An hour later the crew had successfully transferred Lucia and a tub along with a few barrels of the strange lifesaving liquid (the pond somehow kept refilling itself every time they took some). They were now all gathered inside of the kitchen in an uncomfortable silence as they watched Lucia scarf down serving after serving of food. No one had any idea how to tell Lucia about her brother's death or if they even should. They were drawn out of their thoughts when one of the room's doors opened and Zoro stepped out with the real Robin close behind him. The green haired swordsman took the seat that was right across from Lucia (who had also stopped eating) and silently stared at her with a serious glare. After what seemed like an hour long staring contest between the two, Zoro finally spoke up.

"So you're Gol D. Roger's sister?" he asked.

"Y-yes" answered the pale girl, in a slightly hesitant voice under his intense gaze.

"Did the others tell you about him yet?" asked the swordsman.

"Tell me what?" asked the psy fruit user. This caused the others to become cautious and ready for what could happen if Zoro answered her question.

Your brother died more than twenty years ago" stated Zoro, not even hesitating despite the fact that Robin explained to him about her powers.

"W-what?" asked the girl, shocked, breathless, and with an unstable look in her eye. "No no no no, he can't be dead. My brother cannot be dead!" screamed Lucia; which caused dishes to be sent flying and shattering into the walls, the dining table to break in half, and the Strawhats to be pushed back slightly by the force that continued to increase and push them back further. The only that wasn't moving was Zoro who stabbed Shusui into the ground behind him and kept him from flying backwards. The green haired man simply continued to stare at the black haired girl's freak out until he decided that it was enough and stood up. Using his remaining two katana, Zoro worked his way almost effortlessly to Lucia and bashed her on the head with his fist. This caused the girl to take her mind off of her brother's death for a second, which stopped her power outburst.

"Would you knock it off already" yelled Zoro, shocking Lucia and his nakama. "So what if your brother is dead, people die. You're not the only one on this ship who's lost someone that's meant a lot them. There's no reason for you to go all crazy and kill the only people in this world who would actually be willing to take time off of what they need to do to help you out. You were going to find out eventually, so there wasn't any reason to not tell you now. So if you still want to freak out about his death and kill us then that's fine, but if you want to actually finish your brother's goal so he didn't spend all of those years and die for no reason then turn that grief into strength like the rest of us did and let us help you out." With that Zoro turned and walked back to the door that he came out of, pulling his katana out of the floor as he passed them. Stopping in the doorway the swordsman stopped and looked back at the stunned Lucia. "You've been alone and wondering for over twenty years. Don't you think it's about time that you lived your life, found some nakama to spend it with, and started looking for answers?"

After Zoro left Nami spoke up; "Damn, since when did Zoro get so wise?"

Robin giggled, "I just it just comes with the experience of becoming World's Strongest Swordsman." The archaeologist then turned and walked towards the still surprised Lucia and kneeled down to the girl's height. "My husband might have a blunt way of explaining things, but he is correct in everything that he said. We've all lost someone whom meant a lot to us and none of us let that consume us, we only allowed it to make us stronger." The raven haired woman then stood up, "I promise that if you decide to join us then you will never be alone."

As Robin turned and began to follow her husband out of the room she heard a response. "A-alright" said Lucia, in a newly happy tone at the thought that she'd found new friends and way to carry on her brother's goal. Giving a smile back to the young girl the archaeologist left the room, leaving Lucia to start helping the others start to repair and straighten up the kitchen.

When Robin entered her and Zoro's room she found her swordsman fast asleep on their bed. The raven smiled at her husband, whom had just managed stop a possible disaster with just words, and was happy that she was lucky enough to be the wife of such an incredible man. 'He's really come a long way since I first met him as an enemy. He's not the same young, inexperienced swordsman who was willing to solve anything through violence anymore.'

With that thought, Robin noticed that it was already rather dark outside and decided to simply go to bed. After changing into her nightwear (a black silk nighty) she used her powers to cover up her and her swordsman, and felt her husband's undamaged arm wrap around her waist. This embrace caused Robin to smile and relax more into him, falling asleep soon after.

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