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TONY Brown tabby tom

NIGHT Black tom

SKY White she-cat with grey ears and a grey paw

FIRE Ginger tabby tom

MARY Dark brown she-cat

STREAM Light grey tabby she-cat

RAIN Dark grey tom (Stream's brother)

BILLY Golden tabby tom

ICY Grey and white she-cat with sparkly blue eyes


LEMON Light golden tabby tom

LIME Light golden tabby tom (Lemon's brother)

WILLOW Grey tabby she-cat

LILLY Calico she-cat

TOM Brown tabby tom with a white chest

BUSTER Silver tabby tom

FLUFFY Fluffy ginger and white she-cat

THISTLE Big long-haired white tom with grey eye-patches and tail

SPLASH Cream colored fluffy she-cat


WHISKER Tawny colored tom

CLOVER Tan tabby and white she-cat

HUSK Light brown tabby tom

TIP Black tom with white tipped paws

BLAZE Longhaired orange tabby tom

MIMI Small calico and white she-cat

MAX Dark grey tabby tom

JINGLE Ginger and white tom

RILEY Stoney grey tom


L: STONESTAR Slim grey tom

D: REEDFUR Ginger tabby tom

MC: WILLOWGALE Longhaired grey and white she-cat

W: MOUSEFOOT Tan colored tom

GREYTAIL White tom with a grey tail (Appletail's brother)

BREEZEFERN Black and white she-cat (Rainfeather's sister)

LILLYPAD Slim pretty dark brown she-cat

FLOWERPELT Tabby and white she-cat

FERNWILLOW Dainty orange tabby she-cat

TWIGLEAF Dark brown slim tom (Lillypad's brother)

RAINFEATHER Pretty tawny colored she-cat with a white belly

HAYFUR Light brown tabby tom

APPLETAIL White and grey tom with a grey tail and blue eyes

A: HAWKPAW Light brown tabby tom

WHITEPAW Medium haired white tom with blue eyes

BLACKPAW Black and grey tom


L: MINNOWSTAR Silver tabby tom with a white belly and paws

D: THRUSHTAIL Tortioseshell tom

MC: ROBINFUR Brown and white tabby she-cat

W: STARTAIL White she-cat

HOUNDCLAW Tan tom with dark brown points

BRUSHWILLOW Black tom with folded ears and tufted toes on white paws


L: DARKSTAR Black and brown she-cat

D: SEEDTAIL Ruddy tabby ticked she-cat

MC: TROUTFUR Golden tabby tom

W: OAKWHISKER Brown tabby tom with white paws

MALLOWFUR Misty grey-white colored she-cat

ICEFOOT Misty grey-white she-cat (Mallowfur's sister)


L: RUNNINGSTAR Dark ruddy tabby ticked tom

D: BRAMBLESTRIPE Brown swirled tabby tom

MC: SPRUCEBREEZE Dark grey tom with one white paw and a white muzzle

W: CREEKSPLASH Grey tom with white muzzle, belly, chest and paws

LEAFNOSE Tuxedo tom with pink nose

MINTPELT very light grey medium-haired tom


"Mouse-dung!" Tony spat, scrabbling up the brick. "This doesn't even make sense!" Claws scored the red stone just under his paws.

"Fox-face!" Night spat. "Get down here so I can tear your head off!" Tony leaped up onto a higher pile as the black tom began to climb the wall.

"Get what you deserve!" Fire hissed, leaping up to join Night.

"Yeah! Tratior!" Sky screamed, clawing her way up the crumbling wall of brick.

"Stop!" Tony yowled, wacking Night on the head. "This isn't worth it!" A bolt of lightning lit up the sky in a flash of white.

"It is!" Night spat, tearing away at the bricks under Tony's paws. "You are a tratior and a menace!" Fire sprang up the wall and landed in front of Tony, raising a paw to strike.

"Try it, fox-heart!" Tony snarled, swiping the orange tabby with his paw. Fire yelped as he toppled back down the stoney structure. More white lightning blazed the sky. The furious figures of cats clawing up the brick shone bright for a moment, lit up against the flashing sky. More cats had come, Stream and Rain, just coming back from hunting, had dropped their prey and had started slithering up the pile.

Tony twisted around and kicked a brick down with his hind legs. It crashed down the mound, striking Rain in the face. The grey tom lost his grip and crashed to the earth. Tony scrambled up a little higher. He shot a glance over the far side of the pile. The floor of the crumbling Twoleg nest was far down. A few fox-lengths along was the mostly-whole wall. He could squeeze through a gap, or maybe climb it...

"Don't even think of escaping, fox-hearted coward!" Night screeched, pulling himself another tail-length closer to Tony. "You know what you did!" Lightning flashed, lighting up the sky in a dazzling burst of white.

"No I don't!" Tony shrieked, climbing higher. Thunder rumbled in the distance

"Liar!" Night screamed, hauling himself onto the ledge Tony stood on a moment ago. "You know you are a tratior!" Thunder exploded overhead. With a wail, Tony clung to the brick under him, afriad it would crumble under the furious rumbling. All the other cats, even Night, tucked their heads under their paws, digging their claws into the brick for dear life. Tony lifted his head. Seeing the other cats were still cowering, he took the opprotunity to clamber up the brick higher. He was near the top, so climbing was slow and difficult, as not to fall down the brick.

Claws pricked his tail. Tony yelled in pain and spun around. Night was clinging to his tail, using his back legs to scramble up until he could stand on the same pile as Tony. His snarl was drowned out by thunder crashing overhead.
"You tratior." He spat. "You are a disgrace to The Gang Of Claws!" Tony swatted Night's paw, making his release his tail. A thin trail of blood trickled from it, staining the bricks under his paws.

"I..didn't do..anything!" Tony panted.

"You did!" Night screeched. "You went against The Gang Of Claws."

"By chasing off intruders?" Tony hissed.

"You didn't chase them off!" Night spat, eyes flasing. "The Gang Of Fangs was stealing food and you let them!"

"No I didn't!" Tony wailed. "I saw them and told them to get off our land!"

"Wimp! Coward!" Night snarled. "You let them get away without a scratch!"

"What was I supposed to do? Tear them to bits? Some of them were no bigger than kits!" Tony yowled.

"They were stealing prey!" Night hissed.

"We had no proof! They were barely inside our border! They were only at the trash heap!" Tony growled.

Night unseathed his claws. "They still stole prey! They had two rats! We eat rats! Since when do rats go inside The Gang Of Fangs border? They live in the trash heap!"

"I drove them off like any cat would." Tony hissed.

"I would have ripped them to shreds!" Night spat.

"Then you are vicious and dishonorable." Tony murmured. He spun around and began to climb the bricks again. Thunder rumbled, and Tony didn't hear the snarl behind him. Night sprang at Tony. He hooked his long sharp claws into Tony's flank. Tony yowled in pain as his fur turned dark with blood. He spun around and raised a paw. He swiped, quickly sliting Night's nose open. The black tom screeched as blood sprang from the cut. He released Tony with a yowl as warm sticky blood soaked his face.

Sky, who was the closest to Tony, saw the brown tabby tom slice open Night's nose. She saw the red arc that spilled from his deep cut.

"NO!" She spat. She lept nimbly up the bricks as though they were just clouds. She leaped over Night, who was writhing on the stones, and landed in front of Tony.

"Leave Night alone!" She cried. She raised a paw and struck his face. Tony yelled as long red scratches formed across his cheek. He stumbled backwards, but Sky leaped on him. She dug her needle-sharp claws into his stomach and bagan to pummel him with her hind legs. Tony felt his fur tear and blood began to run onto the brick.

"Stop!Stop!Stop!" He cried. He dug his paws under Sky and heaved her off, gasping as her claws released him. With a cry, Sky tumbled backwards and slid off the ledge. She toppled down the brick wall, thumping and crashing on stones, small bits of brick clattering after her. The other cats stared in horror as she crashed down past them before hitting the ground with a thud. She wasn't moving.

"Sky! No!" Night cried, tears welling up in his eyes. Everyone knew him and Sky were mates, and even that they were going to have kits. He flattened his ears and let his tail hang to the ground. He was quiet for a while, not moving or making a sound. Tony began to edge back up the hill, but he was already at the top, and he couldn't go up anymore.

Night's ears and tail gently began to lift. The fur on his back stood erect. Ever..so..slowly, he turned around, his amber eyes ablaze with fire. They locked on Tony, and through a flash of lightning, Tony saw his lips curl in a smile. He chuckled softly as he moved towards Tony. Tony tried to edge back, but his back legs almost slipped over the back of the wall. Lighning flashed again, and Tony saw that Night's smile had turned into a menacing snarl. His fur was so strait he looked like a porcupine. He walked on the tips of his claws, his back arched as high as it would go. His ears were strait, pricking at Tony. A long deep growl rumbled in his throat.

"Tony," He snarled. "You-you have gone beyond a tratior. You..have killed..Sky!"

"I-I-I d-didn't tr-try it!" Tony sputtered, flattening himself against the brick and trying to will the stone under Night's paws to crumble. But Night only slid sure-footedly up higher.

"Murderer! Murderer!" Night screamed as lighning burst through the clearing. "I'll tear you to pieces Tony! I'll tear you up and feed you to the rats!" He leaped almost three tail-lengths up and landed in front of Tony. He swiped a paw low, trying to rip Tony's belly open. Tony leaped strait up, dodging the blow.

"I'll rip your ears off, crow-food!" Night caterwauled, swiping two paws at Tony's head. Spittle flecked from the black cat's mouth. Tony scrambled wildly out of the way. He felt the ground sliding out from under his paws. He screeched as the brick disappeared and he clawed frantically through the air. The wind blasted through his fur as he gained speed. He screwed up his face as wind whipped at it and stretched his paws strait down, his tail streaming out behind him.

Tony forced his eyes open and saw the concrete looming under him. He cracked down onto the floor, crying as he felt his bones snap and his legs buckle under him. He opened his eyes and saw blood puddling under him. He gathered his legs under him and forced himself up. He wailed as he put weight on his front leg and wavered, almost collapsing back onto the ground.

"There he is! Get him!" Someone snarled from above. Tony glanced up. Night was peering down over the brick wall. Tony heard paws pounding over stone just before Fire and Rain burst around the corner. Tony yowled and limped frantically for the opposite wall. Fire and Rain were unhurt and fast, but Tony had a big head start. He was almost to the wall and glanced back at the two cats. They were far behind. Suddenly he heard a hiss. He turned back around and gulped.

Standing in front of a large hole in the wall and him were three cats. Billy, Mary, and small little Icy. They all had their hackles raised and their claws unseathed.

"Get him!" Tony looked back. Fire and Rain were gaining. He couldn't stop. Without even pausing in stride, he ran right for the cats. He was only about a fox-length away. Mary looked shocked and Billy took a step back. Icy looked uncertiantly at the older cats.

With two more bounds, Tony landed in front of the cats. But he didn't stop there. Bunching three of his legs under him, (Except for the injured one) He leaped up, and sailed right over the three cats! Three pairs of paws swiped at him but missed every time. Tony crashed down behind them and sprang for the hole in the brick, flying neatly through it. He landed on the tangled weeds below and paused for a moment, panting. Then he scrambled to his paws and bagan to limp painfully away. It wasn't until he was several fox-lengths away that he glanced back, and saw Night's head peering through the gap he had come through.

"That's right, run, Tony, run!" He screeched. "You are never welcome in The Gang Of Claws again, Tony, never!" Tony bundled through the thick grass until Night's voice faded and all he heard were the coming noises of the storm.


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