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"I promise you, it's just a charm. Nothing more, nothing less. Please?"

I looked at the girl on my right and sighed. "What's so important about this charm anyways? Why do you want me to do it so badly?" Her eyes lit up at the question. "Because it's a friendship charm, and we're friends, right? Why else?" The enthusiasm was catchy, and it was pulling me in. "Alright fine."

"Hey, are you going to tell us what that paper doll is for or not?" I turned around and saw the head of the volleyball club. "Irame-senpai, calm down just a little bit okay?" Maki seemed nervous that Irame would explode just like last time. "I'm calm, just impatient."

"Okay, well, the name of the doll is Sachiko. The charm's purpose is pretty much to ensure that we'll be friends forever. I found it online on a famous paranormal specialists' blog. Her name is Naho Saenoki. And since a few of our members are graduating this year, and some next year, I thought that we could find a way to stay connected." Her eyes seemed to well up with tears.

I reached over and grabbed her hand. " Kyou, it's okay. Trust me, we'll end up seeing each other still. The members who're graduating aren't going away to any school, they're staying local. They can't afford to go anywhere else because they're not all that bright." She began to smile. Mission complete.

"Very funny Kishinuma. I'll get you." One of the seniors, Ogawa, pushed my head playfully. I nodded in response. The door swung open, and Karin and Kairi came in. Keiichi pushed the door close, and we all gathered in a circle. "Hey Kyou, how do we perform this charm?" Karin was biting her lip out of nervousness. Her naturally high voice squeaked just an octave higher than usual.

Kyou noticed, but continued. "Simple. We gather around in a circle and grab a piece of the paper doll. Hold on as tight as you can. Then we we each grab hold of the doll and say 'Sachiko, we beg of you.' You say it once for each person in the group. Then we pull the doll apart. Be careful not to lose your piece."

Irame nodded. "And if we mess up?" All heads turned to Keiichi, who hadn't said a word before now. "Well, let's not worry about that. Just try not to, okay? Before we start, how many are there?" Counting everyone I got a total of 10 people. "Let's see...Irame, Keiichi, Kyou, Kairi, Karin, Maki, Aki, Ogawa, Hayase, and me. So we have 10 people."

"Just the right amount. It was the limit for the suggested amount people who perform the charm." So we just made it.

We gathered in a cirlce and grabbed the doll. I got the head. Holding on tightly, I chanted a total of 10 times, 1 for each person just like Kyou said. On Irame's count, we pulled the doll apart. I looked at everyone's pieces. The one's that stood out were Keiichi's arm, Karin's top piece of the heart, and Kairi's bottom piece of the heart. Maki got around the foot area. That's all I was able to see because everyone elses' were put away. I tucked mine into my student ID.

"Okay. That's it. Time to go home everyone. I'll see you-"

A large thunder interrupted Irame. I thought it was thunder at first, but I felt the building begin to shake. "Thunder? No, is that...no way! It's...an earthquake!" The shaking became more violent, and the next thing I knew there was a giant hole in the floor by the classroom door. "Hey! The door! Somebody, quick! Maybe we can-" Maki's scream cut him off. "Maki!" Ogawa tried to reach out for her, but missed.

There was a gaping hole in the floor, an Maki fell through. The hole began to grow until half the room was missing. I felt my foot start to slip, but Keiichi grabbed me before I could fall. Unfortunately, it didn't matter what he did because we both ended up falling anyway. It was pitch black, and it only got darker as we fell. I held on to Keiichi as tight as I could, and kept on until I felt a huge force hit my body.


I woke up on a dirty floor next to Keiichi. I sat up and rubbed my head and observed my surroundings. An old looking classroom with broken floorboards and ceiling lights. I felt something rub my back and jumped up. It was Kairi's hand. "Kairi?! Kairi, wake up!" I shook her, but my efforts were wasted. She stirred slightly, but otherwise stayed unconcious. Keiichi sat up an rubbed his eyes. "Miki? Thank god you're okay." He began rolling his right shoulder, as if in pain. "Is your shoulder okay?" He looked at me and then shook his head. "It hurts alot. I think I landed on it. And this is my bad shoulder, too."

"Oh, that's right! I'm sorry, I forgot!" That was really inconsiderate of me. "It's okay, Miki. You forgot. I don't expect you to remember everything." A shadow rose behind me and I turned around to see what it was, but Keiichi put his hand on my shoulder, as if to tell me 'It's okay.'

"Senpai, what happened?" Kairi's sleepy filled the room. "Nothing that you wouldn't know. I just woke up myself, as did Miki." The three of us stood up, and looked around the room once more. "There's a paper on that wall over there." I walked over and read to myself first. Murders, scissors, missing children...what in the world is this, and where are we? I got to the part about the ways the murderer went about killing the children and almost threw up. "Miki, what's wrong?" Keiichi began rubbing my back, but it didn't help.

I pointed at the poster, and he leaned forward to read it. Kairi took over his job and rubbed my back in soothing circles. I watched Keiichi's face as he read the paper and wanted to cry at the expression that took over his features. Absolute horror was the only expression visible on his face. Kairi went forward to read, but Keiichi grabbed her arm. "No. Don't you dare read it."

"But I want to know what it says. You read it." Keiichi looked angry that she was actually protesting. I wanted tell Kairi not to, as well, but my throat was so dry I couldn't speak. "Kairi, I don't care if you want to read it, you're not. Yes, I read it, but do you see my face. I'm telling you not to read it for a reason. Look at Miki. She's about to vomit because of what she read. No more protesting, understand? I'm your upperclassmen, so you have to listen to what I say."

Kairi looked like she might still argue, but I grabbed her arm and shook my head. She got the message. "W-Why don't we go...look around? See if there is a way out." They nodded, and we walked out of the classroom. We tried the windows, but it seemed like they were glued shut. The school looked like a really old elementary school. "Heavenly Host Elementary School..." A low voice from my side whispered these words. I turned and it was just Kairi. She keeps scaring me!

"What did you say, Kairi?" Kairi faced Keiichi and repeated the 4 words she said earlier. "Heavenly Host Elementary School." That name was familiar...

"Wait a minute. That school closed down years ago. Where did you see that name?"

Kairi pointed to a sign by a large set of doors. We were by the main entrance, I assumed. The sign read: Welcome to Heavenly Host Elementary School...The rest of the sign was missing. Keiichi let out a strained breath. I looked at him and asked the question on my mind. "Doesn't that mean we're in...Heavenly Host Elementary School?"

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