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Chapter 8. The Sacrifice, part 8: Loyalty

If it wasn't for Black's reassuring presence several feet in front of her (and even he looked shocked out of his wits) White would've sank to the floor on all fours, and while she was focusing all of what was left of her will to keep that from happening her eyes could find no strength to restrain her tears. How could this happen? Her, their Pokemon had beat all odds to reach her in the most reserved corner of the universe, proving how much they cared for their Trainers.

And they were going to die because of it.

"... Halt them." Regigigas thundered with all the authority of a King. The next moment the entire Hall leaped down from their stairlike seats onto the wide corridor, forming lines upon lines of impenetrable barricades in front of the Shrine. Despair ruled down White like a mountain - what could their Pokemon do, even with Mewtwo and Deoxys aiding them, against 40+ deities except disintegrate against their defense? ##1#

But if they felt any sort of fear facing the living barrier they showed no sign of it. All of them, from Poli to Jessica, simply held their ground and prepared to launch whatever they had against the blockade.

It was the utter lack of fear on their faces that spurred her.

"No, guys! STOP!" Yelled Red as he finally leaped out of the divine diagram, allowing the eerie flowing aura around him to flicker into near-nonexistence #it still refused to recede fully#. As if on cue all the Dex Holders broke free from their stupor, and they were just about to rush down the steep ramp leading down the Shrine when -

"Spatial Warp: Barrier!"

"Oof!" Cried Pearl as he smacked into a transparent wall of arcane power that rose up to cover the entire Shrine in a large bubble of energy, effectively trapping the Plate-Bearers within.

"Not yet," warned Palkia sternly without looking back at them. "Or, even better, not ever. Don't forget; this is your duty to perform, no matter what happens."

"You're not gonna hurt our Pokemon," snarled Gold with gritted teeth, and White almost shuddered at the fierceness and desperation in the senior Dex Holder's words.

"That's for them to decide," growled Dialga, his eyes blazing with anger as he stepped forward to confront the challengers. "Insolent fools! You've crossed the line. Daring to face your way inside the sacred Shrine of Arceus, the reason we all exist! That crime alone is enough to justify your demise here."

"Sacred? Justified?" Sneered Deoxys as he slipped into Attack Forme without hesitation. "I couldn't imagine a more barbaric and unjust ceremony about to be performed here, and you call this place divine? What you deserve is the justice of blood and vengence, and we will gladly offer it!"

"Sso you inssisst in thiss, then?" Hissed Rayquaza furiously, rearing up until his long body rose ten feet above even the flying Pokemon. "You will rissk your livess, the livess of EVERYONE, for that of ssixteen humanss jusst because you belong to them? Are you truly that sselfissh? Are you truly that foolissh?"

"Are you so selfless? Are you so wise?" Asked back Mewtwo coldly as he lighted down at the head of the invaders, allowing Pika to leap onto the ground beside Plusle and Minun. "If THAT is selflessness and wisdom, we will gladly be a band of selfish fools."

"Sometimes life is cruel," whispered Kyogre ominously. "Sometimes outrageous acts must be done."

"Then I refuse to take such a life!" Snapped Deoxys, the aura of adversity exploding tangibly around him and forcing several Pokemon to duck out before being incinerated by the blast.

A tense silence reigned for awhile, and each second of it dragged down on White's guts like a ballast of a thousand stones. Then:

"Foolhardy your efforts may be, I admire your courage," rumbled Zekrom as he bowed his head, causing many an appalled faces to turn in his direction. "Before we start bickering over the rights and wrongs of our action, I'd like to ask: How did you get in here?"

"With the only thing I'm good at: Sheer power," huffed Mewtwo. Now that White noticed, the Genetic Pokemon's shoulders were heaving heavily; overwhelming Palkia's defense was a huge feat, but the stunt seemed to have cost him a lot.

"Impossible," snorted Giratina disbelievingly. "Are you claiming that your psychic power is strong enough to transcend the limits of space-time?"

"Does that matter?" Mewtwo asked back calmly. "You ought to know. What counts is not the power but the heart. It is the fierce passion and will in my heart that opened a path into here, just as it was the compassion in one of your own's that I could pick up my stray comrades and find my way here." (#2)

"One of our own?" Repeated Dialga slowly, and White blanched to see the Temporal Pokemon's expression going from confusion to outrage and onto cold fury. "So so... then who is the traitor in our midst that led you here, I wonder?"

Mewtwo didn't answer, and it turned out that he didn't need to. For just that moment a small, pink catlike figure suddenly popped up by the Genetic Pokemon's side, her blue eyes rolling mischievously as she squealed: "Hiya! Somebody called?"

A series of loud gasps rose among everyone, especially from the Faeries. But it wasn't until White heard Red cry "Mew?" that she realized the identity of the funky little Pokemon blowing bubbles between two Pokemon armies about to collide.

"Mew," snarled Dialga, his breath literally coming out in steam as he glared at the New Species Pokemon. "Even you should know better... how dare you betray the Hall, betray our Mother! Not even you can escape your guilt now!"

"... I didn't betray anyone," stated Mew as she stared back at the Titan, this time perfectly seriously. The innocence and certainty in her eyes spoke for themselves; she truly honestly didn't believe that she did anything wrong.

"Dialga, let the matter rest," Reshiram murmured as she leaned over to the Temporal Pokemon. "There'll be time to address her actions later. Not so now."

Dialga snarled in response, but pushed the matter no more before turning away. White felt a spark of relief within her; things were bad enough as they were. They didn't need the Hall fighting among themselves as well.

"Why do you and your brothers side with them?" Deoxys suddenly asked Reshiram, his tone nothing short of accusing. "You were willing to stand against your comrades to do what is right. Is that faith so easily swayed?"

"..." White felt her heart twist as the Energy Dragons silently stood down, head bowed and eyed glazed over in guilt. How could everything go so wrong?

"There's no need to strike so low, friend," Mewtwo mediated quietly as he laid his tail lightly on Deoxys' shoulder. "They just need to be clarified with a point, then we can do... what we came to do."

"Oh, no; it's you lot that have something to learn," growled Dialga as he matched glares with the Genetic Pokemon. "Breaching Palkia's defense was impressive, I'll give, but I haven't failed to catch that you're quite worn from it. Surely you realize that your army of Pokemon, even with your aid, can do NOTHING to save their Trainers against us? You can't help them. You can only hope to die with them!"

"Then I shall die as one of them!" Snapped Deoxys, ignoring the shocked gasps from the Dex Holders as the Pokemon army all cried affirmative. "Which is, I daresay, more than some of you are brave enough to do."

White could swear she saw the DNA Pokemon crack a satisfied smirk at some of the deities flinching, and almost collapsed onto the floor in a heap before Black steadied her from behind.

"No, no, this isn't right..." sobbed Yellow from nearby, leaning onto Red in devastation as her tears soaked their sleeves. "We didn't want it like this. We're doing this now so you guys can live!"

"And did you believe we'll be okay with that?" Deoxys asked back, looking somber again. Yellow didn't answer, and White didn't know how to either. Looking at the determination in her own Pokemons' faces she could tell: they were truly ready to fight the entire Order of the Hall for her life, or die trying. (#3)

"No..." moaned Sapphire as she banged her head against the barrier. Silver covered his face in one palm as his head looked above, opening his mouth in a silent scream. All the Dex Holders were going through a similar state of mental breakdown, be it Green, Platina or even Grey.

"You understand; we're just doing the same thing as you are," Mewtwo told them quietly before turning back to face the Hall with their Pokemon. "I speak for all free Pokemon gathered here: this is our choice. I don't blame you for siding against us, since for you the safety of the universe would be on a higher priority over any individual lives. Not so for us."

"... Explain," spoke up Ho-oh before Dialga could snap a retort, and White felt a rush of gratitude for the Rainbow Pokemon for taking a stand for fair hearing. Perhaps their willingness for a fight would subside after a good talk...

"The reason gores beyond the facts of how much we owe them, how much they've changed us for the better, how much willing we are to offer our lives for them," replied Mewtwo as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "No, it's somethinig much more instictive, primitive but pure. It is loyalty, loyalty to the bonds that have formed between us and our Trainers."

White's eyes widened as Blue and Emerald drew a sharp breath from her sides. Loyalty? That was it? How deep did simple loyalty had to go for them to act like this?

"Oh, you have no idea," sighed Mewtwo as he glanced over at the Dex Holders, obviously having read their minds. "The relationship between Trainer and Pokemon is not a contract, in which the Trainer offers the Pokemon power and growth in exchange for obedience. Some may believe it to be so, but there are none in this chamber. Whether as comrades, friends or partners, they become inseparable parts of each other, in which no one can carry on without the rest."

Turning to the silent deities again the Genetic Pokemon continued: "You'd never understand; how many of you could let go of your pride long enough to form such a bond with a mortal, much less develop it? We have, and we were rewarded much for it. It isn't that we don't care about the rest of the universe. Our Trainers' bonds with us is powerful, to the extent that they are an inseperable part of our world. They are more than our owners - they ARE us. They die, then it is as good as the world ending." (#4)

"So there's your answer: we fight for them, even if it means we perish together here. It's a matter of our obligation, but also of our choice. We are bound by this unbreakable connection, and we choose to stay loyal to them. Now all that's left is your decision: free our Trainers, or kill us all!" (#5)

His small speech finished, Mewtwo quietly brandished his gigantic spoon over his head in battle stance, followed suit by Deoxys and the rest of the Dex Holders' Pokemon. White didn't realize that she was actively crying until she felt her tears burning her cheeks like molten silver. She couldn't believe that they meant that much to their Pokemon, and the fact they realized it so late put even more grief onto her crumbling heart. How much more pain could she endure before breaking down?

"No... Dialga..." Diamond moaned from beside White, on his knees and covered in his own tears as he pleaded at a shadow-faced Dialga. "Dialga, please..."

Dialga was obviously the most outspoken and enthusiastic among the Titans; persuade him, and the rest would have little trouble reaching a new agreement. Had Mewtwo's words mean anything to him?

"Loyalty..." murmured the Temporal Pokemon, raising his head to reveal a mournful expression. "... I have no argument for that."

Okay... WHAT?

"Dialga!" Reshiram and Zekrom both exclaimed in shock, but Dialga quickly silenced them with his tail.

"Stand down, all of you," he muttered, his tone quiet but without room for argument. "This is for me to answer. Just for now... stand down."

For awhile the deities looked at each other in bewilderment and hesitation, until Reshiram gave a small nod and retreated to the side of the wide chamber. Zekrom and Kyurem followed, then on onrush of the Order scooted off to the side until only Dialga remained in front of the invaders. Some like Palkia and Regigigas chose instead to fall back to the base of the Shrine, but most stayed away.

"Wouldn't we understand loyalty, creature? For we were bound by one upon birth," said Dialga as he turned to Mewtwo, his eyes shadowed in deep thought. "I can see it now; your loyalty to your Trainers is not so different from ours to Lord Arceus. If your feel more strongly bound to them than even your own origins, it would mean that they mean that much to you, yes?"

"What a fool I was, deeming your efforts to rise out of selfishness, when in truth you were bound with the same ideal as ours. You were right... you have every right to stand up to us. You've made the right decision."

White felt hope rise within her again, riding upon a pillar of stone that began rising into the heavens. Dialga actually listened to them! Now their Pokemon didn't have to charge blindly to their death like they had planned. Maybe the Dex Holders could be spared as well...?

"In respect of that choice, I will also make the right decision," said Dialga, bowing his head deeply.

White's hope dared to soar up higher on the pillar that sustained it.

Dialga's head rose, and his eyes snapped open to reveal a flash of violet.

"Upon my word as a Firstborn... I take it upon myself to slay you with honor!" Bellowed the Titan as he rose to his full height, releasing a ferocious shriek as his backplate unfurled fully.

The pillar of hope collapsed inside White.

"NO!" Her scream was joined by almost all the Dex Holders and even some of the Order; Blue dropped down on all fours with an unearthly wail, Gold and Sapphire began madly pounding at Palkia's barrier, and Platina and Yellow both collapsed into Diamond and Reds' arms in a dead faint. "No, Dialga, please! Don't do this!"

Heedless of the Dex Holders' pleas a massive blast of arcane energy erupted out of Dialga, far greater than anything White had ever seen even in Titan standards. A second, even more devastating scream clawed out of his wide-open maw as the Adamant Orb embedded in his chest began pulsing madly in a blazing cyan light.

"Stop, Dialga!" Cried Reshiram and Zekrom in dismay as they threw themselves toward the Temporal Pokemon as one, only to have Groudon flatten and pin them down from behind with sheer bulk.

"Are you mad? Even you won't be able to stand that!" Exclaimed the Continent Pokemon, though even his eyes were round in anxiety.

"But we have to do something! He could bring down the entire Hall!" Cried Lugia in horror as she quickly ducked her children under a protective wing.

"What do you take me for? I'm in control!" Snapped Dialga, and White began to quake in terror as the massive aura of energy began to coalese in front of his jaw in the form of an azure-violet orb. "Palkia, strengthen the barrier! The Plate-Bearers mustn't be harmed!"

To White's surprise Palkia didn't even argue as she leaped up to the Shrine, touching the barrier from the outside and pouring more power into it. Now that she was close enough the young Dex Holder could see that the Spatial Pokemon's armor was slightly singed here and there; just standing near Dialga had caused the discharge coming off of him to sizzle her.

"Run, Pika! Mewtwo! All of you!" Red's desperate shout towed White's attention back to their Pokemon, directly in Dialga's line of sight and attack. "You can't do this to me, guys! Stop! Go! Live!"

Flashes of pain raced through all the Pokemons' faces as the Dex Holders' pleas reached them, but none of them even pretended to fall back; they held their ground, charging up the strongest attack they could muster to stand against the Timelord's power.

"Time Warp Overdrive!" Howled Dialga as his head shot up toward the celing, allowing the violet orb of energy to swell to almost match his own body size.

"I'll need time to set up a counter barrier," said Mewtwo barely-audibly to Deoxys as he began twirling his spoon midair, no doubt charging up his own exhausted psychic power.

"I won't last a minute against that sort of attack," informed the DNA Pokemon as he phased into Defense Forme, warily eyeing the massive orb as Dialga began shrinking it again - focusing its energy into one spot. "You're fine with that?"

"It's this or die," replied Mewtwo as calmly as if they were discussing about breakfast coffee, twirling his spoon even faster.

"Brace yourselves!" Yelled Palkia at everyone as she continued to empower the barrier. "This is the first time in fourteen milenia he's using this. It'll strike hard!"

By this time the orb had shrunk down to the size of a Poke Ball, all that destructive energy that was being discharged concentrated to a single spot, allowing Dialga to lower his head again.

"It was an honor to have known you, loyal ones!" Thundered the Temporal Pokemon, his jaws widening until White was certain that it'd split.

"... Roar of Time!"

... Epic.

#1. 47, to be exact. Oh, 46, 'cause one's currently missing...

#2. Referring to Pika, Plusle and Minun, of course.

#3. Sometimes even the main character is as dumb as that, I suppose... yes, they didn't anticipate this coming.

#4. I know this part is hard to get. I got this idea from Eragon, in which the dragon dies when its rider is killed.

#5. Some people may complain that Mewtwo's words here don't sound very logical; that was deliberate. We have to remember that they're Pokemon, and sometimes their logic may work on a different basis from us.

MewBlade, as you've seen Mewtwo has freed Deoxys as well. :)

Trutown, thanks for pointing out that sentence; I'll fix that in due time, after I scout through errors in Arc 2.
As for your question... actually, the pillars in the Circle don't rise or fall; they're stationary. And, um, why did I use them? I didn't have a particular reason for designing the Hall the way I designed it, it was just an idea. Maybe I was inspired by one of the opening cuts in Pokemon AG in the anime. I tried to describe the Circle as best as I could in Chapter 1 of Arc 2, if you've taken a look at it.
And where I got my references... I suppose it's mostly Pokemon mythology, but various other stuff are mixed in; I suppose you could say it's an amalgation of various mythologies. The notion of 'deities' (I've been doing my best to refrain from using that word after hearing your complaint) as of this fic may have derived from the gods in Greek Mythology, and the idea that they can be slain has its basis on Norse Myths, and the war between Arceus and the Destroyer is something like Ragnarok. In a way, my universe is an amalgation between the original Pokemon World and some other references to real-world mythology. Hope that was explanation enough.
Yeah, I thought you'd be wondering about how Mewtwo does all this stuff, and I don't think you'd be satisfied with a lame 'cause his Psychic'. I'm afraid the best explanation I can give is just a variation of that: While Dialga and Palkia manipulate their respective elements because they have control over it, Mewtwo can do it by
forcing them to his will. That's the nature of psychic powers, after all; to achieve feats that are supposed to be impossible.
Well, sorry about your last issue; as you know I draft my story far before I write them, and it's really difficult to change parts that may influence the entire plot. To you that may been that the entire plot is flawed, but what can I say? Let's just hope I do a better job in the future. And you might've noticed, but the Dex Holders aren't in a situation to be proving their points... but I suppose you'll probably have problems in this chapter too. :)

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