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Chapter two: first date part two

Annabeth POV:

As I walked over to the Aphrodite cabin I thought to myself If boys knew the trouble we went through for them….. but I really had nothing to wear so I went ahead with my stupidest plan ever. I knocked on the cabin door and Amber opened the door. She was one of the nicest girls in the cabin and was the head counselor (A/N Forget about drew.) . She squealed when she saw it was me. Then she said "Annabeth! Mom came in the morning and told us about you and Percy. I couldn't believe it! Come right in we have everything set up." I sighed this was going to be a long four hours.

Percy POV:

Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods. What on earth did I just do? What am I going to wear? Damn you Aphrodite. Whoa Pink smoke. "Aphrodite?" I called. Said goddess appeared before me coming out of the pink mist. "Ah hello Percy" she replied. "Hmm I see we have a lot of work to do." "whaa.." was all I had time to say before I was whooshed away. We were shopping for hours. How do girls do this? Well about half an hour before our date Aphrodite gasped "Oh! Look how late it is!" Then before I knew it I was whisked off again this time to Poseidon's cabin. The goddess of love took all the time we had to pick the perfect outfit. When she was done she wished me luck and I had to run so I wasn't late. I had brought a basket of food for the picnic and I started laying it out when Annabeth arrived.

Annabeth POV: ( Sorry there is so much POV switching. If it is confusing tell me in a review and I'll try to make it one person.) When I arrived at the beach Percy was setting up a picnic. He is so sweet! I had been forced into a sea green sun dress and gladiator type sandals. When Percy saw me I thought I saw his eyes widen. I giggled Aphrodite cabin had done a good job. I sat down across from Percy and saw that the sun was beginning to set. "Wow seaweed brain this is beautiful." He chuckled "Yup, just for you." Then his lips brushed my cheek and I swear I lost my ability to think. We ate in silence for a while and I leaned on Percy's shoulder so he put his arm around me. I was content to sit here but Percy said " Hey wise girl I want to show you something." We got up and he pulled me into the waves and willed the currents to carry us along. Percy gave us an air bubble. Then I realized we were in a coral reef "Percy!" I exclaimed "did you find this by yourself?" "Yup, while I was swimming" I gasped it was beautiful here. Then Percy said it was late and we should probably get going I said "just one more thing." And I leaned in for a kiss. He kissed me back and it wasn't a peck or a fiery kiss but it was pure and perfect.

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