for work. The top button of her light pink silk blouse was undone and a half-smoked cigarette smoldered in her fingers. Her shoes were still on. Lana giggled softly at how adorable she looked with her dark hair splayed across the pillow and makeup just slightly smudged.

The world "lovely" popped into her head. She realized that lovely was exactly how to describe Wendy. Lovely was her sparkling eyes. Lovely was how she snorted when she laughed too hard. Lovely was the curve of her nose and the flush of her cheeks when she was embarrassed or aroused. Lovely was how her hair always hung perfectly around her face even when she had just woken up. Lovely was how her toes curled when she…

Lana brought herself back down to earth and silently walked around to the side of the bed. She carefully pulled the still burning cigarette out of Wendy's hand and stamped it out in the ashtray on their bedside table. She moved around to her feet and slipped off her tan high heels, making sure not to wake her. Lana took another long look at Wendy's face, so soft and relaxed in sleep, before turning towards the dresser and starting to remove her earrings and necklace. After a full day of running around town trying to get the last few interviews in on her story, the under-payed, under-acknowledged writer was ready for some shut-eye. She heard Wendy stir behind her and she turned towards the sound.

"Hey" whispered the sleepy voice she knew and loved.

"Hi there" she smiled back.

"Damn did I fall asleep? I wanted to stay up until you got home so I could make you a good dinner and get you nice and drunk"

Lana giggled. "Honey I'm drunk on you" she winked. "Plus I grabbed a snack before I left work."

Wendy sat up in bed, wincing at the soreness in her shoulders. "Long day at school, ?" Lana asked. She noticed the dark circles under Wendy's eyes. Wendy loved teaching, but it was a source of endless stress for her. Lana wasn't good with kids and could never have the patients to wrangle roudy third-graders.


Lana slipped into the space between Wendy and the headboard, pulling her down against her chest and massaging her shoulders. They sat in peace for a while, Wendy letting out a soft moan when Lana hit a particularly tight spot. Suddenly she leaped out of bed, remembering something.

"Lany I got you a surprise on my way home today! I almost forgot" She rushed into the kitchen. Lana smiled. She loved how enthusiastic Wendy got over these little things- something Lana was sure she picked up from her 8 year old's. Wendy came back holding a bottle of champagne and a white box. She handed it to Lana and nodded for her to open it. Inside were a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, Lana's favorite from the pastry shop in town.

"Wendy! You didn't have to!"

"I wanted to. You seemed stressed at work this week. Plus you're pretty when you smile"

That made her laugh. She took one strawberry slowly from the box and sensually brought it to her lips with a wink. They both burst into giggles. Wendy collapsed into bed next to her and popped the champagne. When the bottle was empty and all the strawberries were gone they lay on their sides, noses only inches apart, gazing through sleepy eyes.

Wendy slowly leaned forward, placing one hand on Lana's hip and pressing a soft kiss to her lips. She tasted like chocolate. She wrapped her arm the rest of the way around her thin frame, pulling her close. For a moment she wished they could stay there for ever. Then it was Lana who dove in. This kiss was different from before. It was deep and full of need, lust. Lana rolled them over so she could be on top, one hand slowly tracing down Wendy's side before reaching the top of her skirt. She un-tucked the blouse and got started on its buttons as Wendy's hand moved to her back and tugged at the zipper of her dress. Wendy traced the line of Lana's bottom lip before forcing entry. Their tongues explored each other's mouths, touching with a spark that shot through them both. Lana splayed her hands across the flat plane of Wendy's stomach, sliding them up to the delicate lace of her bra. When they broke apart for air they were both gasping, both caught a little off guard from the sudden raise in energy.

Wendy sat up for a moment to shed her blouse and unhooked her bra too, throwing it aside. Lana tugged her dress over her head and threw it across the room, leaning down to claim Wendy in another deep kiss. She reached down to pull on the zipper of her tweed pencil skirt. Wendy lifted her hips and helped shimmy it off. Lana sat back and admired the beautiful woman lying before her. "Lovely" popped back into her head. Wendy caught her by surprise and flipped them over with a giggle. Lana reached under herself to unhook her bra and toss it off the bed, pulling Wendy down to her level. They kissed again, slow and deep before Wendy moved her lips down to Lana's jaw. She kissed her way down her neck slowly stopping to suck at Lana's pulse. She carried on, biting and sucking slowly, knowing she would leave a mark and loving it. She left a line of hickeys trailing down to her collar bone. She kissed along the swell of one breast and continued down her ribcage, looking up for permission before hooking her fingers around the top of Lana's lace panties and slowly pulling them down. Lana let out a gasp as Wendy left feather kisses on her inner thighs and finally reached her center. Lana tangled her fingers in Wendy's hair, already close to the edge.

"You are so beautiful" she sighed, slipping one finger into Lana's already wet core. She took one slow lick and Lana's muscles tightened in anticipation. Wendy started her fingers moving in and out, adding another as she sucked on Lana's clit. The sounds coming from Lana's mouth were the sexiest Wendy had ever heard. She slipped in a third finger and nibbled lightly on her clit. Lana cried out, her toes curled and her back arched as she flew into ecstasy. Before she could even come back down Wendy pulled her into a kiss.

Lana could taste herself on Wendy's tongue. She pushed her hand into Wendy's panties, massaging the bundle of nerves she found inside. Wendy moaned against her lips and Lana flipped them over with a playful growl. She kissed her way down to Wendy's left breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking. Her left hand massaged her clit and her mouth worked the hardened bud. Wendy's back arched, thrusting against Lana's hand. She slowly moved down her stomach, pulling aside Wendy's panties and giving one slow, long lick. That was all it took. Wendy screamed out, pulling Lana back up and kissing her softly. "I love you so much"

"I love you more"

Wendy giggled. It was always a competition. Lana traced a sleepy line down Wendy's side and drew circles and swirls across the smooth skin of her back. Wendy started to drift off and Lana pulled the blanket over them. They fell asleep like that, Lana drawing out her dreams on Wendy's spine.

She heard a creak. Then another. The sounds of floorboards pressing under someone's weight, followed by the clicking of a key in a lock. She jolted awake. Wendy wasn't there. Wendy hadn't been there in months. Wendy sent her here. She wasn't at home. She wasn't in bed with her love. She was in her cell at Briarcliff. She sat up and pulled the blanket up to her chin. The key turned in the lock as the door slowly started to creak open.

To Be Continued!

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