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"It's impossible for us to be in Heavenly Host. That school closed down a long time ago. Your brother's school was built over it." Kairi looked at Keiichi in disbelief. "Really? I had no idea. Why would they build a school over another one?" Keiichi only nodded his head, signaling that he'd tell her later.

"I know that the school was closed down, but take a look at the sign. It says 'Welcome to Heavenly Host Elementary School.' What do you want me to believe? And don't you dare say that someone's playing a sick joke on us, because that's stupid to say, and you're not stupid. You saw the floor open up beneath us, and you felt the pain when we hit the floor of this place. This is real, Keiichi."

I brought my hand to my head and rubbed it. I had a slight headache just from speaking. Odd... "Miki, can we keep walking? I don't like this area." Kairi was poking her two fingers together nervously. She was shivering as well. "Of course we can. I don't like it here either. Maybe if we keep searching, we'll get some clue as to what's going on." The three of us began walking to the north and turned a corner. An odd stench filled my nostrils. "What is that?" I saw Kairi holidng her nose as well.

I looked at Keiichi to see if he smelled it as well, but his face was indifferent. He simply stared straight ahead as if nothing was wrong. "Keiichi, do you smell anything weird?" He shook his head. Then, "Why? Is there something bothering you?" I shook my head. "No. Let's just keep walking."


"W-where am I?" Karin rubbed her head and tucked a piece of red hair behind her ear. "Is anyone there? Miki?!" She waiteed for a few muntes, but got no reponse. She then began to walk. It was dark, and she had no idea where she was going. "Maybe...yeah, that'll work!" Karin began to dig around in her pocket to see if the object she was looking for was in there. "No...that's not it...ah! Found it!" She took out a tiny flashlight on a key chain. "The keys might get in the way so I'll just take them off." She stashed the keys in her pocket and turned the mini-flashlight on.

The hallway was much brighter with the flashlight, and she was able to see much better. SHe continued to walk down the bare hallway. "No doors, no cabinets...not even a fountain? Where am I, really? This obviously isn't the school. More importantly, how did I get here?" Questions ran through her mind, but she didn't voice all of them out loud. "Finally! Something." She turned the corner, and was horrified at what she saw.

"Are those...no. Impossible. There's no way that those are-" Karin cut herself off after a strong scent struck her nortrils. "Ugh! What is that?" She pinched her nose with one hand, holding the flashlight in the other. She moved slighlty closer to the bodies in order to see if they were real. "The bones...look real enough. Oh, god! And that scent...is what it smells like after you kill a living thing! Oh, eww!" Her eyes widened in horror, and she bent over, about to throw up. All she did was spit up. But for her, it was close enough.

"I...I have to get away from here. That can't..." Tears flowed down her cheeks, and she wiped her nose with a tissue from her sweater. She inched her way pass the bodies, and then ran for a goood few minutes. Then, Karin slid down the wall and sat down in a ball, sobbing. "This place...is it a slaughter house or something?" She sat there for what seemed like forever. "How long have I been sitting here?"

She stood up and brushed her skirt. Karin began to walk again, but slowly, as if she were drained of energy. The floor began to vibrate a little but then stopped."That felt like an eartquake was about to start. There is no way that it would just end." She shrugged it off like it was nothing and continued to explore.

She reached another hallway and noticed that it was much shorter than the other one. "There's a door down there! Hopefully it's open." WIth a slighlty renewed vigor, she made her way down the hallway. Halfway down, the building began to shake violently. "Are you kidding me?!"

It continued to violently shake, and it only got worse. A cabinet fell in front of her, and she screamed. There was no where else for her to go, so she tried to hold on to the wall. Karin successfully made it to the wall and held on tightly. Finally, the earthquake ended. "Thank god it's-" A final tremor made the building shake one last time, and Karin lost her balance. She was tossed into the opposing wall.

"Ah...AHHHHH!" A large stick of wood was sticking out of the wall, and it made a home inside of Karin's leg. "G-Get it out! Somebody, ANYBODY!" Blood poured out of her leg, and trickled onto the floor. This pain...is killing me! It's stuck all the way in my leg! How do I get it out? She tried pulling it out, but that only aggrevated it more. "Oww!"

There is no way for me to get this thing out. But I'm not dying...especially if I'm stuck to a wall. I'll jiust have to suck it up and...


Her leg was finally free, but she was in a lot of pain. She rested against the wall and held her bleeding leg. "I have to stop the bleeding...somehow. But...hah...how?" Her breathing was shallow, and there was sweat all over her face. If only Daisuke were here. I'd feel much better...No. How could I say that? I'm glad he's not. He doesn't have to experience any of this.

"This...hurts. I don't know what to do...I need help! If anyone's there, please..." Her voice trailed off and her breathing became slower. "I just need to rest. Then I won't have to feel this pain anymore." Slowly, Karin closed her eyes and fell asleep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

"Did you two feel that? It was a slight vibration." Kairi turned her head around to look back at me and Keiichi. "Yeah, I did. It was probably nothing." I nodded my head in agreement. But even still...I couldn't help but worry.

I hope everyone's okay.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

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