Chapter 3

"Carl you do know what this means right we got enough evidence to put those pigs away for good and keep the Grove safe from the damned cops but you do realise that if they ever found out what you know your life is going to be in a lot of danger my brother".
Two dark figures were listening in on the conversation me and Sweet were having with twisted smiles on their face they grabbed a radio and spoke into it and then moved to the toilets quickly.
I woke up with sweat pouring down my face. I had another dream about that night, but who were those two guys in the background and what did they say into that radio that was so darn important.
I walked outside to my car only to find three cops asking people in the street whether they had seen this man. I saw the photo and recognised his face that was me! I quickly jumped into the car and sped off hoping that the cops wouldn't have noticed me at all. After 20 minutes of driving I slowed down and came to the conclusion that I had lost them. I heard a snoring noise in the back of the car and looked behind only to find Julius was fast asleep on the floor of my car with an empty bottle of Scotch wrapped around his fingers. "Useless old man", I thought to myself and wondered how he managed to have gotten inside the car without the keys. "Sonny Jim every time I see you seem to look more and more assured of yourself", he said as he sat up and wiped the drool that had formed around the edge of his mouth. "Yeah sure I am learning quite a bit about yourself but I still know nothing about you old man so speak up", but as I turned around to ask he was already asleep. Who the hell was this old man and why does he still follow me around.
After hours of driving I finally made it to the border of Los Santos except I had one problem the cops were checking out every driver that came through. I had a brilliant idea. "Old man wake up", I yelled as I violently shook him. He jolted awake and I told him my plan. As we pulled up to the gate the cop looked in and asked us you got any I.D. I had sun glasses covering my eyes and a hood that covered most of my face. "Sorry we got robbed along the road and they stole everything of ours and I was in a hurry to take my dad to the hospital", and I pointed to Julius who was lying on the back seat sprawled like he was unconscious. The cops took one look at the back seat and at me with a freaked out expression on their face. "Fair enough then you can go through and I hope that your "Dad" will be okay", as he said the words "Dad" he looked to his buddy and they both started to crack up laughing. I decided to leave them behind and drove off.
Finally I had made it to Los Santos maybe now I would find the answers to who I am and what I know that is so deadly to the police that they could be put out of business and with that I drove off into the darkened city with my unconscious "father" in the back seat as my only companion who knew anything about me.