A/N: After Harry's first potions class. I didn't plan for a second chapter, but I got another idea. I might write one of these for each year, but for now this is complete.

This is their hero? A neglected child, appearing far younger than he is. My job will be that much harder, as he is starved for affection and will remain loyal to those who are kind to him. If the others learn of that, he will be destroyed. They will use him, corrupting him for their own Dark purposes. I must prevent that from happening, and so I must take action. My actions confused him, as he didn't know why I apparently hate him. Others will explain, yet none truly know, save one who will never tell. My reputation has been in place since he was a toddler, and that will be the reason they give for my behavior. My past will explain my present actions, as others attempt to coddle their hero. The boy will learn, in time, that appearances are deceiving, and that it is better to trust few. He will need assistance if he is meant to be the old man's savior, but he will also need to live. Someday, when the battle is won and my mission is complete, perhaps I will explain to him just why I acted as I did, for I do not hate the boy. Hate the boy, based on a grudge against the father he more than likely cannot remember? Hate the boy because he reminds me of my love, lost forever beyond the Veil? No, I do not hate the boy. Hate will not bring her back; hate will not help me achieve my revenge. Hate is pointless. The boy is no different than many others, and I feel nothing when I see him. Apathy is my friend, has been for many years. I cannot afford to appear apathetic towards the boy though. I must appear to hate him, loath though I am to even attempt to muster the effort to hate. Hatred forces me to remember the past I would rather forget, and makes hiding in my apathetic fog all the more difficult. Still, perhaps one day I shall explain, and the boy shall see the truth. They all shall.