I woke up with a killer headache and attempted to stand up but failed miserably. I rolled over onto my back and stared into the sky which was completely blue with not a single cloud in the sky.
I thought back to what I did last night and how I could have ended up here, all I really remember was heading to the bar to have a few beers to talk to Sweet about a discovery that I had made but I can't remember what it was now I also noticed that I had no memory of who I was or what my life was and where I lived it was all blank and the more I tried to think about it the more my head hurt.
After 20minutes of thinking I finally managed to stand up and survey the scenery. I noticed that there was not a shred of plant or human life around and figured I was somewhere in the desert but where? I decided to go for a short walk and see if I could spot a gas station or something on the horizon. After about 2 minutes of walking I felt a vibration in my pocket so I reached in to feel what it was and I realised it was a mobile. Funny thing though I never recalled having a mobile but decided to answer it anyway. "Head still hurt Carl", a cold voice spoke but I couldn't recognise who it was I then found out my name was Carl since he called me that. "Who are you and where the hell am I", "HAHAHAHA", he replied with an icy cold laugh like death itself. "Who I am well that's not important, where you are well lets just say that you won't be seeing civilisation for quite some time", and before I could ask anymore questions he hung up on me.
Rage started to swell up inside of me and with a massive roar I yelled out "WHERE THE BLOODY HELL AM I, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME, WHO THE HELL AM I", all of a sudden from behind a bush I heard "Jeez your so damn loud sonny I was trying to have a nice nap there and if you really want to know your in the middle of nowhere so there happy". I spun around to see an old man come out from behind it I was amazed that I didn't see him there or notice his shadow at all. He looked about 5 foot high with shaggy grey hair and a long beard. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was bright red so my guess was he was a heavy drinker.
"So what's your name sonny jim" he asked me and suddenly pulled out a whiskey bottle and started to drink. I was cautious to answer but figured he was the only person here so may as well get to know him. "My names Carl and you are" I asked watching him cautiously in case he tries to mug me, then I realised mug what I lost my wallet and everything but this phone and another weird object in my right pocket I reached in and felt the object which seemed to be slightly curved and then I felt a trigger and it hit me there was a bloody gun in my pocket.
Coming back to life I just managed to hear the old geezer say "The names Julius now follow me sonny and I'll take you back home". So with no choice I decided to follow this crazed old man. We walked for hours and in that time I learned nothing about Julius every time I asked him why was he in the desert or where he came from he would change the subject and ask me about how I got here and my life back home.
It started to get dark when we saw in the distance a tiny looking village and decided to crash there for the night. When we arrived I went straight to the inn and asked for a room. When the man asked me for money I turned to Julius and asked him whether he had any cash. Of course he didn't so I turned back and the man was staring at me as if I was crazy and I realised that he thought it was stupid I was asking a drunken man for money that probably was the reason. I reached into my pocket which held the phone and somehow there was $1000 next to the phone with a note wrapped around it. After handing the money over and crashing in a room I finally opened the note and it said. Carl here's some money so you can start a new life don't get any idea's about returning to Grove street because if you do your dead. My head started to spin who was this guy that put me here and why didn't he want me to go back to Los Santos. I decided to lie down and have a nap to calm my mind down. When I went to check on Julius I found he had gone but where to? Deciding he was at a bar I fell asleep.