Its not until she starts drawling his name does he realize he's definitely over served her.

Completely on accident of course, it had been a busy night, Wanda called in sick and Zoe had sat at the bar the whole time, so he had just tossed her a glass of wine here and there when he was running around.

The crowd had emptied out and by the time Wade started to close the bar only Zoe was left.

"Wade, can I get another one?"

"No way doc," He grins at her as he wipes down the bar.

She pouts, and looks like a child, "Come on Wade. Its not like you to be responsible."

"Well usually you're the responsible one so someone has to fill in for ya."

She huffs and slumps over a bit on the bar, "You're the one who keeps giving me free wine."

"A mistake I won't make again."

She pouts again and he laughs.

A song comes on, one that he's played often, and she perks up a bit.

"Oh! I know this song!"

"Cause of me."

Its true, he's played it enough times while she's been over, plus he's been learning it on the guitar, plucking the strings to the beginning.

"Whatever." She shifts tipsily off of the stool, toeing her high heels off and begins to sway side to side as she makes a circle around the bar.

"Doc." He says, almost as a warning or a reprimand to tell her to sit down.

"I'm just taking it all in" she states, giggling as she drunkenly waves her hands around.

"Takin' what in?"

"The southern atmosphere."

He shakes his head and hands her a broom, "While you're at it you can sweep up for me. Get us both out of here faster."

"Okay" She skips over taking it from his grasp, but before she turns she grabs a hold of his shirt and puts her mouth on his.

She tastes like cheap wine and he's always surprised by how little she actually is, especially without the sky high heels on.

He returns the kiss lightly before turning her around and directing her in the direction of the floor that needed to be swept with a pat on the bum.

The pout is back but she goes anyways.

"Wade you know what we haven't done?" She says as she sweeps the floor.

"What Doc?" He asks absentmindedly as he stacks bottles.

"Had sex in the Rammer Jammer."

Wade nearly chokes on his own tongue, and looks at her surprised, she's grinning and shooting him one of those looks he doesn't get to see very often.

"Doc, you're drunk."

"So?" Her tone is bossy and commanding, and he usually finds it so damn sexy but he's trying to be better and this isn't part of that.

"You're drunk Doc, so I'm going to take you home and put you to bed-"

"With you?" She's giving him that look again and he runs a hand over his face and through his hair.


He grabs her then, cause he's not a saint and kisses her gently, "Doc, if you're still up for the Rammer Jammer tomorrow ill be there without a doubt."

She looks up at him, big brown eyes and her full lips pull up into a mischievous smirk, "Is that a promise?"

Jesus, what this girl did to him was not right. He pushes her towards the bar, so she's trapped in between the wood and his body before leaning down and whispering in her ear, "Oh, you have no idea."

Zoe circles her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she goes up on her toes and captures his lips with hers. He's got her flush against the bar now and with one swift movement she's up on top and her legs are wrapped around his waist. Things are getting heated way too fast and he's certain that if he lets it get any further they really will be having sex in the Rammer Jammer.


Her lips are now at his neck and he groans before placing his hands safely at her waist. "Zoe, come on, let's get home, I just gotta lock up."

"Fine." She snaps and hops off of the bar.

He rolls his eyes as he follows her out of the door, turning off the light as he went. By the time he's locked up, she's already sitting in the car with her arms crossed and an annoyed expression.

Sliding in next to her she lets out a dramatic huff which he ignores and peels out of the parking lot.

She's quiet the entire ride home except for the occasional sigh and dirty look. Wade's barely stopped the car in front of her house before shes up and out, striding across the lawn. If he wasn't so _ he would have been impressed with her ability to walk in those heels and that drunk.

"Doc?" Wade says quietly as he pushes open the screen door to the carriage house.

She's struggling with the shorts she had on and nearly tumbles over before Wade is at her side. One more dirty look his way and she sits down on her bed arms crossed, sitting in her bra and underwear.

He sits down next to her and offers her a small grin and places a large hand on her leg, "Doc, what on earth is the matter?"



"You didn't want to have sex with me."

Before he can help it he lets out an loud laugh, clearly this was the wrong reaction because she scowls at him and shimmies her way to the top of the bed and under her blankets.

Wade thanks God for giving him the patience of a priest when dealing with this woman, removing his boots, he moves so he's sitting next to her once again.

"Zoe, without a doubt, whenever, wherever, I want to have sex with you."

She blushes but bites back a grin.

"But you're drunk, and I'm not in the business of taking advantage of you regardless of how desirable you are, especially when you are proposing what you were proposing."

"Fine, but tomorrow we are having sex."

He laughs and this time she grins at him, "Yes m'am."

"And I'm not that drunk."


"And you're sleeping here tonight."

He leans over and kisses her, before sitting back and removing his jeans and shirt. Before he can put his shirt on the ground, Zoe had snatched it and pulled it over her bra. She settles into him with a satisfied hum and a kiss to his collar bone.

"If I'm hungover tomorrow it's all your fault."

"I'll nurse you back to health Doc."