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It was a beautiful day as the infamous Strawhat pirate ship, Thousand Sunny, sailed across the New World. Of course, it wasn't just the Strawhat pirates' ship anymore; it was now the new Pirate King's ship. Ever since the crew had discovered the infamous treasure One Piece, after only four years of the crew's beginning. It was still early in the morning; however, so everyone was asleep.

In one particular room; there lay two individuals together in a large king sized bed, both in a blissful sleep. They were lying in the middle of the bed, close together, on their sides and the male of the two had his arm wrapped around the female's waist. One of the figures was Roronoa Zoro, who was known and feared worldwide by many different titles, The Pirate King's First Mate, Demon of the New World, and World's Greatest Swordsman. The other was Nico Robin, who also had many names, Devil's Child, Founder of the Rio Poneglyph, and her most recent one, The World's Greatest Swordsman's Wife. Yes, the two were newlyweds and had actually gotten married on the same day that their crew's ultimate goal had been accomplished


"Yahoo" cheered Luffy.

"Treasure" squealed Nami.

"We made it" exclaimed Usopp.

"Oh Nami-swan, your happiness is making you look like a goddess right now" swooned Sanji.

"Hooray" celebrated Chopper.

"Incredible" stated Robin.

"SUPER" yelled Franky.

"Yohohoho, amazing" laughed Brook.

When they arrived at Raftel; the island at the end of the New World didn't seem like much, until they stepped foot on it and discovered that the former Pirate King's treasure was covering the entire island. "Yosh, this means that I'm the new Pirate King" declared Luffy.

"Yeah you're right, we should have a SUPER party tonight then" suggested Franky, and everyone cheered in response.

"Wait a minute, where's Zoro?" asked Chopper, when he realized that the swordsman wasn't with them.

"Tch, that idiot marimo probably got himself los" Sanji started to say.

"Oi Robin" called Zoro, emerging from the forest.

"Where the hell were you Zoro? I need your strength to carry all of this treasure" yelled Nami.

"Just get ero-cook to help you. I'm sure that he'd be happy to help his precious Nami-swan" mocked Zoro, and then turned away before the blonde cook or orange haired navigator could argue. "Robin, come with me I need to show you something."

The archaeologist smiled, "What is it Zoro-san?"

Zoro rubbed the back of his head, "I gotta show you, so just follow me."

"Are you sure that is a good idea Zoro-san?" asked Robin. "What if you get us lost?"

"I marked the way" explained Zoro calmly, but inside he was pissed at how, even though he was now the world's greatest swordsman; his nakama still messed with him about his sense of direction.

After the two disappeared into the forest, Usopp whispered to Nami. "What do you think he wants to show her?"

"Dunno, maybe he just wants to use this time to be alone with her" replied Nami, smiling slyly. The rest of the crew had discovered that their two 'demon' nakama were dating about six months ago, and were even more surprised when it was revealed that they'd actually started right after the crew's reunion. They were even able to keep it secret from Nami for the first five months. She then turned back to the rest, "Alright guys start filling up Sunny with treasure" she ordered.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Robin emerged from the forest after only a short trek, when the raven haired woman stopped suddenly at the sight before her. In front of them, on top of a mountain of treasure, was a golden poneglyph. "I-is that" asked Robin paralyzed at the thought that she might have finally found her dream.

Zoro smirked, but it was a caring smirk, at seeing how his girlfriend was tearing up. "Dunno, I can't read it. So I was hoping that you could tell me" he replied. Robin looked stuck to the ground, so the swordsman picked her up bridal style and jumped to the top of the treasure pile. When they reached the top, Zoro set Robin down and shook her out of her trance. "So, are you gonna read it or not? Cause I don't want to have found this thing for nothing you know."

Robin shook her head, "Right sorry" she said, and began to read over the script. It only took her ten minutes before the raven haired archaeologist finished, and smiled gently. "I see" she whispered, and turned to her boyfriend with a sincere smile and slight tears in her eyes. "Thank you Zoro; I'm proud to say that this is the Rio Poneglyph."

Zoro grinned at her; "No problem, I'm glad that you've finally found it" he stated, but then turned nervous. "But uh Robin, there's something else that I wanted to show you."

Robin tiled her head in confusion at him; while wiping her tears away, "Oh, what is it Zoro?"

Zoro looked at the ground, red faced, and asked. "Well, I was wondering if y-you'd. I mean, w-would you, damn it" He then stopped and took a deep breath, then turned towards her and kneeled down. He pulled out a small black box and Robin gasped, completely speechless, when she saw a beautiful silver ring that had a flawless sapphire on it. "Will you marry me?"

Robin's mind was over-whelmed; which had never happened to her before, and they stood there for an entire uncomfortable minute, until Robin snapped back to reality. She could feel her heart beating rapidly, but she wouldn't let herself cry; at least not until she was absolutely certain that this wasn't a dream, and instead settled for a calm, but loving smile. "Yes, yes I will marry you" answered Robin, finding herself speaking with a breathless voice. When Zoro slide the ring onto her finger, she whipped her arms around 'her' swordsman's neck and kissed him deeply; allowing the tears from both her fulfilled promise to her mother, Saul, and the other Oharan archaeologists, and from the proposal to slide down her face. The two continued their passionate and lung punishing make out session for almost an hour, before they decided to return to their nakama.

When the couple returned to the beach head; they found that it was almost completely cleared of treasure already. "Oi Nami, I think that that's all Sunny can hold for now" called Franky.

"That's fine Franky, we got plenty for now" replied Nami. She then turned to see the swordsman and archaeologist emerge from the forest, with their fingers intertwined. The navigator ignored that since, after they'd been found out, the two weren't afraid to display their relationship more often. But she did notice that both of her nakama were smiling widely and that Robin had been crying. "Robin what happened?"

The others gathered around at this, thinking that their nakama had been hurt, and Sanji was going to start accusing Zoro when Robin answered. "I found the Rio Poneglyph" she stated.

"That's awesome Robin" exclaimed Nami, as she ran up to her pirate sister and gave her a crushing hug; while the others cheered for her too.

When the orange haired woman put her back down, Robin glanced over to a flushed Zoro, who nodded. She then turned back to her friends, and lifted up her hand that had the ring on it. "Also, Zoro and I are engaged" Robin announced happily.

The crew was completely silent for a few seconds, before Luffy broke the silence. "That's awesome, now we're going to have to have three times the party" the Pirate King yelled, and everyone cheered with him for the soon to be married couple. Nami was squealing and hugged her pirate sister again; while the guys were congratulating Zoro. Even Sanji was too happy for Robin and the marimo to be angry or depressed right now.