When he heard Oliver was back, his heart stopped. His best friend was coming home. After five years, he was going to be with him again…Not that Oliver would ever know.

They'd both played the playboy, the man-whore. What Oliver had never known, still didn't know, and would hopefully never know, was that every single woman Tommy Merlyn had ever had the pleasure of knowing was never going to be enough for him. He had once told Laurel that he was not a one-woman kind of guy. It was simple. It was only because he was in love with his best friend and his best friend was male.

When he walked through the door to the Queen mansion, he wanted to cry with joy and tackle him, but instead, he made his standard sarcastic comment:

"What'd I tell ya? Yachts suck!" But with that comment, he couldn't resist going to touch him.

"Tommy Merlyn," Oliver said softly as he reached out for a hug from his best friend of over twenty years.

"I missed ya, buddy," Tommy said with tears in his eyes. They held each other tightly for a moment, but as soon as Tommy felt Oliver start to relax his grip, he let go reluctantly.

"Dinner is being served," Oliver said, "Shall we?"

"Lead on!" Tommy said with a chuckle, looking foreward to having his friend back after so long.