Lavagirls pov - It's hard to believe that it's been only 10 weeks since Max saved planet drool... but not everything about me has been going ok

i'v been having mixed feelings for sharkboy and i want to tell him but I can't... it would ruin our friendship. And I hear max is coming today.

( Later max comes.)

I saw max come... but someone was with him. He had told me about her she was very pretty right away I knew who it was, It was Marissa,

she was the one who had saved us She still has the crystal around her neck... But how did she get here? Then max came over. " Hay max!"

I say sharkboy is just drooling over Marissa. I zap him with lava. " HAY!" Truthly I was just jealous. Man, now I bet I will never be able to tell him.

Then he comes up to max. " Who's the hot friend?" He asked my hair turned to fire. " Remember the one who killed Mr. Electric? This is her

her name is marissa." She smiled at him, he smiled back then Sharkboy turned to me and saw my hair in flames. " LAVAGIRL! Are you ok?"

I didn't answer. He cooled my hair and I ran to the valcanos. That was alittle embarresing.

Sharkboys POV - What the heck was that!? Then max says. " I'll get her.." But I grab his arm. " Ill try." I say. I run up there and I see her. I realize

how beautiful she is but I was always having my mind turn back on Mressia. " Hay LG, what happened back there?" I say but she is silent.

" Nothing... why would there be?" She asks. " You can't fool me we've been here for sooo long and i know all your secrets." I say she smiles.

" NOTHING! THERES NOTHING WRONG!" She says, but I can see her pain. Somthing was getting to her. " Please! I know somthings wrong." I say.