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Chapter 5- Wings

It took me a while to get over to the main HQ running the hectic, but professional Avant airbase.

I then had to go down a maze of hallways in order to get to Col. Alderson's office. Capt. Winters was waiting outside.

"Sir.", I said as I snapped a salute. She returned the favor, "Atkinson.", she replied.

We then entered Col. Alderson's office. The three of us saluted at the same time. "At ease.", he said in a calm but gravely voice. The voice of a hero.

Col. Alderson served during the Belkan War in 1995, as the ace for Osea. But the Ustian ace, call sign Cipher, beat his record of kills in a ratio of 15 to 7 in at least every two engagements combined.

Col. Alderson said he once flew with Galm Team, " The Mercenary Dream Team ", during the major battle of Airspace B7R, "The Round Table", in Operation Battle Axe. Belka sent in the best of the best, the allies were outnumbered but equally matched in skill.

He has the iconic picture of Galm Team, taken from inside the cockpit of his aircraft, breaking off to engage the enemy, never to be seen again, on the wall behind his desk. I returned to reality. He was almost done signing the promotion certificate.

"Captain, if you'll please?", he said to Winters. She walked over and signed under his signature.

"Doggy, er , David. Please step forward", she said to me. I did.

She told me to raise my right hand, and repeat after her, "I, David Atkinson, do solemnly swear , that I will support and defend, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Aurelia, against all enemies foreign and domestic, that I bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion, and that I will and faithfully discharge the duties of the office, upon which I am granted.", I did so.

Col. Alderson gave her the wings to pin on my dress uniform. I couldn't help but smile knowing that I was about to become an Aurelian Air Force Pilot! She walked up to me, looked straight at me with those deep blue eyes, smiled a bit, and pinned my golden wings. I picked up the faint wisps of….perfume?

What the?, I thought.

Col. Alderson read the certificate aloud, " On this day, August 10th , 2020, Cadet David Atkinson has been promoted to the rank of Airman in the Federal Republic of Aurelia Air Force", he completed without pausing for a breath. He must've done this a million times.

Alderson handed me the certificate, saluted, and shook my hand. Alderson dismissed us.

"I'm sorry none of your family weren't able to make it up here", Winters said, facing me. We walked out the door and toward the HQ front entrance.

"You called them?", I asked.

"Yes. Are you mad at me for doing that?", she asked.

I was a little on the inside, "No, not at all. I knew they wouldn't be able to. Avant is too far from Santa Elva anyway.", I said.

"Ah, SE huh?", she asked. "I'm from Monte Breeze.", she said.

"No kidding?", I asked.

We made it to the front door of HQ and headed out toward the hangars that were home to Sparrow's Hornets.

"Hobbit!?", she shouted.

I was awestruck looking face to nose cone of the mighty but agile F/A-18 E Hornet. We heard some clattering on the floor followed by cussing, "Who the bloody ##%&**&^! hell is interruptin' me during my work!?", a short, stocky, grime covered, red haired man shouted as he rolled out from under the jet on his mechanics creeper. Glaring at us.

"Hobbs, it's me. Blizz.", she said

" So sorry about that lassie! An' who is this lad?", Hobbit asked.

"David, this is Hobbs, our squad's mechanic. He can fix these babies up faster than you can say "sidewinder". He's our new nugget, Hobbs. ", she said.

"Pleased to meet you uh, Hobbs", I said shaking his hand. They turned black from the grime.

"Sorry about tha', mechanics hands ye know.", he said. "No problem, I like to get my hands dirty sometimes myself, I need to or I get bored.", I said.

Hobbs is from way up north-east in the freezing regions of Nordland. "What's yer callsign, lad?", he asked me. "Doggy, sir.", I replied.

"Ah, let me guess you play baseball, like a lot of girls huh?", he said.

"Spot on.", I said.

"Let's not get too carried away here shall we? Hobbit, if you will?", Capt. Winters said.

"Ah, yes. follow me.", Hobbit said.

We walked to a closed hangar that had a big orange 2 on the front. Hobbit went to the breaker box and flipped the switch. The lights went on in pairs, perfectly synchronized with the doors opening. The last set cast rays on the canopy, making it shine. 617 was the nose number. My eyes grew huge, as if they were about to pop out of their sockets! The Hornet looked menacing.

"It's an older C model, but it will have to do for now, we have your E model on order to ship here soon.", said Winters.

"That's….mine? That's my jet?! I get to fly my jet?!", I said in excitement.

Winters smiled. Hobbit chuckled. I jumped up and down like a kid getting a puppy for Christmas.

"Watch out sky! There's a new pilot around! And his name is Doggy!", I shouted.

"Remember lad, you have to treat it as if it were your girlfriend, or several you had in mind. You wouldn't want old Hobbs to have a higher paycheck than you now would you?", Hobbs said.

"I'll make sure to split half of mine.", I said.

"And you still have training to do with this too, it's not all fun and games you know.", Winters said.

My nerves were shot with adrenaline. It took me a couple minuets to calm down.

We stayed at the hangars for a few hours talking, getting to know each other more. Hog and Shogun even showed up, I told them how excited I was to be able to fly now. The sun was setting, painting the blue sky shades of pink, orange, and yellow.

Some distance away in his office, Col. Alderson was peering out through the blinds, smiling a bit and chuckling at how we, Sparrow Squad, were messing around.

"Good luck kid. See you in the air. I see an ace in you.", he said to himself.


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