Robin's eyes slowly fluttered open, before she tried to leap up after seeing a white roof instead of the Sunny's wooden one. Immediately the archaeologist felt a pain in her shoulder and neck surge to life, which caused her to lie back down. "Where am I?" whispered Robin, as she looked around the room to see that it extremely well decorated and furnished. "I must be inside of the mansion. If I'm here however; does that mean that the others were ripped to shreds and eaten by Crescent's animals?" Robin shook her head to clear those thoughts away and wearily stood up. "No they would never lose to Crescent's forces, so they must be here."

Robin exited the room and entered an exquisitely decorated hallway. The raven haired woman could see, what appeared to be, the main staircase and started walking slowly towards it when she her voices down below.

"Luffy knock it off you idiot" yelled a voice that Robin recognized as Nami's. "There's no way in hell that I'm going to replace anything you break. You'll have to stay and work it off."

"Aww, but I'm so bored Nami" whined Luffy. The crew, Crescent, and her partners were all gathered in the mansion's lounge. "Is Robin awake yet?"

"Yes, I am alright Luffy-san" answered Robin as she entered the room, causing almost everyone to jump in surprise. She swept over the room, only partially paying attention to her friend's mixed exclamations about how happy they were to see her and how she was feeling, as she was looking for any sign of her swordsman or his animal form but saw no sign of him. "Where is Zoro?"

Nami huffed, "Why are you so worried about that jerk? He's the reason why you were injured in the first place."

"He's not a jerk" stated Mirabelle, who had been lying down on the couch. Her voice sounded drained as she sat up and continued. "He's resting in one of our bedrooms right now. I've spent the last three days trying to change him back, but I've never had to do it before, so it's really exhausting for both of us. But it's even worse for him, because he has to feel the pain of his animal parts growing back into his body when he is turning back into a human, and then there's" The young Crescent stopped short of her sentence when a look of guilt crossed her face.

"What is it, Crescent-san?" asked Robin, wanting to learn more about what is currently happening to her swordsman.

"He feels guilty about hurting you" answered Reginald, "and every day that you were unconscious the guilt would build on him. So he is not only experiencing physical pain, but mental as well."

"Yeah, he only left your side in the infirmary when Lady Crescent was readying to continue turning him back to normal" informed Lilith.

Reaves laughed, "The stubborn bastard felt so bad that he wouldn't even eat or drink anything unless we were able to convince him to. Even then he would barely eat and drink."

Robin was saddened to hear that her husband was tearing himself apart over hurting her, but also slightly happy that he was able to turn back because of her. "I would like to visit him, could someone please escort me to his room?"

"No need" groaned a rough voice behind the archaeologist.

Robin spun around to see her swordsman barely standing behind her, smirking wearily with a relieved look in his eyes. Robin almost leapt into him and began kissing him heatedly. The two kissed passionately before Robin felt her tongue brush against something sharp inside of Zoro's mouth. She pulled back to see that he had fangs and not only that, but he also had two cat ears sticking out of his head, and a green and black stripped furry tail that had wrapped itself around her waist when she got close enough. Robin was about to say something when she heard a burst of laughter behind her.

"W-what the hell happened to you Zoro?" laughed Usopp.

"T-this is t-too good" cried Nami, who was holding her sides that were bandaged from Zoro's earlier attack on her.

"Oh man Zoro-bro, this is seriously going to bring down your reputation" stated Franky, whipping the tears from laughing so hard out of his eyes.

"M-marimo, you're a freaking cat!" mocked Sanji. Robin turned back to Zoro and saw that he was about to burst out in rage. She grew arms onto her friends' shoulders and covered their mouths.

Turning back to her husband Robin smiled. "How did you gain such features?" she asked. "Although they do look rather appealing."

"Tch, they'd look better on you" stated Zoro smirking slyly, as he pulled Robin close to him. The two were about to kiss again when a cough interrupted them.

"I hate to cut your reunion short but I think that I'm ready to finish turning you back" informed Mirabelle.

Zoro released Robin. "Alright then, let's get this damn thing over with." With that, the Zoro and Mira proceeded up the stairs and disappeared. Robin attempted to follow them, but was stopped by Reginald.

"I highly recommend that you remain down here. You do not wish to see what you husband is required to experience during his reverse transformation" the butler stated.

Robin wanted to refuse, but was dragged into the lounge by Nami who had a grim look on her face.

One Hour Later

Robin understood why everyone was so grim and against her going up along with Zoro, as she stood beside her sleeping husband inside one of the mansion's many bedrooms. Over the last hour Robin was forced to listen to the sounds of her swordsman yelling in pain as his fangs, tail, and ears, forced themselves back into his body. Even for him the pain must have been unbearable, as he lay before her almost completely pale and bandaged.

Robin smiled and lay beside him, resting her head onto a part of his chest; which was unbandaged. She loved this incredible man, who manages to go through so much pain for his nakama and still be able to keep them together by keeping himself alive. The archaeologist honestly couldn't believe that a few days ago, he had doubts about if he was good enough for her; when in reality, she considered herself to be the lucky one. He manages to do things that only gods have ever been written to be able to accomplish and compared to him, she was actual a pretty normal woman.

Robin silently giggled to herself. 'A mortal woman falling in love with a god and vice versa' she thought. 'I'm positive that I finished reading something exactly like that a couple of weeks ago.' With that Robin closed her eyes and fell managed to fall asleep quickly thanks to the gentle, but strong heartbeat within her swordsman's, god's, husband's, soul mate's chest.

Sorry if this chapter is a bit short and mushy, but I thought that it worked. There's one more chapter after this then I'm going to take a break from this story. I'm not going to abandon it, so don't worry.