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Dear Ryuu, this is just a Introdukesion post cence i saw that shit you got before and I wanted to do better. Because I could and my OOC is the best around. Sit back and get lost in a world of FANTASTY:

+ Is for Daichi(My OOC)

-Is for Usagikiko

=Is for Yumi

Post 1:

It was a typical day in the cafe: Boring and quiet. Daichi sat at the bar as a beatiful girl with pink hair walked over. It was straight and long the upper part pulled into a side ponytail. She sat next to handsome Dai but she didn't know she was being dollowed. The pink haired maiden who was named Usagikiko Yo because she was a beoutiful child of the moon and also a priestess in the other world, but I'll get to that later. Then the assassin attacked that had been following her. Daichi reached over and grabbed Usagikiko and they both feel to the ground. Usagikiko landed ontop of Dai and her boob was in his face with her maid skirt up. She was a maid and a hot maid at that. They both blushed and looked at eachother Moon princess chahime looked so hot with her hair down and Daichi felt his errectional growing. They almost has sex until the assasin who was also a hot chick but with blue hair named Yumi Ikedayuou tries to strike them again. She missed. Moon chahime jumped up and hide behind the counter and Dai stood up. He was tall and mysteryous. About 6foot and 5 inches tall, with Raven black hair and lustful crimson eyes and a scar on his left cheek from a painful childhood past. He was muscular but only the ladies he has been with would know because his looks would surprise you. He was hot and strong, and was afraid of using his strength, but he would to protect the people he loved. And he loved Usagi, but he did not tell her. So, Daichi faces the stranger assasin girl and says

+Hey you girl+ He then turned his attention to the unknown girl. His eyes full of lust and rage because she was so cute and hot but deadly too all together

=What the hell do you want?= She looked back at him, trying to pretend to be uninterested in Dai but she couldn't help herself and found herself getting lost in his Blood mooned eyes

-...- Is all Yumi could say because she was behind the counter still thinking about the kiss that her and Daichi-sakun had that almost lead to them having sex like they will later

Bak to action

Daichi lept into the air like a ninaj and jumped behind Ikedayuou. He grabbed her from behind and started touching her titties mad hard, but still remained cool and made Yumi scream cutely.

She wanted him.

Usagikiko jumped from behind the counter now that the assain was caught and wouldn't hurt anyone. She pulled off her mask and realized it was it was Yumi from their classes at school.

Usahikiko kissed Yumi while Daichi help her from the back

The used tongue and kissed eachother harder. Dai-sakuns errectional came back and Yumi leaned back and they all fell on Daichis dick

He kept is cool saying

+I know you know that even tho theirs two of you it's not gonna be east+ Both girls looked at Daichis massive, rock hard 14 itch cock and Yumi drools

She wanted to be with Daichi forever but she knew he loved Usagikiko, but she didn't care.

Usagi played shy at first as Yumi drove Daichi and then she took a turn and rode Dai-samas cock too

and they had a three-way

Yumi and Usaikiko were virgins and Yumi has a nice smaller frame and Usagikiko had large tits and a fat ass

Yumi had a fat ass too and long hair which made the sex more visual for everyone and wafter our hero Daichi-sama got done fucking both gilrs he smoked a cigarette and left the two girls passed out and snored on the bed together. Like angles. Hot sex angels

This was a normal day for someone like Daichi Ababe, the Demon lord of sex.

This was just the intro Chapapter you gotta wait until my first peost in my RP group I making to read more.

I am Daichi or that is my human name. My real name is Daimetri and I am the Japanese sex Demon for the Underground world that you humans may call Hell. We call it Hellion, because it's more bad ass and everyone down here in bad ass. I am the owner of everything and the Lord of Hellion. My mission was to come to earth and rule it too but I feel in love with a girl named Usagikiko who is a highschool student because she is pure and innosence.

I run a night club from Hellion and word as the Bar Tender and serve drinks...and the occasional sexual fantasty.-Chickles darkling- But on earth, I am in Japan and run a cute cafe whether hot girls come in and I serve them sex too. Because that's how hot Im noone call. stay away from Daichi/Daimetri Ababe! The Sex Lord of Demons (More to come)

This is my gift to you Ryuu. I know youre gonna like it, but dont fall in love too fast not that Daimetri would mind -Giggles evily-