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Kim Possible's Wish

The red haired teen stalked through the night, seeking something, anything, to unleash her fury upon. She found a temporary distraction from her rage in the form of an innocent mailbox whose only crime was to be brightly colored. Having caught the eye of the enraged superheroine its demise was ensured as she grabbed the lid from a nearby garbage can and swung it at the offending object. Beneath this irresistible force the mailbox splattered into several pieces that went sailing through the damp night air. It was the first time in her life that Kim Possible had vandalized private property, but not the last. Another mailbox loomed out of the night air and she swung again. SPLAT! It shattered into even more pieces than the first one had. Kim Possible grinned. Not a nice grin, rather the sort of grin that would have sent Shego running for the hills if she had been there to see it.

"Damn him!" The superheroine, turned vandalizer, snarled as she marched along the road, smashing more mailboxes. "Damn him! Damn him! Damn him!" The words becoming a mantra to her as she tore a path of destruction from Ron Stoppable's home to her own. "Damn him! Damn him! Damn him!" She swung at another mailbox with a gleeful expectation of it too following the rest of its brethren into ruin. The force of the impact ripped the garbage can lid from her hands with a brutality that shocked her while the mailbox still stood in its place, mocking her. "Huh?" The startled teen stared in amazement. It took her several seconds to realized she had arrived at her own house and had just tried to smash her own mailbox. The same mailbox that her father and the dweebs had made last summer after a delivery truck had smashed the old one. She stared at it, offended that it had dared withstand her onslaught. Fists clinched, staring at it, she sought a way to remove its intolerable presence. However even Kim Possible had her limits and this mailbox, made of a material which had come out of her father's laboratory at the space center, was more than enough to meet them. She growled at it and entered her house, still uttering the words, "Damn him! Damn him! Damn him!"

In her room the first thing she noticed was a picture of him staring at her from its place on her desk. She paused for a second, staring back. Then of its own volition her hand moved, smashing the picture of Ron Stoppable with such force it slammed into the wall, leaving a dent, before sliding to the ground. Silvers of glass from the impact now covered her room. Realizing the glass would need to be cleaned up before she could even lie down her rage increased. She was now beyond even being able to utter the words of her mantra anymore. Snarling she tore through her room, cleansing it of his presence. Every picture! Every knick-knack! Every memento! Everything that could remind her of him. Eventually she stood still, surveying her room, searching for more signs of his presence. Finding nothing she grunted, satisfied.

The bag with all the infuriating reminders of him was first flung forcefully down the stairs and then out through the door. She barely had enough of her wits about her to open the door before doing the flinging. A can of J-200 rocket fuel doused over the bag and set alight took care of the bag and everything in it, in addition to the dweebs' bikes which had been a bit too close to the resulting inferno. The mailbox just laughed it off though.

She stumbled back to her room, her mood a bit improved. Grabbing the blanket on her bed she shook the glass off it and replaced it. Exhausted from her bout of rage she let herself fall onto the bed, too tired to care any more. That changed as a sharp pain stabbed into her side, reigniting her rage. She sat up cursing Ron Stoppable's name as she knew this new annoyance had to be related to him some how. She was right. The object she pulled out of her pocket had been taken from Drakken's lair just a few hours ago. A tiny sphere no more than an inch in diameter with several spikes jutting out from it. If not for him, Ron Stoppable, she would have handed it over to Wade by now.

Sighing, the teen found she no longer had the energy left to curse. She simply said, "I wish I had never met that loser, Ron Stoppable." Then she flung the sphere at the wall with enough force for the spikes to dig in and hold it in place. She stared at it, wondering just how she was going to explain all the damage to her parents when the sphere began to glow. A purple haze began to flow out of it and fill the room. Reacting with honed reflexes the teen threw herself away from the haze and dove for the window, the only unblocked way left out of her room. She almost made it. The haze caught up with her and she was held in place, half in and half out of her window. The haze, radiating from the sphere like a thick purple mist, engulfed her and Kim Possible disappeared. A few seconds later the sphere beeped twiced and fell to the floor, its weight having pulled it out of the wall. The purple haze disappeared.

"So Dr. D, another plan foiled by Kim Possible." Shego sat back in her chair, filing her nails. "How many times is that? Thirty? Forty?"

"Oh can it Shego," came the reply. "Besides she hasn't foiled this plan yet. I still have the pan-dimensional vortex inducer right here. This time I kept the most important part of my plot in a backup lair. She only stole the mind-transulator that Dr. Cyrus Bortel invented. Steal it back and the world will be ours."

Shego shuddered. "That mind-transulator thing of his reminds me too much of the moodulator. Tampering with a person's mind like that is unnatural. And that's saying something coming from a woman who's a living plasma torch."

"Don't be silly Shego." Drakken replied. "It's only a simple device that reads a person's mind and translates the data into a binary string a computer can analyze. Nothing unnatural about it. Unlike the moodulator it doesn't affect the person at all."

"If it plays with my mind like that moodulator did then remember pay back is going to be a bitch Dr. D. And you will be the one paying!" Shego lit one hand with green plasma.

Now it was Drakken's turn to shudder. What Shego had done to him after that moodulator incident still gave him nightmares. "Just go and get it back Shego. Ten more minute with it and the world will be ours!"

Shego put her file away and pulled herself out of her chair. "On my way Dr. D..." She paused and turned to the pan-dimensional vortex inducer which had begun to light up. "Um, Dr. D, just what is going on?" She asked.

"Someone has activated the mind-transulator!" He yelled and began to try and turn the machine off. "It's linked to the pan-dimensional vortex inducer by a wireless link." Drakken became frantic as the machine refused to shut itself down. "Shego, fry it!" He screamed in a panic and backed away from it.

Shego lit up her hands and tossed several balls of plasma at the machine which disappeared before reaching it. "Dr. D?" She asked, puzzled.

"The mind-transulator is reading the mind of whoever activated it," he explained. "That data is being relayed here via satellite to the pan-dimensional vortex inducer which is using it to create a parallel dimension, a pseudo-dimension, just like it did with the cable before. Only this time the data isn't a tv show but the mind being read. Your plasma is disappearing into that alternate dimension before it can reach the machine." Dr. D's voice was now filled with panic as he sought some way to shut the machine down.

"If it's an alternate dimension then it won't affect us. Right?" Shego felt herself calming down. Dr. D might lose his toy but no biggie, he would just build a new one.

"No! No! No! Shego! I made changes to the machine. Once the alternate dimension stabilizes the quantum waves from it will interact with the quantum waves from our own reality. They will merge and our reality will be overwritten. We need to stop the machine now." He looked around frenetically and spied the receiver for the satellite hookup. "Shego, fry that!" He pointed.

Shego lit up her hands again and tossed two balls of plasma at the receiver. The pan-dimensional vortex inducer beeped, the world blinked, for lack of a better word, and then the two plasma balls fried the satellite hookup.

"Too late," Drakken said as he said down in a chair and just stared at the machine. That he was terrified was obvious.

Shego thought for a second. "Ummm, Dr D, if that dimension is going to overwrite ours does that mean you planned on killing everyone?" Ruthless as she might be Shego didn't consider herself a killer. With every one of Drakken's doomsday devices she insisted they not be used for anything other than extortion. It was one of the reasons why Drakken's lairs always had a self-destruct device and, she mused, probably why Kim found it so easy to shut them down.

"Shego, I want to rule the world, not destroy it. A fake one just wouldn't be the same." Drakken answered. "The mind-transulator has command codes that would allow a person to access and continuously rewrite the parameters of the dimension they are in. I would have terminated the pseudo-dimension before it could have merged with ours."

"And you added that little merging feature, why?" Shego wasn't sure she believed him.

"To get the doomsday devices I created back to this one." Drakken replied without hesitation, as though the answer was obvious. "The pseudo-dimension needed the same parameters as this one so I could create a vortex between the two and shift the doomsday devices."

"Oh," Shego said. She thought for a few more seconds and asked, "and why won't who ever activated the device do the same?"

"They don't have the command codes," came the answer. A pause. "And the link with the mind-transulator has been severed." He pointed to the wreck of the satellite hookup. "Without the pan-dimensional vortex inducer they have no way of rewriting the parameters of the pseudo-dimension."

"So we're all going to die?" Shego asked.

Drakken thought for a few minutes. Turning to the console in front of him he began to type. "Maybe not." He paused. "Oh drats!" He finally said.

"What?" Shego was looking over his shoulder at the screen but could make no sense of it.

"The mind-transulator is still in this dimension," Drakken finally answered after a long silence. "I might have managed to remote access it and used it to communicate with whoever activated it." He tapped his fingers on the console for a few seconds thinking. "But without them having the mind-transulator that is impossible." He looked at the pan-dimensional vortex inducer and continued. "There is a field around that which connects our two dimensions. Which is why your plasma can't affect it. The satellite hookup could receive signals emitted from that field by the mind-transulator. It would then send those signals to the pan-dimensional vortex inducer which would modify the pseudo-dimension."

"If it's in this dimension then can't we just grab it and use it to shut down the pseudo-dismension?" Shego asked.

"No. Only the person who created the dimension can modify it. We would need to some how duplicate their mind in order to access it. That's impossible, at least with existing technology." Drakken sighed. "Besides, without the mind-transulator the person who activated it probably died the instant they entered that dimension. They would have had no physical presence and the mind can't exist without a vessel to contain it."