Okay y'all this is my first fanfiction and it will contain a lemon later in the story. I don't own the Zelda corp. but have a few games no burns please.


Link and Fi

Link was tending the flames of his fire out in faron woods he was tired from the trial he had just completed. Earning the water dragons scale had felt like it was worth nearly failing. He pulled out his bed roll and asked Fi to see if she put up her shield so he could rest. After she did so he fell into sleep the next day when the sun arose link had spoken to the great water dragon and had just gotten the special water that she ask for. He returned and poured it into her basin she then returned to her full glory. She asked to Link purify his sword with farores flame and then when he felt ready he should head towards eldin volcano. After gaining the goddess long sword Link returned to skyloft.

(Warning lemon coming I chpt 2)