regular POV - It was alittle acward to them. " Yeah uhem..." sharkboy says in a tone and they keep walking.

Merrissa was not waking up, and there was ONE last hope. Or everybody would loose her. They went to

A enchanted tree, it would give the power to grant any wish.

( After a mile walking.)

Lavagirl falls, " Woa are you ok baby- I MEAN UH UM..." And max covers for him " Lavagirl!" And sharkboy says

" Yeah that..." max and minus roll there eyes. Execpt lavagirl, who smiled at sharkboys ackwardness.

" Yeah i'm ok..." She puts her hand on her forhead. Then all of the sudden there was thunder in a distant.

The roar gets Sooo loud the floor shaks lavagirl falls but she gets up with the help of

sharkboy again. Then thunder got reaallllyy close and sharkboy says, " TAKE COVER!" they all run and

lavagirl runs and she falls and sprains her ankle. " HELP!"

Sharkboy carrys her in a bush. And the others were in another bush. " Ow it really hurts." She says.

And sharkboy touches her anke and she says " OW OW OW!" And he says, " OK OK!"

at this rate it looked like things where not going well for the gang.