Hello fans, forgive me for not being productive and telling you all that I am currently on hiatus. College along with the need of a new computer is what has been consuming all of my time and since I have put some stories on halt, I figured I would give you this funny ass gift. Someone emailed me this story saying that they could 'write' way better than me and 'blow both of my stories out of the water'; offering me a 'Pity Collaboration'. So, as my special gift to you, I'm going to let you read it too. In it's original, unedited emailed form.

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Darkness is what one calls...others call it 'the fear of mind'. Teh. People call me that from time to time today. Hell I don't mind...because those who call me that...doesn't even get the chance to say my name. Poor, poor bastards. Heh. Where are my manners, names Ace - 'The One Hit Wonder'- apparently. I got this name from my father, before he died. That was when my mother tried to take me in for the meantime...and she died leaving me...at a very young age of 2...2 heheh, pitiful. The night she died it was raining, the day my father died...it was misty...nothing but fog. Me...I saw nothing but red, splattered, liquid blood. But I guess you should know what I looked like right now, let's just say I have red eyes, bright as a night owls' I say, long black raven hair in a high ponytail with bangs that almost make me look half-wolf. Also my so-called fanged two-teeth. 'Oh frightening' you say, 'how weird' you say...well it's true, deal with it. I also have tanned skin with slight buffness- ooh scary now- bitch please. Beside the point my father was once a hitman...murder that protected his wife and kid. A man half Russian- half Japanese. Have you ever spoken Japanese with a Russian like accent - hard isn't it - well it's easy for me. Heheh want to hear my story...my mistakes...my 'goals'? How I became my own animal? If you said 'yes' - good - if you said 'no'- you're still listening. Sit back and listen, because it's a long, long story...starting from when I was born to 9 years old.

Chapter 1 - The babies cradle - part 1

They say that applesauce is a mix of peach and pear. Together they were sweeter than ever, Coffee and sugar, still tasty. But the sweetest of all...chocolate and strawberries.

[October 15, 2001] - [Osaka, Japan]

Some may think that little minds can forget things quicker than most adult's - your dead wrong completely wrong nutheads.

It was autumn as a young couple awoke from their bed..well..a young woman anyway. The woman was Japanese with long black hair with red tips at the end of her hair and bangs. She wore a white gown. She mumbled in her sleep while in bed as she opened her chocolate brown eyes to smelled a hint of bacon. The famine figure then looked to her left to see not her husband or anybody for the matter. She slumply got out of bed and slipped on her fuzzy white slippers. Then stretched and went downstairs to see the person who was making the food.

Downstairs, a male that was Russian/Japanese with a dark brown hair and red eyes with a short cutted beard. He wore a blue shirt with white boxers and blue slippers. He smiled ever so slightly while making breakfast for his lovely wife and himself.

His wife soon came down with sleepy eyes.

''Morning, Ayane.'' the male said to the woman named Ayane.''Morning, Sa'un.'' the woman named Ayane said to the male as Sa'un hugged Ayane to the waist and kissed her. ''I love you so much Ayane, I don't ever want to let you go.'' ''I'm glad that I even married you.'' Together they kissed once more and giggled. ''By the way did you know it was our 25th anniversary together today?'' Sa'un asked his wife as she was suddenly in shock and answered softly with tears, ''I'm so sorry, I forgot.'' ''It's alright, don't worry so much my darling alright?'' , He said comforting her, ''Besides, I planned the whole day for us.''

''No going out with the guys tonight, right?'' she asked.

''Not at all, sweetheart.''


''By the way ...''


''Breakfast is ready.''

Ayane looked behind her to see a table filled with plates of food, a flower bouquet, and a love note placed gently and neat. All she could do was smile at her husband as she sat down in a wooden chair and said,

''Thanks so much sweetie, I wish I could have done this for us.''

''Well, somehow I knew you wouldn't get a present for me on time, so I made sure to get something else for the both of us to have for each other.''

''B-But, I thought this was the gift?'' The male shook his head and said, ''This was just a 'surprise'...the real gift is this...''

Her husband then took out a red box which had asilver and a gold chain with the halves of a silver and gold heart together with the first letters of their names engraved on each other's. The woman smiled and cried as she held a hand to her heart and said,

''Oh honey.''

''Happy Anniversary, sweetie.''

He then took out the necklaces and put the silver chain on with a gold half of the heart with the first letter of her name on it, while she wore the gold chain with a silver heart with his letter.

''Well, let's eat.'' Sa'un said to his wife while holding her hand. The black and red haired woman nodded as they sat and ate.

To no notice, the couple was being watched for almost a minute or two as two figures; a male that was as old as '60' and a male with a black fuzzed beard. They both wore black pants and a white pressed shirt with a tan body bullet proof vest. They also wore black shoes; the elder man was kind of young as he had black/grey hair and blue eyes. The younger make had black hair with green eyes.

The younger man whispered slightly, 'You know what to do.'' The elder man nodded as they both toook out their hand guns and picklocked the mansions backdoor and went inside.

The couple inside were still enjoying their breakfast together. In sudden disturbance, Sa'un noticed a flake from their ceiling as he got up slowly and said, ''Excuse me a moment.'' as he kissed his wife once more as she smiled. ''Be safe.'' Ayane said between sips of her coffee. ''I will, don't worry.'' the male with a hint of killing intent in his eyes. He soon went upstairs in a hurry and grabbed a rifle and a desert eagle. He laughed half-heartly as he picked up his guns.

My father had always been the type that was meant for 'kill'. His eyes would be of those of a wolfs', luminous and feared when handling his weapon. All a part of a strawberry being freshly cut.

Chapter 1 - The babies cradle - part 2

''Freeze, FBI!'' The two men yelled as they barged into the houses kitchen. A female screamed as she jumped from the yell. ''Freeze Mrs.!'' the elder man said.

''Don't hurt me, sir.'' the woman yelped.

''It's alright ma'am, just follow me.''

''But I'm not kidnapped.''

''Ma'am, you are aware that your husband is an 'A' class Hitman.''

''Well duh, SA'UN!'' As sudden charge, one of the two men then went behind the woman and grabbed her from behind. The woman then struggled.

''Ma'am stay still-''

By surprise, Ayane judo flipped the young FBI officer. The elder man ran behind the woman, only to be shot of the ligament of his foot having him cry out in pain and miss fire by his partner.

''Budd, you alright?'' the young officer yelled. ''Yeah, just...kind of...hurting right now...John help me out here.'' Budd said to his partner as John ran towards his friend as another after another pounds of bullets came shooting through the walls of the room. The two took cover as well as Ayane as she covered herself by the counter.

''Don't you fends EVER touch my wife.'' a male voice yelled while his wife ran towards him, but was caught by the leg of one of the cops' hands consulting of having to put his hands gun near her head while forearming her neck. ''Honey!'' Ayane screamed for her husband, as Sa'un took out his hand gun and pointed it towards the officer holding his wife by the neck.

''Turn yourself in and your wife will be alright.'' said the old officer Budd.

Sa'un had a look in his eyes as he thought, ''When the timing is right, I'll kill these fools.''

''John cuff'm!''

The officer then began to rush over and told him to drop his weapon. Sa'un nodded and dropped his hand gun as the officer tried to hand cuff him. In sudden turn, he grabbed the gun as it dropped past his knee and shot the gunman in his arm in a heartbeat the officer tried to take the he had in his side pocket. Sa'un shot him in the shoulder, the ligament of the leg, and his other shoulder and double shot his right hand having to bleed out continuously.

''SHIT! BUDD!'' the elder officer started shooting towards the hitman as Sa'un just grabbed a flower vase and a cup as he shielded himself away from the bullets. The glass broke as Sa'un then rushed over to the elder officer and sliced his throat with a secret pocket knife and stripped his body vest, took the officers own gun and shot him in his heart five times. Sa'un chuckled half-hearted once more as he kicked the elder officer to the side as he ducked early by a bullet or two by the young officer and shot John through the head and stomped his head having his whole brain splatter all over the kitchen. He walked over to his wife and helped her up.

''You alright?'' Ayane nodded her head and hugged him around the neck.

''Are you ok sweetheart.'' She asked looking at his bulkiness. He nodded and said, ''You go ahead and shower up…I'll take out some trash, ok?'' she nodded and tip-toed out the kitchen to their bathroom.

The male just stared at the dead bodies and laughed while shooting at their kitchens roof.

''SA'UN!'' his wife yelled.

''Sorry sweetie!'' He answered back while picking up the dead bodies, ''I was too over joyed!''

Meanwhile in their upstairs bathroom, Ayane was about to take a bath as she stripped from her clothing and wrapped a towel around her body. She then looked through their rooms dressers and found a package that said 'Pregnancy Progression Kit' and took out a black mini pack and opened it. It revealed a needle; five pink and white strips; a mini pin-in mechanism like stopwatch. Ayane smiled happily as she laid the packet onto the bathroom counter and proceeded with her bath.

Sa'un later came upstairs and switched his bloody shirt with a fresh shirt and his boxers with fresh ones. Then later put his guns away and pulls out a red and gold laptop. In a sudden turn, a female voice screamed out in happiness, Sa'un sighed at his wife's sudden scream of happiness as he yelled, ''Honey, what's up?!'' The screaming female then walked out wearing only a white lace bra and panties while holding a blue and white strip. She had her hair in a high ponytail.

''I have to tell you something, honey.''

''What is it?'' she then showed the strip as she calmed down and softly said, ''…I'm pregnant.''

Sa'un's eyes then shot wide open and said, ''Ayane…I-Is true?'' she nodded as she sat on their black and red silk sheeted bed and kissed Sa'un on the cheek. ''Already?'' she nodded and asked, ''Aren't you happy?''

''I'm…shocked sweetheart, I've got nothing to say-'' Ayane then turned his face towards her softly, ''-But congratulations?'' she said completing his sentence. He said nothing back and smiled.

''See I knew you would be happy about it.''

''Yeah…I knew to.''

Hmmhmm, what a surprise. What. A. Surprise. Haha. Yup that day…that day was the day that my mother knew she was pregnant. My father was very, very shocked. He knew in sudden pause that if she had that child, his and her flesh in blood would be a hitman like he was…it would be in the family bloodline and it would happen to be possible to have a gene so powerful it could be impossible to happen in such a tiny human. This is the mother's cradle of her child…the babies cradle.

Chapter 2 – A healthy born baby

Like dinner there always comes dessert. How about an éclair and raspberry tart? And an addition to that, cherry pie.

It was another bright morning and the sky was slightly cloudy as Ayane woke up cuddled next to her husband. The woman got out of bed and opened the scarlet and golden curtains of their large two pairs of windows on both sides of the room slightly and dim. She crawled back in bed carefully as she kissed her husband. Sa'un slightly woke from his dream and looked to his left and said, ''Good morning.'' And kissed her back softly. ''Why so much light sweetheart? He groaned as he rubbed his eyes and sat up upon his bed.

He then sighed and asked, ''So, how's the baby doing?'' Ayane rubbed her belly that was now twice as large as her head and said, ''It's doing just fine, I'm still wondering if it will be a boy or a girl.''

''I'm wondering also…but there's something I need to tell you, Honey…''

''What is it?''

''…In my family tree…my bloodline consists of my relative's being-''

''-Hitmen…I understand.''

''I'm trying my hardest not be an influence…just for you…but sometimes it's just too hard Ayane…It's just too hard.'' He said with hints of sadness in his voice.

His wife then took his hand and said, ''Sweetheart,' she says while caressing his face , ''Maybe if you just quit being so rational and when the child's born you won't have to act that way in front of it.'' Sa'un smiled and nodded once more…he smiled for his yet unborn child and his wife.

''Well, since your pregnant, I suggest that I take your turn to clean and cook for the meantime until it's time.'' Ayane nodded and went back to sleep.

''Just so beautiful when she sleeps.'' He thought looking at his wife's body rise and go down by her breathing.

My mother…If she was alive right now…would have been happy yet disappointed to see me…like this. My dad was in deep thought that day. He was happy to have a child yet, would be too much of a job him being a hitman and all. Let's skip ahead of a year…amazing huh to have to hold a baby's embryos in a female's stomach for months life is truly amazing because most people would only keep it in so~ long heheh.

It was now October 31, 2002 as it was now back to fall. Sa'un and Ayane were watching T.V. on their Aquos flat screen as they lay in bed. Ayane nudged as her husband Sa'un asked,

''What's wrong?''

''The babies been kicking alot lately.'' She turned to her husband and smiled and asked, ''Do you want to feel?'' Sa'un stared at his wife and nodded as he rubbed her belly as his expression then became surprised as he felt a slight thump and whispered, ''It kicked.'' Ayane giggled as Sa'un just smiled.

''Well, let me fix us a good lunch while I'm at it.''



''I want just a salad, if that's fine.''


''-And a hamburger too.''


''Ooooh and some fish with extra tartar sauce!''

''Ayane, I think you should slow down with your cravings-''

''Or maybe some pizza with anchovies-''


''S-Sorry…I can' help it.''

Sa'un sighed, ''I know, I know.'' He said with an aggravated voice. Sa'un then went downstairs towards the kitchen. As he went downstairs he heard silent footsteps not bound by naked hearing sounds. To sudden thought he paused for a plan as of no sight that a figure in clad black as the figure had the words in caps and points. S.W.A.T.-EX. Sa'un then said out loud, ''Ayane, I'll be there in a moment!'' he slowly went downstairs towards the houses first floor and went to a nearby closet and secretly grabbed his P2000 machine handgun and reloaded it putting into his belt of his blue jeans. Sa'un smiled to himself and yawned.

Two unknown personas were trying to sneak upon the man as they nodded to each other and took out a knife. Sa'un pretended to yawn once more and said aloud, ''Fucking ninja's.'' The two figures eyes' split wide as they simultaneously jumped to different directions as a gunshot was then heard as each other and then looked back to each other than behind then- a click, a smirk, and a boom- they were gone and dead. Sa'uns' eyes were then glowed a brighter red as a so called fang showed.

Meanwhile upstairs, Ayane was napping as their clock above their bed reached the time of 5:45 p.m. She then awoke and felt a wet spot on her bed. She unrevealed her cover to see a big water spot. Her eyes then shot open wide as she called, ''SA'UN!''

Downstairs, Sa'un heard the yell from upstairs and whispered, ''Ayane…'' then yelled, ''I'm coming!''

Unknown to Ayane as she huffed and puffed and repeated, the S.W.A.T.-EX that were secretly above her dropped from the ceiling. Ayane could only scream and take in deep breaths as she saw five men clad in black surround her. All the members of the team then looked at each other as Ayane yelled for her husband once more.

''Don't worry ma'am, we'll get you to a hospital right away and put you in 'safety'.'' a member said assuring the woman as he snapped his fingers and his squad then slowly lifted her. Ayane yelped and squinted her eyes while huffing and puffing once.

''Why do these people always try to keep me away from my husband, I swear.'' She thought as she yelled, ''PUT ME THE HELL DOWN YOU NUTJOBS!'' The squad was not affected by the woman's screams of letting her down and continued to walk while carrying her. Suddenly, the lights shut off around the whole mansion.

''THE HELL IS HE PLANNING!'' The leader said. Meanwhile, Ayane's husband snuck in and cut on his night vision goggles and whispered, ''Let's get it on.'' As he also swung an object slightly. The leader looked around as he heard swinging and thought, ''The bast- huh?!'' as he suddenly ducked and jumped as a giant steel ball would swing directly to him.

''Dammit, should have gotten night goggles. '' He mumbled to himself. He then heard moaning and groaning as he turned to see his fallen men on the ground bleeding out. The male then turned towards the bed to see the woman missing and steel ball coming towards him and said,

''Aw fu-!'' as it hit him dead into his chest and passed out.

Meanwhile on the first floor of their mansion, Ayane was still huffing and puffing as Sa'un came down with a warm towel and warm watered opaque gloves on his hands with a pair of scissors.

''How you coming along sweetheart?'' Ayane's husband asked assuring to help her.

Ayane squinted her eyes, ''How do you think I'm doing you lifeless PRICK!'' she yelled with her eyes shot open.

''Excuse me?''

She huffed and puffed once more. ''Sorry hun'. ''

''It's alright, we'll get through this.''


''Sorry, sorry, sorry…now on my count, push as hard as you can ok.'' Ayane nodded.

''Ok..ready?...1..2..3..push!'' Ayane then started to hold her breath and push, ''Good..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!'' Ayane exhaled. ''Very good, ok here comes the next push…ready, ok'', Sa'un then continued to count from 1 to 15 nice and slowly as Ayane then began to push and yell this time. She then exhaled once more after the count at 15.

''Sa'un, I'm afraid I can't do this any longer.'' Ayane said as she began to sob, ''Don't worry the sooner the better …ok…'' Ayane nodded once more. Sa'un then took a look at the inside of her ''hole'' and said, ''Just 15 centimeters sweetheart…ready…just one big push…and go..'' Ayane inhaled and held her breath.

''1..2..3..4..5..'' Ayane was about to turn red, ''8..9..10..11 – here's the head – 12..13..14..15!'' Ayane yelled and screamed as she felt blood running in her cheeks making them a bright red color. Suddenly…crying…a smile…and a happy husband.

And guess what the babies' gender was. My mom was happy about her first born.

Ayane breathed heavily as Sa'un breathed in with a smirkish smile and said, ''Ayane..it's a boy.'' Ayane the took a good sigh of happiness as Sa'un cut the umbilical cord and handed the baby towards her. Sa'un chuckled under his breath as Ayane tacked in their child.

''I'll be right back…I have to get a blanket and cap for the baby.''

Meanwhile, the leader of the S.W.A.T.-EX then woke up slowly in a chair tied up in the middle of Ayane and Sa'un's room in the dark. He slowly looked around with gorgy eyes until he saw a shot gun pointed to his face. ''So you decided you wanted to wake up…how sweet of you.'' A male voice said.

The group leaders' eyes shot open wide as he tried to struggle out of the chair.

''STOP GOD DAMN MOVING!'' the male yelled as the man stopped. The other man circled around him and took off the chaired man's mask and looked him dead into his eyes and said, ''If you EVER come back to my mansion again along with your homies…you'll be begging for worser death. UNDERSTAND!'' the male said with glaring red eyes. The tan skinned blue eyed man with black hair then answered back, ''Not on your life, hitman.''

''It's Sa'un to you punk.''

''It doesn't matter now anyway, because once everyone knows I'm dead,'' the leader giggled as Sa'un was not intimidated by the act, ''they'll send over someone very special to take you out.''

Sa'uns' boiling point was about to reach as he then heard the male giggle. A snap…crackled…then a pop! The man was now dead as he still sat there with a bullet lodged through his head. Sa'un laughed to himself with blood splattered in his face and clothing. He then life the dead body and chair and threw the body and the other bodes out the back window into a ditch. Sa'un then took a lighter and threw it into the dead body pit. Sa'un giggled and said, ''Bold dickhead.''

Downstairs, Ayane was sitting on the couch of their living room and hummed a song while washing off her baby with a wet towel.

''I'm here, Ayane.'' A male voice said. Ayane smiled as she saw her husband with a blanket and the baby's cap. ''Oh Sa'un…he's wonderful.'' She said taking the blanket and wrapping around the baby. Sa'un put the cap on the baby's' head and asked,

''What should we name him?''

''Hmm…Well I like cards so~ how about Ace?''


''Yeah, it's cute yet has a calm insertion, I love it.''

''Me too.''

''By the way, how did you get blood on yourself again?''

Sa'un chuckled. ''Don't even tell me Sa'un.''

''May I still hold the baby?''

''Go wash up first.''

''Come on Aya-san.''

''No, go trade shirts or something first.'' Sa'un just 'hmped' playfully as Ayane just smiled back.

Chapter 3 – Still growing strong

It's been half a year since that birth now as it was now summer and my family packed their bags to move to their summer house near the beach. Yes, it's a beach house, a huge one at that.

[July 4, 2002] – [Okinawa Beach]

''What a wonderful breeze, right honey?'' a female voice said as she wore a black bikini with roses on it. She carried a baby with red shirt and khakis shorts worn onto him. His hair was short and raven black with a fancy curl on top of his head making his red eyes and tanned skin look himself cute.

''You sure are cupcake.'' A male voice said as he wore a pair of black shorts with a white muscle shirt and brown sandals.

''By the way Sa'un, we need to get fireworks for tonight.'' The female voice said . The male nodded and took the baby Ace from her hands. ''Daddy...'' the child said smiling about seeing his father.

''Hello, little one.'' Sa'un said chuckling as the 'little one' yawned and hugged his dad around the neck and slept. ''Oh, it feels so much better when another part of the family is added Ayane.''

Ayane then smirked and said, ''you want another one?'' Sa'un blushed a bright red and questioned, ''I don't know Ayane?''

''Oh come on,' Ayane scooted towards her husband and did a pouty lip. 'Please~?'' She looked over to see that her husband was missing as he started to quickly walk towards their beach house. ''SA'UN!'' she yelled as she ran to her husband.

On turning tables, a woman with black hair with blue tips and wore white sandals that had blue lilies. She also wore a blue string bikini with white polka dots. The lady was a slight tan with brown eyes and was spying the couple through binoculars.

''Hmm, so she's made it along with her hubby.'' ? Said. The mysterious woman then noticed a child with the husband and awed at the sight. ''And whose this bundle of joy? I definitely have to go see.'' She said as she put her binoculars in a blue rose and clear plastic bag and walked over to a beach house.

At the overall largely beach house, the couple settled in and sat in the back patio as they watched their son play in a small pool. Their son, Ace, now had on blue & black swimming trunks and an orange floaty on each arm. Ayane was lying on a beach chair with sunshades that had a blue shade of hue. Unknown to her husband, she was asleep. As Sa'un laid alongside of her, he looked over and kissed her neck to her chin to her lips as Ayane stirred in her sleep.

''Sa'un, could you stop please? I'm tired.''

''Why today Ayane, you were never tired like this before.'' At this Ayane looked to her husband taking her sunglasses off.

''Well, things change for the better.'' She put back on her sunshades and turned away.

''Don't turn away from me.'' Sa'un tickled Ayane as she laughed then kissed her husband to the lips.

''God, I love you Sa'un.''

''Me too.''

A doorbell ringed. Sa'un got up as Ayane pushed him back, ''I'll get it.'' Sa'un smiled and continued to watch the child swim.

-''Hello, how may I-''

''Sis!'' a female voice yelled. It was the woman with black hair that had blue tipped ends. She looked to be a inched or two shorter.

''Chisa!'' the two hugged, ''How's it been lil' sis?''

''Oh it's been great.'' The woman Chisa answered.

''Um, can you wait here a second?''


''Thanks.'' Ayane closed the door then yelled, ''SA'UN!''

Chisa just sat on the porches chair and waited. Sa'un ran to his wife with Ace in hand.

''What's wrong Ayane?''

''My sister is here to visit!''


''So! Listen, if she notices one smidge of evidence of you being a hitman she's gonna freak!''

Sa'un sighed, ''Fine, I'll put my weapon's in our attic, it's much easier.''

''But she likes to put her things in the attic.''

''…Shit, I'll take the basement.'' Before Ayane could say something back Sa'un said , ''And I'll make sure it's locked, just stall her for the mean being, here take Ace.'' He said as he handed over the child.

On the porch Chisa was texting on her blue verison wireless phone as she then heard a door shut.

''Chisa so sorry but were having a little problem with our house , my husband won't take long.''

''Oh it's alright, I like the ocean breeze outside.'' Chisa said.

''Cool, I thought you would be a little worried.''

''Whose this little cherry pie?'' the blue tip haired woman asked heartly. ''Oh I forgot, this is Ace, our son, you wanna hold?''

''Sure.'' Chisa said as she grabbed hold of the one year old baby. ''He's so precious Ayane and he's got a little curl on his head.''

''So, you still on your poetry tours?'' Her sister nodded.

''Can I hold Ace for a little longer, I want to take him around Okinawa.'' Ayane blinked then said, ''Sure, but please bring him back safely, if he doesn't return, my husband might go on a killing spree – I mean bad mood.'' Chisa just giggled and grabbed her bag, putting it over her shoulder while carrying Ace in her right hand.

''Alright , well then I guess I should wait a little longer, tata!'' Chisa said waving back. Ayane waved and went back inside the beach house .


''I'm up here!'' a voice yelled. Ayane scrambled upstairs on the wooden carved floor.

Meanwhile , Sa'un was in the baby's room stuffing a box full of handguns on the top shelf of the closet. Ayane soon walked in seeing her husband put weapons in the baby's closet. ''What are you doing?''

''I figured I'd put my handguns in the baby's closet of the top shelf.''

''But why he-'' Sa'un nodded as Ayane 'oh'ed about what he did. ''But I swear if my babby gets even one hand on your guns-''

''Relax Ayane, their up here, he has small hands and can' t reach.''

Ayane thought a second and said, ''Fine, by the way, before you ask where our child is he's with my sister for a little while.''

''Ok good, now help me carry my sub-light machine guns and rifle up into my closet.''

''Alright.'' Ayane grabbed his rifle and went to their room.

Meanwhile with Chisa and Ace, They both went to get ice cream.

Yay~…ok shut-up onto the story.

They soon went to a store as Chisa bought some new clothes for the baby and a new beach blanket and floaters. Then went back to see if Sa'un and Ayane were ready yet.

Back at the family of the Yamazaki's, Sa'un and his wife sat in their bedrooms.

''Weapons put up?'' the chocolate eyed woman asked.

''Check.'' The light crimson eyed man said.

''Got everything for the beach; sunblock, towels, beach ball, sandals, umbrella, beach chairs?''


''Good, now for the final thing on the to-do list…'' Ayane said as she put her hands upon Sa'un's shoulders. Sa'uns' eyes then shot open wide as he blushed and said, ''Not now Ayane!''

''Oh come on…you know you want it.''

''Well, I suppose so.''

''Audi boy.''

''Hey, I am no dog!''

''To me you are just as a watch dog as anybody else in the world.'' she said with a smile as Sa'un frowned and left out of the room. ''Oh come one Sa'un.'' Ayane said as she laughed as Sa'un chuckled.

Soon later, Ace and Chisa returned back to the beach house as Chisa pushed the doorbell. Ayane soon appeared at the door and let them in.

''Wow, I really like the inside of the house more.'' An energetic voice said with petite. ''Thanks Chisa, oh and I'd like for you to meet my husband.'' Ayane yelled as she took her child out of her sisters arms her husbands' name. Sa'un soon came in. Chisa stared at the handsome young man before her. ''This is my hubby, Sa'un.''

''So this is your sister! So, what's your name?'' Sa'un asked towards the dark and blue highlighted haired woman.

''Oh, it's Chisa Touyo, but my sis probably has a different surname by now.'' Chisa answered to the man proudly. ''This has to be the hitman that's wanted, I just have to tell my boss, but…then again…'' she thought.

''Chisa, are you alright?'' a female voice asked her out of thought. ''Oh um yes…yes, so what's going on with you guys?''

''Oh nothing much since we had Ace.'' Ayane said sadly.

''So you all going to the beach to set off some fireworks later tonight?''

''Well not unless someone gets us some?'' Ayane looked over to her husband. Sa'un looked to his wife and said nothing but glare. ''For God's sake Ayane, I can't buy everything.'' Sa'un said.

''But, you can…and besides…I have to check the bank right quickly.''

''Oh sure you do…last time I checked your account was fuller than mine, hell even when you go shopping it refills just like a fucking drink.'' Sa'un shouted.

''Is that so?''

''You damn right it is.''

To all the shouting going on Ace started to tear up and cry silently. ''Shit.'' Chisa said to herself, ''don't worry, it'll be ok Ace.'' She said rocking the baby of its whining. The baby's parents continued to argue as Chisa suddenly became slightly angry and shouted, ''You two should be ashamed of yourselves!'' The two stopped for what sounded like a measly moment and looked toward each other.

Ayane then started to feel a ping of guilt in her heart for making Ace cry as Sa'un closed his eyes and sighed for meaning to yell at his wife for meaningless things.

'''I'm sorry.''' They said in unison. '''No, I am.''' They both forehead slapped themselves and said, '''This is not working out well as I hoped.''' Chisa couldn't help but laugh at the both as they started to laugh.

''Oh Sa'un I feel…so stupid.'' Ayane said.

''Now don't say that honeybunch …because I feel stupider.'' Ayane laughed at his remark and kissed his cheek. Sa'un then kissed her lips with passion. A sudden grunt sound from a throat stopped their moment as Chisa said, ''Um, not in front of the baby.'' While shielding his eyes. The couple quickly broke apart and lightly brushed themselves. Sa'un went over and took Ace from Chisa's hands and saw that the woman had a medium sized tattoo of a blue/red rose with green vines and a magnum revolver handgun that was silver.

''Um, nice tattoo you have on your neck there.'' Sa'un complemented.

''Oh…uh thank you very much…I thought it was a nice pick too.'' She answered back in a slight nervous tone. Sa'un nodded as he thought, ''I just know I've seen that tattoo somewhere…eh it'll come back to me.''

''Come on Chisa, I'll show you around the house .'' Ayane said going upstairs. Chisa soon followed her as Sa'un still looked at Chisa from the corner of his eyes. The two women were soon gone as Sa'un suddenly went to the basement of the beach house.

Sa'un sighed and looked over to his son and said ,"I wasn't supposed to show you yet till you were older Ace