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Chapter 1: Aurora

A sneeze. That's all it took. Just a short high-pitched sneeze, and that's how Elliot-stein noticed me. His eyes were blue with gold specks in them, his skin was blue like his father's (Frankenstein), he wore a green hoodie and blue jeans with red sneakers, and he had red hair that shone in the light. I was never sure where his hair came from, but he didn't ever say.

We went to monster school together in Transylvania, like all monsters do. (A/N: I don't know if this is true, so don't quote me on it. It's my idea of elementary school and high school for monsters. Don't hate!) He turned around in his creaking chair.

"Gesundheit," he said, smiling at me.

I sniffed, "What?"

"It means 'bless you'. It's something that you say when someone or something sneezes. Even when that sneeze is as adorable as you." He blushed suddenly and turned back around. I bat my eyelashes as I looked at my graffitied desk. I smiled at it. It was my first day of monster fourth grade, and I happened to look over at the desk next to me.

There sat a pale girl with short black hair and black lips, and wearing striped tights and a black dress. She looked over at me. I smiled at her. She returned my smile.

When school was over, I transformed into a butterfly to fly home. Suddenly, I saw a small bat next to me. (It was an overcast day.)

"Who are you?" The bat asked, curiously.

"My name's Aurora Davis. Am I right in saying that you're Mavis? You know, Dracula's daughter?" I replied.

"Yeah, that's me! Do you mind if we land? It'll be easier to talk." She smiled furrily at me.

I giggled, "Not at all, Mavis!"

We landed and I changed back into my raven-haired, mocha skinned self. I had red lipstick on, like everyday.

"So, now that we're normal, who's your daddy?" Mavis asked, licking a lollypop.

"I don't know. Mommy doesn't talk about him. I think he died when I was a baby, though I don't really know." I sighed, my hair turning to silver like it does when I'm sad. My skin turned blue and then it turned gray. I felt an air bubble inside of me and I knew I'd be a rain cloud in ten seconds. Maybe five.

"What's happening to you?" Mavis asked, ignoring her half eaten sucker in her hand.

"Well, I'm a shapeshifter. I can take the form of whatever I want to. Now, I'm turning into a raincloud. Better take cover, Mavis." I floated up into the sky.

"Why are you so sad?" Mavis said, her head slightly tilted to one side.

"I don't know, I'm sorry." I felt myself 'deflate' and I flew to the ground as a butterfly again.

"Don't be sorry for what you can do. I think you're awesome!" She smiled at me, her fangs showing.

I sniffed, "Thanks, Mavis! I think you're awesome too!" I smiled at her.

"Hey, do you wanna come to my daddy's hotel? You can bring your mommy, if you'd like!" Mavis looked at me so pleadingly that I gave in.

"All right. But I gotta go get her first! I'll be back soon, I promise!" And so I did. The story about my mother and I moving into the hotel is long and boring, so I won't tell it at all. Now this next part is when Mavis and I (best friends for over 20 years) were in our senior year at monster high school.

"So, May-May, what do you wanna do tonight?" I asked her, flipping my long blonde hair over my blue shoulder.

She shrugged, causing her short black dress to wrinkle, "Not sure, Ora. Speaking of not sure, what exactly are you today?" Mavis gave me a teasing look.

I looked at myself in a mirror, "Hmm… I think I'm a blonde Stein. Don't know how that happened." I blushed, in spite of myself.

"Huh! Wonder who made you think of that?" Mavis said, in mock confusion.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, feigning innocence.

"Puh-leaze! Don't you pull the 'I haven't got a clue what you're talking about May-May' card with me. Face it; you Zinged with Elliot-stein in fourth grade! You guys were so into each other that Elliot finally got the courage to ask you out in sixth grade." Mavis' face suddenly fell.

"May," I put my arm around her slender pale shoulders.

"Look, your Zing will come someday, trust me! Who knows? It might even be today!" I giggled, hugging her. She snorted.

"You know that's highly unlikely! Speaking of unlikely, has Elliot introduced you to his dad yet?"

"Tch, no!" I laughed.

"Well, you know who he is, right?"

"Of course I do! He's your uncle. Frankenstein." I rolled my blue eyes at her, my hair now chin length and brown. My skin was as pale as Mavis'.

"You have horns on the top of your head. Tiny ones."

"Maybe because I'm channeling the Devil!" I said, in a creepy male voice.

"You're gonna be the death of me, Aurora Davis!" Mavis said, laughing and running to the hotel. I was making silly noises and changing into weird things all the way there.

At the door, I stopped changing forms and appeared as my raven haired, mocha skinned, red lipped self. I was wearing a simple emerald dress that came to the top of my knees. Mavis was controlling her laughter, but poorly. I couldn't help but giggling myself.

"Remember when you turned into that toad?" She said, smiling.

"Which time was that? Was it the one where I scared your uncle Wayne so much that he ran away howling?" I asked, giggling.

"Yeah, it was!"

We howled in unison together, like he did, and went inside laughing.

"Mavi-Wavi! There you are! I was so worried about you in the sun, and you Ora-Bora with everything I've been putting you through! " Dracula came over and hugged Mavis and me.

"Ugh! Dad! I'm fine, besides Ora wouldn't let anything happen to me. We've been best friends since I was 90." Mavis squirmed out of her father's grip. She helped me out of it, too.

"I know, but I still worry about you two! After all, today's a very special day for my little angelfish." We followed him into our bedroom. Once the door was closed, Mavis and I talked together.

"Remind me again why he fusses like this every time it's our birthday?" I asked Mavis, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, he's not that bad! He just gets a bit… Well…"


"No!" Mavis said, waving her hand at me.


"N-Well yeah, but he never stays angry with you. It's like for one second then he's all," Mavis put the best facial impression of her father and the best vocal impression and said, " 'Oh Ora-Bora, I'm so sorry that I turned into a big bad daddy monster! Please forgive me blah, blah, blah!' "

I looked at her holding her last expression and we burst into laughter.

"In all seriousness, though," she gained control of her laughter at the same time I did.

"In all seriousness, he gets into his 'father' mode and forgets about a lot of things when it comes around to our birthday. I mean, especially after what happened in 7th grade. You know, when… that happened." Mavis bit her black lip and stopped talking.

My skin turned blue, as did my hair.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to open old wounds again. Are you still gonna change into a raincloud?" She asked, tentatively.

"I don't know," I said, in a sad voice.

"Do you need a hug, little cloud?"

"I don't know," I said, in the same voice as before.

"Well, I'm coming in anyways." She hugged me as I turned into a cloud. She let go of me and opened the window. I went outside and drenched the tulips with rain. Sometime later, I returned, wringing the water out of my hair, which was now shoulder length and red.

"Rain on you again?"

I spit out a mouthful of water and nodded.

"I'll go get a towel," Mavis said, sighing in exasperation.

"Thank you!" I called to her retreating back.

"Yeah, yeah!" She teased.

She returned later, with a fluffy pink towel. I dried off in the closet and changed into a blue dress that went to my mid-thighs. I slipped on a pair of flats, making my hair Mavis' length but auburn. I decided to go as a vampire.

"Love the new look!" She laughed.

"Thank you!" I said, curtsying to her, smiling.

We went out and I heard something. I stepped in front of Mavis, instinctively and was flattened by a screaming blue and ginger blur.

"Ora-Bora, are you all right?" Dracula embraced me, hoping I didn't see the person that knocked me over. But I noticed that Mavis did, and I think she Zinged with him.

"I'm fine, Drac. Really! And check out my fangs!" I smiled at him. He smiled lovingly at me.

"I'm so proud of you, my little vampire!" He blocked the boy from Mavis and my view.

"Get up, Jonny and make yourself scarce!" Dracula hissed at him, kicking the red haired, blue eyed Stein (at least, I thought that's what I saw).

" 'Jonny', huh? Drac, why are you hiding him from us?" I asked, as he fanned his cloak out to each side.

"Hiding who, Ora-Bora?" He said, a guilty look on his face. I gave him a look and he sighed, frowning.

"This is Jonny. He's here to… plan your party, and Mavis' too! I figured, why not? I mean, you love that weird music that I can't stand and so does Jonny! You two would be perfect together." Dracula smiled at me, a bit too happy for my taste.

"Well, I guess I would be happy with-" I was cut off.

Dracula shoved Jonny at me and ran off with Mavis saying very quickly, "Okay, great! That's wonderful news, Ora-Bora, I'll see you later bye!"

Jonny and I stared at each other, awkwardly.

"So, I take it that your name's not 'Ora-Bora'?" He said, as I pushed him off of me.

"No. My name's Aurora Davis and I'm a shapeshifter. It's how I introduce myself to every monster I meet. What's your name? Oh, wait, don't tell me…" I thought for a minute.

"You're a Stein, aren't you?" I said, pointing a finger at him.

He looked at it and then back at me, "Uh, sure. Jonny-Stein?"

"Ha! I knew it!" I hugged him, without knowing why.

"Hey, didn't you have vampire teeth and auburn hair before?"

"Yeah, why?" I said, letting him go.

"Because now you have blonde hair and fur."

"That only happens when I'm really happy, so consider yourself lucky! Better to see me happy than to see me pissed off!" I smiled brightly at him.

"What do you look like when you're pissed off?" Jonny asked.

"Trust me," I frowned suddenly and lowered my voice, "You don't wanna know."

His blue eyes widened and he backed away from me slowly.

"Okay! So, I'll let you go so you can get back to whatever it was that you're supposed to be doing, and I'll see you later then. Bye!" I smiled and waved a furry hand at him.

"Yeah. Cool. Bye." Jonny ran into Elliot.

"Hey," Elliot said, in his deep voice. He looked a lot like his father, but not nearly as tall and, in my opinion, Elliot was way more handsome. Jonny froze.

"Els!" I ran into his arms. He picked me up, twirling me around.

"I'm so glad to see you all beautiful and adorable! Oh, wait a second… You're like that every day, my little furball!" He kissed me.

"Oh, Els, stop it! We've got a visitor from your side of the family. I'm not sure which part, but… He's a Stein." I rested my head on Elliot's chest, and put one of my hands there too.

"I'm Elliot-stein. Who are you?" Elliot asked Jonny. Jonny's eyes grew as big as dinner plates.

"J-Jonny," he stuttered.

"Cool! We should hang out sometime, maybe at Rory's party?"

"Uh, sure!"

"Awesome, later man!" Elliot walked away with me.

"Bye, Jonny!" I waved to him. He returned my wave. Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps behind me.

"Hey, son, who's the brunette? She a monster of a girl?" It was Frankenstein.

"No dad, she's… My girlfriend." Elliot turned us around when he said this.

Frank was silent for a while, and then he spoke.