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Percy POV:

I paced up and down my cabin with thoughts of Annabeth racing through my mind. Grover sat perched on the table top munching a tin can. "I don't see what the big deal is, I mean when I asked Juniper to be my girlfriend I just took her on a normal date." I sighed "I know I just want it to be something well both remember." "Well," Grover commented you could just ask her to the fireworks and then ask her to be your girlfriend in front of the whole camp…." I perked up at this idea "…then again it would be super embarrassing if she said no." I sighed. "I guess your right but it's worth a shot right?" "Mhmm" he agreed. Then he left saying he had to meet Juniper somewhere but I was too deep in thought to notice. I smiled I had it I knew how I was going to ask her if all goes well the next three days should be perfect.

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