An aquamarine orb glistened high in the clear night sky. The rare blue hue of the moon illuminated the blackness surrounding it. Sparkling like crystallized diamonds the stars seemed to glow like a choir of jewels around their illustrious lunar sapphire. The woods bellow took on the appearance of a midnight dream. Black shadowed nooks and the gnarled bark of the twisted trees glistened with intricately laced spider webs that appeared to be spun with silver threads. Once mossy green, the leaves shimmered like lapis enhancing the vibrant colors of the purple and blush white poppies, which wound rampant throughout.

The coiling tendril of melodic sound rose and fell under the vibrating hum of crickets. Though merely vocal, the notes sprang up insinuating the sweet tender wail of a violin which danced behind the gentle plucks of a cherub's harp. Maintaining the soft pitch of her voice Teresa pictured these instruments in her head, as she was sure her mother had done. She swayed lightly in the arc-backed rocking chair; Jake had made specially to cradle her back. With her hands splayed on the sides of her stomach, she peered out the front parlor window of their new home. There was an enchanted look to the woods this night; she thought happily leaning her head back on the velvet cushion of the chair.

"Moon shining brightly on your sweet heart this night. Dream little dreamer you are safe and beloved. The blue moon will guard you as your dreams glow with might. Dream little dreamer you are safe and beloved. Cradled in moonbeam glittering with stars. Dream little dreamer you are safe and beloved."

Jake blew the loose graphite shavings from the slick paper of his sketchpad. As he sat back in his chair, he pushed the thick wooden pencil against his temple. A warm crooked smile crossed his face as he listened to the soothing tones of Teresa's singing. He watched her as she broke from the lyrics and hummed softly as she stared blissfully out window. Finally tossing his pencil onto the cluttered writing desk, he perched his elbows on the armrests of the chair. His chin cradled on the entwined steeple of his fingers. So this was a mother's love.

It made his heart ach for something he knew as a child he'd never had. Perhaps it was this lack of unconditional love that had set him on such a lonely path. The sound of her laughter shattered his painful musings, as he became aware of her questioning stare. Reaching out her hand to him, Jake crossed the room to her without hesitation.

"Although it is very comfortable," she wiggled. "It is very difficult to get out of."

Jake chuckled hoisting her out of the rocking chair.

"What is it?" she asked tugging on his open collar. Her fingers brushed down over his Adam's apple and traced the soft skin around his collarbone.

"Why don't you ever sing that song in Spanish?" he smiled changing the subject.

Her face pinched with irritation. She knew he was torturing himself with his non-existent childhood again. Sighing she realized his attention had already shifted to her length of glossy waves, which he was combing his fingers through. His eyes grew dark as he watched his long white fingers twirling in the silky mass of sable.

"It's so beautiful," his voice grew gruff and low.

Teresa felt a heat began to emanate from her chest and spread viciously throughout her body. She watched intently as one side of his full lips curled up in their usual mischievous grin. His Adam's apple swayed slightly as he swallowed back his desire. Finally leaving her hair, his hands cuffed gently around her neck with his thumbs pressing ever so softly, on the curved swell of her throat. Her neck felt so delicate in his grasp it seemed as though he could shatter her like glass. Then those round amber orbs glittered up into his face, causing his breath to catch in the depth of his chest.

Slowly, gently, Jake smoothed the white brocade fabric of her dress robe. As his fingers ran down the open winged collar, down passed her breasts, he lingered with his palms pressed to his child. Teresa's hand covered Jake's before tugging him toward the square alcove that lead to the carpeted stairs. Jake guided her by pressing the small of her back as they climbed the steps together.

Outside the menagerie of chirps, humming, and drifting laughter filled the enchanted night, under the blue moon. Somewhere deep in the arched path of thick lapis leaved trees Teresa's song still echoed. Dancing around in the blue hued shadows, tiny yellow lights flickered like flames. They flew wildly up into the trees and around the glow of Jake and Teresa's bedroom window, before the light dimmed and blew out.