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Chapter 12. Interlude, part 2: We Meet Again

- Minutes later, Hall of Origin, Meadow of Purity -

"Hm, I think we're starting to get familiar with this place..." said Pearl as he plopped onto the grass with a big grin, watching his Pokemon play all across the meadow; all his hyper had rubbed off of them over time, and most of them were dying to stretch their muscles.

"Isn't it nice? I feel fresh just being here," replied Diamond as he drowsily laid on Tru's wide back, his own Pokemon gathered around him for a peaceful snooze. All around the two friend the other Dex Holders were spreading out, chatting or playing or resting with each other as they pleased.

"What a wonder," wondered Platina as Pearl and Dia looked over to notice her coming over with her usual thin smile. "Just last night this place was a tomb of despair for us, yet now we find so much joy and energy in the same place today."

"Funny, isn't it?" Pearl agreed as Diamond agreed, leaping up to observe the other Dex Holders again. Red and Yellow were fast alseep leaning onto a tree (and each other). Emerald had challenged Silver to a battle, which Pearl promised himself to go watch soon. Gold had dragged Ruby off to share a hushed conversation, discussing a subject which seemed to amuse him greatly while embarassing the younger boy greatly. Green was talking research stuff with Crystal and Sapphire, doing his best to ignore Blue's pestering from the side.

Pearl's gaze settled last on Black and White, sitting the grass and talking casually with Grey aloof in the side (as usual). The two juniors from Unova, though he hardly felt like a senior to them; both of them were almost as tall as he was, looked rather mature for a couple of thirteen-year-olds, and Black was quite above their level when it comes to Pokemon battles (though Pearl himself could claim to stand some ground). (#1)

Grey he found harder to observe; aloof and mysterious, he alone seemed to be the only one who still seemed to have difficulties in melting into their little community of Dex Holders. Whatever he was now, the past life he had led as King of Team Plasma was still a burden to him, and he wasn't the only one who was aware of it.

But Pearl was still hopeful for him. He could remember the first days of being together with the seniors that he'd never known before - it was quite chaotic, and there were quite a bit of discord among them (he could still recall the beating Gold got from Crys after that practical joke on the juniors), but they learned how to get along faster than he could've imagined. As Green-senpai had said: "We've come a long way from our journey... we're not the same kids who began it. None of us." (#2)

"I wonder what the Order's doing right now?" Spoke White as she turned to face the large lagoon, as if expecting Kyogre's head to poke out of its surface - as if there was any room, with Walo in there. (#3)

"Wouldn't they be consulting battle plans right now?" Asked back Black with a shrug. "I mean, I'm grateful they offered us time to rest, but shouldn't we be down there fighting too?"

"True enough, dearest, but resting is just as important as fighting in a war," spoke a familiar mental voice, and Pearl jumped in surprise to find Reshiram towering over the younger Dex Holders with a glorious smile. "We are no exceptions to that principle, so we figured we use the time in a meaningful way."

"Reshiram!" Exclaimed Gold in a pleasantly-surprised voice as the Dex Holders and their Pokemon began gathering around the Vast White Pokemon. "So you'll be with us today? Great! Where's the rest of the party?"

"Most of them are already here, wondering on how to approach you lot without feeling sorry for themselves," snorted Zekrom in amusement as he and Kyurem lumbered out from behind their sister. "Silly, not? Our bonds with you may not be so strong, but I know that it'll last even after such a trial we've faced a while ago. Am I not right?"

"That you are, Lord," affirmed Grey with a bow at the Deep Black Pokemon. "But am I wrong to ask you if recovery is the sole reason of us being here?"

"No and no, Young Drake," chuckled Zekrom. With a jolt Pearl realized why the deities have been calling Grey 'young drake' all along - it was in respect of the Draco Plate that was a part of him - dragon's blood flowed in his veins. "After the time of rest is over we must return to the matter at hand - 'we' including you, of course. Your thoughts will be a welcome addition to our council."

"And also..." added Kyurem as he slowly turned to Grey. "Zekrom here says he has a... private matter to discuss with you. What, I wonder, is so secret that not even we can hear about it?"

"It's a matter... between us," coughed Zekrom self-consciously when Grey gave him a questioning look. "Come now, it's not a pleasant talk, and the less ears that hear this the better." (#4)

"...What was that all about?" Wondered Pearl out loud as the Deep Black Pokemon quickly led the eldest Dex Holder away with his Pokemon.

"Private matter, and a dark one?" Muttered Black thoughtfully with Musha clinging onto his shoulder like a squishy pillow. "Well, between those two, the best issue I can think of is - "

"Something that concerns Team Plasma, yes?"

An unfamiliar mental voice rang out, deep and wise with an edge of steel within. Pearl blinked in surprise to identify the speaker, until he saw two figures slowlt walking toward them - two of the Swords of Justice that had helped them restrain a hunfer-driven Kyurem while he was in Gheisis' control. (#5)

"Cobalion, Terrakion!" Black and White both cried in amazement as they rose to greet their old partners. "It's good to see you again! But, er, sorry. I didn't know you could - "

"Talk?" Asked back Cobalion with an amused glint in his eyes. "A gift from Lord Arceus, if you may. Her return has awakened many powers dormant within us." (#6)

"Incredible," whispered White in awe. "Where are Virizion and Keldeo?"

"Over there, talking with that snappish comrade of yours," shrugged Terrakion with a glance to the side, and Pearl followed his gaze to see the other two Rangers sitting next to Emerald. "Quite a spirit he's got... no wonder the Fist Plate chose him."

"You can say that again; sometimes he scares me," chuckled Black before looking somber again and continued: "I don't know if I'm being rude... but Master Red once told me that you guys had a distrust against... humans. Do you have a reason for that?"

Pearl cocked his head at that, interested. He didn't want his Pokemon to have a reason to dislike him, and the more he knew about it the better. Seeing that they were being asked to speak Virizion and Keldeo came over as well, trailed by Emerald, Sapphire and their Pokemon.

"It's... a long story," said Cobalion, looking hesitant around so much audience. "It goes back to the time when we were still mortals, back when mankind and Pokemon were young races warring against each other for dominance."

"Yes, I've heard there was such a time," nodded Platina thoughtfully from behind a surprised Pearl and Diamond. "But... when you were mortals? How is that possible?"

"That's a story for another time," replied Cobalion with a shake of his head. "During that time our races bore much spite against each other, which often led to needless violence. All four of us were the last of our kind; the humans had wiped out our herd in a cowardly ambush."

"Blade to blade they were no match for us, so they struck our homes," growled Terrakion with eyes burning as if reliving the memory. "Many times we're fought as our habitat burned around us, watching the helpless Pokemon fleeing only to be laid at the mercy of our enemies. The blood, the cruelty... our old memories are tainted by it."

Pearl felt his fingers tighten at the dark tale. He was thankful that they didn't live in such a world anymore - that their ancestors had learned something from their past strife.

"Take Keldeo here; I found him crying for his family within a burning forest," said Virizion as he nudged the young foal on the shoulder. "We took him under our wing and swore to end this war, if only to stop more young ones like him emerging. Ah, the adventures we've taken! The tale is worth many a nights of stories, I tell you."

"Indeed, the knights we've defeated, the castles we've raided..." said Cobalion with a faraway look. "We took it upon ourselves to be the Swords of Justice, and served as one for quite some time. But before long... we were no longer needed. Sometimes words served as better weapons of justice than blades, and we hid ourselves away when we felt that this world could maintain peace without us."

"Hm, you make the story sound better than it is..."

"Whoa!" Pearl leaped up at the voice to see Giratina's intimidating form towering over him, Dia and Platina from behind. "Why - don't ever do that again! Ugh, how can someone so huge be so good at creeping up on people?"

"You'd like to know," snorted the Renegade Pokemon, turning to the four Randers as they dipped their heads at him. "I remember when I found you in Mistralton Cave all those years ago, worn and weary from endless battles. Were you not plagued by doubt? Have you not begged me to take you to the Nether Realm because of it? Was it not until Arceus came to you in a vision that you regained your faith and joined us?" (#7)

"... That's a sad story," murmured White with a slight shudder.

"It's but a memory of the past," said Cobalion quietly. Then with a softer voice he added: "Long we bore that grudge, but it's no more now. Thanks to you and your friends we now know how much the world has changed... that peace has indeed come. Now we run with our swords high again, to preserve the justice that you have proven us."

Pearl grinned flattered; they were receiving a lot of praises lately.

"Pity, pity..." clicked Giratina as he slowly circled around the gathered Dex Holders. "I suppose this world can't afford to lose you yet. Frustrating, but I shall let nature take its course. Eventually you will all come to my realm..."

Pearl supressed a shudder again as a chill travelled down his spine. How in the world did Missy put up with the creepy Grim Reaper during her solo adventure two years ago?

"But I don't understand," said the said heiress as she looked up at the Titan with a curious blink. "You are the ruler of the Distortion World and of the dead as well? What do the two realms have in common so that they'd both come under your rule?"

"A wise question, Shade Child," rumbled Giratina, making Pearl and Dia flinch; how odd it was for a curious, lively soul like Missy to be the bearer of the Spooky Plate, a relic of ghosts and shadow! "Learn, then, that the Distortion World is like an intersection where the realm of the living and the dead meet. It is the only part of the Nether Realm that a living can enter at all, for all who dare to go beyond that boundary will be utterly undone." (#8)

"Why is that?" Platina inquired again.

Giratina looked ready for a long answer, but Pearl found his attention diverted elsewhere; more deities were joining the Dex Holders, most of whom he had yet to meet. He was eager to change that.


Dia's exclamation was laced with joy and recognition, and Pearl whipped around in surprise to see his friend standing in front of the colossal form of Regigigas, arms open in welcome of his old friend.

"You certainly know how to make a friend, Dia," remarked Emerald as he came over with an amazed look at the Titan. "Regigigas... having fought his minions, it was certainly a shock to know that their King is your pal."

"He must have seen something in me," replied Diamond with a proud grin as he continued to look up at Regigigas. "I didn't know what he really was back then... a Titan! That should mean you could talk... why didn't you?"

"... There was no need," rumbled the Colossal Pokemon, his voice so slow that it was a stark contrast to Grey's lightning-fast talk. "You could feel my heart, and I could feel yours. That was enough."

"... Thanks," said Diamond, sounding touched. Then, to Pearl's surprise, he held up his hand just as Regigigas got down on one knee to extend one giant palm. Like that human and Titan shook hands, as Dia's Pokemon gathered around to welcome back their comrade.

"Zekrom was right; our bonds are strong enough to survive yesterday," Pearl found himself speaking quietly, and couldn't help but grin a little. No matter the circumstances, friends were good things to have.

"Heyhey, look who's here!"

Gold's eager exclamation had Pearl snap his head sideways, in time to see the senior Dex Holder greeting a tigerlike Pokemon bearing a purple thundercloud on his back like a cape: Raikou, the Thunder-Racer.

"Looking strong as always, I see," purred the Thunder Pokemon as he playfully butted the Hatcher on the shoulder. "I always wondered where you got that tenacity from... maybe you were born with some of it after all. Eh, Son of Earth?"

"Shut up," laughed Gold as he plopped down onto the ground. Looking over at Pearl the older boy beckoned over saying: "Yo, hyper kiddo! Here's someone even more electric than you are. Come get accquianted!"

Pearl laughed too as he joined them with Diamond (with Regigigas looking over all of them), reminded that of all the sixteen Plates he was given the Zap Plate. "Well, in that case it's no surprising Dia can swim so well, isn't it? I'm surprised the bearer of the Splash Plate wasn't born with gills!"

"Well... I think I'd still prefer lungs," said Diamond as he cuddled Lax with his usual dopey grin. "Without them I won't be able to hang out here with you guys, right?"

"... It all fits so well together to be just coincidence, doesn't it?" Pearl found himself musing as he laughter died among everyone. "Red-senpai and Green-senpai being so hot n cold in comparison, Yellow-senpai's powers, Sapphire-san's liking for nature, Emerald-senpai's fighting spirit... it really feels as if the Plates really define ourselves."

"Perhaps so, but I believe that may be an overstatement," replied a calm mental voice, tranquil as a still lake yet with the authority of the fierce north wind.

"Suicune! Crys!" Gold cried in delight as he, Pearl and Dia all turned to see Crystal approaching them, sided by a bulky wolflike Pokemon in crystal blue: Suicune, Lord of the North Wind and the Water-Purifier.

"But can you blame us for feeling that way, Suicune?" Crys asked her old partner as they walked side-by-side. "I mean... now that I know that I bear the Insect Plate in me, it feels like my life as the Capturer has been influenced by the Plate"

"Oh, but I can assure you; you certainly didn't get that kick from the Plate, SSG," chuckled Gold as he came over and stroked her waistline - and quickly dodged a foot aimed for his elbow.

"You didn't get your guts from it either," commented Raikou with a roll of his eyes.

"Had not our father already assured this to you?" Inquired Suicune as he swept his gaze over all the Plate-Bearers and gained everyones' attention - even Red and Yellow's as they stirred from their nap just in time. "The Plates can't decide on your life; they can only encourage it. The truth is closer to this: you've attracted the Plates to yourself at birth. For each of the Plates carry a preference to a different trait - call it a virtue, if you will - and by foresight granted by Arceus they knew that each of you have great potential to make that trait bloom."

"Well, I'm.. flattered," said White as she looked at herself in awe. "Though I don't think what the Stone Plate could've seen in me..."

"There's no need to think so," spoke Cobalion as he approached the group with Black and his comrades. "Don't try to think of the Plates as something separate living inside you. As long as you live you are the Stone Plate, and the Stone Plate is you. Perhaps not a very accurate description, but one that will serve."

"It's like spilling pink paint into a bucket of water," piped up a familiar voice, and Pearl's head snapped up with Dia's to see a very familiar magenta-haired Faerie floating upside down above them. "It's still water, but it's pink!"

"Mesprit!" Cried Diamond as he leapt to his feet, pulling the little Emotion Pokemon into a tight hug. "It's so good to meet you like this!"

"Me too, Dia, me too..." Mesprit sounded happy enough, though Pearl could see that she had (again) failed to control her tears. "Very forgiving, aren't you? After what I've done to your friends..."

"Thanks for caring," said Crystal, sounding soft despite somewhat awkwardly. "But I know how dire you felt at the time, how you felt that it was your responsibility. I can't begrudge you on that. Where are your sisters, Mesprit?"

"Right here, right here!" Called another voice, and this time Pearl readily raised his palm with a grin - just in time to have Azelf descend and give it an all-out hi-five. "You did it, you did it! Uxie was right to have trusted in you guys!"

"... You give me too much credit," murmured Uxie as she followed a bit more slowly, pausing to share a deep curtsey with Platina. "All this time I was so afraid of the future... I can't thank you enough for dispelling that fear."

"But don't you know everything about the future?" Asked Pearl with a puzzled blink.

"The future is never fixed; it always changes, and only several snippets of it are shown to me," replied the Knowledge Pokemon with a dip of her head at him. "Perhaps you'd be pleased to know that what the future holds is greatly influenced by the willpower and the emotions of those who inhabit the present; what you wish of this world counts." (#9)

"You know what?" Spoke Pearl, feeling a jolt of revelation that coursed through his body like a lightning bolt. "I do like the sound of that."

"I couldn't see how too much knowledge can be a burden," said Diamond as he looked up at both Platina and Uxie while sitting. "Does it pain you, when you know too much that you don't wanna know?"

"You're kind, Diamond, but I don't know enough to reach that level yet," replied Platina with a modest blush.

"Yet you are wise enough to know already that one can't know too much that easily," put in Uxie with a knowing smile that made Pearl want to laugh. "As for your question, Oceanborn, the answer is yes for me. The truth about the Plates haunted me for a long time, so much that more than once I wished to simply erase everything out of my head - which I was mad enough to attempt to. But I had to bear this burden as you had. That is what I exist for, after all, and I still maintain that there is more to be gained from knowledge than lost."

Pearl found his head being bowed as he listened; the Knowledge Pokemon had endured a truth that could've brought down everything, yet she'd held onto it so tenaciously for their sake. It was partly thanks to her efforts that they were alive.

"Aw, come on! No need to spoil the good mood!" Complained Azelf as she and Mesprit flew over to Uxie and playfully pounded her back together. "We're all fine and here, and that's the important thing. We should be celebrating!"

"Well said, Azelf," commented Reshiram in amusement as she raised her head from where she was laying belly-down on the grass. "Since this is a get-together, we'll be needing more of us... why don't we invite the party over there as well?"

All heads turned to the direction her claw was pointing at, and Pearl felt a grin splitting his face again as he spotted more deities approaching from the horizon, eager to enjoy this delightful turn of fate with their friends...

- Hall of Origin, Room of Space (Palkia's dwelling) -

"It is as I had wished," said Arceus quietly, feeling her smile pull at her face as she observed the heartwarming scene through Palkia's screen-portal. "Nothing can heal a soul as well as old bonds being renewed... they will all emerge from today stronger and rejuvenated."

"We will all need it, without doubt; especially you," put in Dialga from her side, his voice thick with concern. "A time of grave sorrow will befall us, but will any be as great as yours?"

"That is irrelevant," assured the Original One, closing her eyes as all the past fights with her brother passed through her eternal memory. "Dialga, Palkia... go join them as well. I won't leave you out of what joy fate can spare you now."

"What about you, Mother?" Asked Palkia even as she led a hesitant Dialga towards the portal leading to the Meadow.

"Watching out for you, as always," replied Arceus, smiling again. "And also a lot of thinking. After all, though you now go to share your past with your brethren, we can never forget we have a future to create together..."

So sorry for the long delay. I've been busy with various stuff; a lot of things have been going on. And it doesn't help that I'm going on a family trip to Italy tomorrow... dang.

#1. Officially Black's age has been revealed to be 14, so he really is a bit older than I set him up for. Ah well, I can't keep everything in line with the original, though I always try.

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#4. The contents of this conversation will be cloaked until Chapter 17, so don't forget this little event till then!

#5. Reference: Arc 1, Chapter 28.

#6. And one of them happens to be telepathy; soon enough you'll find literally the entire Hall suddenly become talkative... wait, they already are. XD

#7. I sort of considered writing a spin-off fic concerning this story after the main arc is over, but for now I'm fresh out of inspirations.

#8. Something I made up, but considering that officially Giratina reigns over antimatter, I don't think the idea's too far-fetched.

#9. Same as how Alice sees the future in the Twilight series. If anyone has future sight, I think that's how it should work.

Yami, I dont' know how to make this clearer... Currently, with the universe Arceus created almost intact and the Enemy having done little about it, the Enemy's power is far greater than Arceus. In other words, Arceus uses her energy to create, while the Enemy uses it to destroy. And energy returns to Arceus when her creation is undone, and vice versa for the Enemy.

Trutown, I'm always terrified of answering your reviews 'case you so shrewdly points out some problems that I've noticed but desperately hoped that the viewers would overlook. Like the Dex Holders' reaction to the whole situation early this arc, I have no defense for that one.
As for the Dex Holders getting along too well, they're not exactly in the situation where they can afford NOT to get along... and besides that, they've had time to know each other and set aside their differences. They may be just teenagers, but in the Pokemon universe teenagers tend to be so much more than what they are in here, I can't help but respect that. Going into the specifics, Black and Red get along 'cause (as I've illustrated in Arc 1) they're a mutual-respecting-tutor-pupil relationship, N still is a bit awkward but getting over it, Em's not a big jerk as he used to be (and, frankly, there are people who actually find him cute), and, surprisingly, we'll find that Platina has a reason to get along with Gold (okay, Green just kicks his ass).
The Pokemon handled it better than their Trainers, maybe true... but they could pull it off because of their Trainers. Lame excuse, but you've seen the Pokemon all asserting that they became what they became thanks to their Trainers. That also meant that wild Pokemon couldn't have acted so logically or in other ways more expected for humans.
As for Dialga... I have an excuse for him too, but you should hear that from Celebi in the next chapter.
Well, that's about it. Wow, that was really scary. And I hope you continue to scare me, if that'll make my future works get better.

Skiesxfly, Arceus can't draw power from the Plates 'cause they're sealed within the Dex Holders. On the contrary, the awakening of Arceus has caused the Plates themselves to stir, as we'll discover in future chapters...
Yeah, you're second question's hit the mark.
Yeah, I think I overdid Sapph's accent... I've been trying to tone it down without obliterating the entire habit of it, but it's kinda hard to keep the balance. I'll keep trying, though.

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