The Lie

Marty walked into her house slamming the door behind her. How could she be so stupid to fall for his lies. He would never change, he had found a way to hurt her over and over again and she had let him because there was a part of her that wanted to believe that there was something in him that was worth saving.

Todd pulled up into her driveway after her. He had to make things right. He hated himself for hurting her again. "Marty, I'm sorry," Todd said just as Marty slammed the door in his face.

The rain began to fall, but Todd would not leave, not yet, not until she realized how sorry he was. She was never supposed to find out that Patrick was still alive. When Todd had found out that Patrick had faked his death Patrick had convinced him that Marty's life would be in danger if she ever found out the truth.

"Marty, I know that you can hear me. I'm sorry that I hurt you, but I don't regret lying because I knew that the truth could put your life in jeopardy," Todd shouted.

Marty opened the door and pushed Todd with all the anger and grief that was inside of her. Todd fell on the ground. "Do you know how stupid you look? Standing out in the rain with your weak apologies. You watched me grieve and you knew that he was alive the entire time. You're not sorry. If you were really sorry for any of the pain that you've caused me then you would have told me the truth instead of lying to me for six months. I want nothing to do with you or Patrick. You can both go to hell for all I care," Marty said as she once again slammed the door in his face.

Todd sat on the porch until Shaun had shown up. He would keep her safe even if she never forgave him, but she was right. He was only sorry that he got caught in the lie. He wasn't sorry for keeping the truth about Patrick to himself. Patrick had never deserved her and she was much better off when he was out of her life, when she believed that he was dead.