He'd been drinking for a while now. Party didn't technically start until 9 pm, but he and about three hundred of his and Ollie's "closest friends" had started well before 6. When he turned from a drink with some random hot chick he didn't know, Tommy saw Oliver coming down the stairs and grinned. He knew that anyone who saw him would think he was just happy to see his pal, but the grin was so much more than that. Oliver was a beautiful man. There was no other way to put it. Looking around quickly, hoping he hadn't given himself away, Tommy signaled the DJ to stop the music and ran up the stairs to meet Ollie.

"Ladies, let's give this man a proper welcome home!" he yelled. The cheer went up and Oliver was swallowed by the crowd as the music started back up.

When Laurel showed up about an hour later…which he knew she would, he couldn't completely conceal the jealousy that raged through him as she took Ollie away from the party. He was just happy that everyone was too busy having too much fun to see him pining for the man he could never have.