"It's either prison OR save your ass now and join the air force.", the judge said. It was a hot and humid day, plus with me sweating profusely under this suit and being nervous at the same time. I looked into my mother's eyes. She didn't want either. I had already lost two brothers in the Aurelian Navy already, and I'm next in line to carry on the family name. "What will it be, boy?", the judge asked. I hesitated, " A-Air Force.", I said. "Good, case dismissed, all charges dropped, good luck up in the air!", the judge said. The sound of high-heels clicking against the tile floor came echoing down the hallway. I turned to face a woman dressed in an Aurelian Air Force uniform. She was white, with semi blonde-brown hair, with shades on .She was definitely a pilot. She came up to me and my mother. "Mrs. Atkinson?", the officer said. "Yes?", my mother replied. The woman took off her shades , revealing her hazel-pacific colored eyes. I was mesmerized for a moment. Her name badge read, "Winters". "I'm Maj. Naomi Winters, Aurelian Air Force. I'm here to supervise your son's caseā€¦." , "He agreed already"., my mother said, "please take care of him and don't let him get killed up there, he's all I have left.", tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I looked up to Ms. Winters, " If you'll excuse us?". She nodded and looked away for sake of privacy. "Mom , listen to me! ", I said as my voice was beginning to crack because of the tears. "I'll be alright. I promise I won't die. You have to stay strong. Do it for Uncle Jack and Aunt Macy, do it for Grandma, do it for me, ok? OK?", I asked. My mom settled down, took a couple of deep breaths. "Yes, I will.", she said. I walked over to Commander Winters. " Ok, we're settled down now.", I said. "Sorry about the sudden intrusion, I didn't mean to be so straight forward, habit I guess.", she said. My mom asked, " Who are you again?" "My name is Maj. Naomi Winters, Aurelian Air Force , I'm here to supervise your son's case but I take it, it's already been decided.", she said. Several hours passed by as we went over my terms of service, pay , and training. Partially, I always wanted to be a fighter pilot for as long as I could remember. The other half of me didn't want to go. I had my whole life ahead of me. It was eight o' clock at night by the time we finished, and I signed my life away on that official looking paper that had "Federal Republic of Aurelia Air Force Recruitment ", stamped on it on the top. The life I knew all these years, were suddenly erased, all because of a crime I didn't even do. My mother gazed at me one last time, her eyes meeting mine, I wanted to look away, but couldn't . I embraced her in one last hug, her tear staining my left shoulder. It felt warm, then turned cold. I felt a gentle hand on my right shoulder. I let go of my mother, she nodded her approval. I was off to war.

I grabbed my grandfather's old war torn backpack, he had used back in the Osean army during the Belkan War in 1995. It was cold outside, it was dark for 8pm in Aurelia, that's because we are on the southern hemisphere. Maj. Winters' pristine high heels were echoing on the dew drenched pavement of the courthouse parking lot. I heard my own heavy, sloppy footsteps start to follow the rhythm of Major Winters' steps. She looked back at me," You have good ears, not many new recruits can do this on their first day, or ever.", she said. I blushed a bit, "Ah, it's nothing really. My grandpa taught me when I was little. He was in the army during The Belkan War.", I said. "Which one?", she asked. "Osea.", I said. We approached what appeared to be HER car. I didn't see any other military personnel standing at attention and giving a quick, snapping salute. I opened the back passenger door and tossed my bag in, I took a quick glance around, it was a mess. There were fashion and rock band magazines all over the floor, a pair of flip flops and a bag of personal clothing. "Uh,uh! You sit in the front with me, you're my guest remember?", she said. I thought she caught me looking around. "Right, my bad.", I said. "It's ok, Pumpkin.", she said. It struck me odd that she was treating me like her own child, not a fresh faced recruit. "You're kinda soft for an Air Force Major.", I said. " I know", she said while untying her tight bun, unraveling her long locks of hair, " I'm known for it, but I get rough when I need to, just stay on my good side and you'll live.", she said with a smile. " You better get your sleep, we got a long trip ahead of us.", she said. "Where are we going?", I asked. "You'll see.", she said. I looked outside the window looking at the streaks of light from the passing buildings, I would be on the receiving end of those lights streaking past my canopy in the form of bullets later on. I was shaken from my dream. My vision was blurry and fuzzy. My mouth had that morning breath and my teeth itched. "We're here.", Maj. Winters said. "Welcome to Avant Airbase".