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One more Meeting and the Return, or Saving the Universe

Kim blinked, or tried to, as time restarted for her.

"Kim?" Came Wade's voice. "I reprogrammed the Kimmunicator. Rather than having it stop the stasis for a long period of time to recharge I modified it to make nano-sized stops. Just a lot of them, each too small for you to detect. This should be the last time you get to see her life. Good luck Kim. I hope things turn out well. Next time we talk it will be to pull you back to this universe."

There was a tiny click that signaled the end of the connection.

The last time, Kim thought. She felt a little sad.

She was at a restaurant. There were maybe a dozen people around her. She saw her father and mother. They were quietly talking a just a little distance away to her right, barely in her field of view. They seemed to be getting along okay. Bonnie, with her two sisters Lonnie and Connie, formed a little cluster just in front of her. Somewhere she heard the voices of the tweebs. There were a few people she didn't recognized.

Her mother and father turned to her and raised champagne glasses. "Congratulations!" They both said together.

"Thanks." Her other self answered back. Voice bright. She raised her own glass and took a sip. Kim noticed the scars on her knuckles.

"Congratulations!" This came from the trio in front of her.

"Thanks!" Her other self replied again. Her voice was bright but Kim thought that maybe she wasn't quite comfortable with the crowd.

Two arms were wrapped around her shoulders. Two faces peered at her. "Congratulation, sis." The tweebs said together.

"Thanks!" Came the reply again. Her other self was obviously getting overwhelmed. Still she seemed to be on good terms with her brothers.

Kim wondered what the party was for. Obviously it was for her other self but what was the reason. She examined the view she had of the area again and noticed, nearly hidden away amongst other stuff on a table, a diploma. She tried to read what was on but it was too far away and the printing too small. She did pick out neurology though.

People swarmed around her. Kim recognized the two girls from the apartment her other self had shared with them.

From the faces she realized it had been around five years since her last time out of stasis. And she hasn't done anything stupid in that time. Kim was glad. In fact she seems to have done pretty good for herself.

The party continued. There was silence as someone approached the table. He was carrying a huge cake. Enough, Kim thought, to feed a hundred people. Not just a dozen.

Her hair got ruffled by someone behind her and blocked her view. A trembling hand rose to fix it. The tendons never healed right, nor the nerves, Kim sadly realized. Still, she seems to have overcome that.

Then the person carrying the cake was in front of her. "Congratulation!" A voice she recognized said. Blonde hair and brown eyes came into view as it lowered the cake to the table. "One Ron Stoppable Cake Delux." The voice had a grin to it that matched the grin he threw her way. "Seven types of chocolate, with mint added in." The voice added. "If nothing else at a party goes right this cake is guaranteed to still make it a blast."

The voice stopped suddenly and the brown eyes peered at her closer. "Do I know you?" It asked.

"Don't think so." Came the reply. It was hesitant, as if not sure.

He was, Kim noticed, wearing a chef's uniform. Then she noticed the tag that said, 'OWNER.' He owned this restaurant she realized. It was, she thought, a pretty fancy place.

"I'm Ron Stoppable." He said as he held out his hand. "Congratulation on becoming a brain surgeon." He looked at the writing on the cake. It said, 'Kim Possible, Brain Surgeon!'

"I'm Kim Possible." Her other self reached out a hand to shake the one offered. If he noticed the scars it didn't show.

That's Ron, Kim thought with a smile.

The two stared at each other. Knowing that they had seen each other somewhere, sometime. The place and time was just something neither of them could remember.

Other Kim held up her left hand. It trembled. "Actually I'm going into research." She explained.


There was the dark place again. The place where time stood still. From the distance Kim watched her approach. Her other self. Her steps were slow, the steps of an old woman. Her other self Kim noted looked at least ninety, if not more.

"A hundred and sixteen." The old woman in front of her answered. "We Possibles have good genes." She smiled at the vision of her younger self.

Kim whistled. "Hope I makes it to that age." And then added. "How was it?"

There was no need for the old woman to ask what she meant. "It was a blast." She smiled. "A few bad times but the good times more than made up for that. Four kids. Eleven grandkids. Thirty-four great grandkids. Twenty-seven great great grandkids. Nine great great great grandkids." She laughed. "Keeping track of all those names really kept my memory in shape."

"I imagine it would." Kim nearly fainted. That was one large family to remember birthdays for. And to shop for at christmas.

"Did you marry him?" She asked.

"Of course." Came the answer. "It was destiny." There was no need to ask who she meant.

Kim felt her heart beat faster. Destiny.

The two stared at each other.

"Thank you." The old woman finally said.

"Just glad it worked out." Came the answer.

The old woman nodded. "It did." She looked around "It was all worth it to be with him. Ninety-four years together. Ninety-two of them married. It was heaven. Wish there was more, but he passed on two days ago. It's past time I followed."

She looked at Kim and smiled. "Goodbye." She said and her form faded.







Kim felt herself flow through space. There was no other expression for it. It wasn't flying. It wasn't soaring. She flowed. And then she condensed into a perfect sphere. As she did so she felt as thought she took on a mass that made a universe seem small. Time passed, a lot of it. Then the changes disappeared. She ceased to be a sphere and her mass ceased to be near infinite. She flowed through space once more.

She blinked and before her appeared two faces she had wondered she would ever see again. Those of Wade and Ron. She threw herself into Ron's arms and his arms closed around her. She breathed and she felt the air flow into her lungs and out. She blinked and the sensation was heaven. She felt the blood flow through her veins. She was alive. She tensed and untensed each muscle. She was alive. The arms around her were strong and safe. She sunk into them. She sighed happily, her own arms around him.

She held that position for a long long time. Eventually she looked up. "So their universe is gone?" She asked Wade. She would weep, but not here. Later, curled up in his arms.

"Actually it's still there." Wade replied. "Supposedly only one real universe can ever exist, but we sort of broke the rules. There's two now. Theirs and ours. Thought the two can never touch again in any way."

Kim blinked. She really enjoyed the sensation of blinking so she blinked again. Then she asked. "How did that happen?"

Wade pointed at Ron. "Blame him. He asked some questions that I thought was dumb, but then when I thought about it it made perfect sense."

"Oh?" She snuggled closer in the arms around her. Hungry for more.

"We, Drakken and me, were setting the parameters for your transmission and we were talking. There were a dozen or so parameters, including mass. It didn't occur to us to set the parameter for mass as negative, then Ron asked if a negative mass could force the two universes apart." Wade shrugged. "Of course it could but the negative mass to keep two universes separated would be huge. Then it struck us that both universes are only potential universes and we didnt really need a real negative mass. A virtual negative mass would do. So I did some reprogramming, max int on my computer was 64-bit. I rewrote it to be 1024 bits. Then when we transmitted you we used that 1024 bit integer to set your mass to a really high negative number. We also set you to hold a position in between the two universes for a long time. Virtual time so no real time passed. Both universes are now flying apart from each other. They will never collide and neither will get cancelled out. At a certain distance time will also resume flowing in their universe."

"Oh." Kim remarked. She thought it made a weird sort of sense, though she would bet the math behind it wouldn't. All that was important is that her other self's kids would have a future. She was happy. Noticing Drakken and Shego sneaking out the door she ignored them.

End of Story.

Perhaps it just isn't in me to write a tragedy. Sorry if I disappointed anyone in that aspect.

This is the last chapter though I was tempted to show Kim making changes in her own world. However the story is about the Kim of the other universe.

Talking to Bonnie and helping her deal with her issues instead of just fighting and competing with her is something I'm pretty sure Kim would do. She is at this point pretty appreciative of Bonnie. It might even be the topic of another story. She might also look around the school and try to find Jill.

As for Robert, if he existed in the pseudo universe then he would probably exist in the real universe. That is someone I'm sure Kim would want to see taken care off. If his personality is unchanged, then he would have major trouble coming his way in the form of Kim Possible, SuperHeroine. Not to mention Ron, Mystical Monkey Master, along with both Dr. Possibles.

The last few chapters have really just been tossed together so quick I'm not sure they are quite up to the quality I hope they are. And the story did twist on me in the last few chapters so even I was surprised by the ending.