A/N:Hello to whoever is reading this. It's my first fanfic so I appreciate constructive criticism but no flames please. Also this will be a percabeth story but no lemons. Make-out sessions, but no lemons. Any way I will not do summaries most of the time. They will suck and you will never read my story. This story starts after TLO and the heroes of Olympus don't exist so Percy never went missing. Well here we go:

Chapter 1: first date

Percy POV:

I was sweating like hell. The kiss had been two days ago and everyone expected me to ask Annabeth out. I walked up to the Athena cabin and knocked on the door. Annabeth's little sister Lucy answered. When she saw it was me she ran into the cabin and came back with Annabeth. Annabeth thanked her and Lucy left us alone. Annabeth said "Hey seaweed brain what's up?" I said "Annabethdoyouwannaidunnogoon adatewithme?" "Come again?" she said. I repeated slower "wise girl uh…. Do you wanna go on a date with me?" She smiled instantly and through her arms around my neck and exclaimed "Of course seaweed brain I thought you'd never ask!"

Annabeth POV:

He finally asked me out! Oh no! What am I going to were…. Then Percy said "Oh! Good, then the beach at 8?" "Works for me." "Okay wise girl see you then." He pecked my lips and left. Oh my he kissed me! I should probably go find something to where.

Well this was a short chap sorry about that. The next chapter will be there date. Review to tell me what the other couple should be. Im thinking tratie or thalico. Also this is my first fanfic so it may not be very good