Sneering, I watch as they pass their judgments, judging me based on a past they barely know and wouldn't understand. Abuse from all sides, adrift without anyone to turn to, is it any wonder I joined the other side? They, at least, I knew would judge me based on my abilities. My past meant little to them; as long as my blood was pure enough, they cared only about my abilities. I preferred it that way, and my abilities are all that define me now. My mind is as sharp as ever, but my tongue is far more deadly. I don't need any weapons, simply my wit to unnerve and defeat my opponents. I used to care what these people, my new allies, thought of me, but now I care little. I have one purpose, to protect that which has fallen under my care. It will be difficult because of the distrust and fear many naturally feel for me, yet I will complete my task regardless. I will have to be cruel, as that will help him to prepare for what he must face. Others will coddle him, gaining his love and dedication. I will garner hatred and loathing, yet it will be I who he thanks when the final battle is over, as those who oppose him will not be kind. They will exploit his youth, his ignorance, his inexperience, and his naiveté. It will be best if he is on his guard from the beginning, trusting few. I cannot help him to make that choice, however I can prove to him that appearances are deceiving. It will take practice for the boy to determine between allies and enemies, yet no one is equipped or willing to teach him. Except for me. So hate me if you must but learn your lessons well, and you may just survive this war.