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Chapter 9 – Now what…

The world began to come together for Matt. Stirring slowly Matt tried to look around. Everything was blurry. Closing his eyes, he tried to think where he was at. He last remembered falling…falling from somewhere high. For some reason it was painful to…his leg…It hurt to just think about it. Opening his eyes again, just as slow as he did before, Matt tried to look around. Objects were starting to appear, but just as blurs and odd shapes. Breathing deeply, Matt tried to lift himself up. He was doing fine until he moved his left leg.

"Errgghhhh….." Matt groaned as he slid back into whatever he was laying on. His thigh was throbbing with pain. "Why does it hurt so bad?" he thought. Resting for a minute, Matt tried to piece together the last few memories he could go back to.

"I was falling…why was I falling?" He thought "I jumped off something…a dragon…yeah, a dragon that I was riding…Wasatch." Opening his eyes for a third time, Matt tried to find the only thing he could remember to that point. Slowly, he began to see not a purple dragon, but two figures standing in front of his bed. The blurs slowly began to fade as detail returned to his eyes. One of them was thin, and the other was a lot bigger. The bigger one had a horned helmet while the other only had a fur vest.

"Hiccup…" Matt smiled weakly.

"Dad he's getting up! He's actually pulling through!" Hiccup said excitedly, having a hard time not rushing over to pull Matt out of bed.

"Easy, let him recover a little bit Hiccup." Stoick's voice said.

"Heh…it's good to hear you guys…" Matt said weakly, trying to sit himself up.

"Honestly we were worried you were dead when…Wasatch? I can't remember his name; anyways, when he carried you all the way to Berk we thought you were dead! It took us forever to get you away from him; he wouldn't even let us get five feet from you!" Hiccup said excitedly.

Matt's eyesight was returning, allowing him to see much better than before. Able to see that he was back in Hiccup's house, Matt smiled as he saw his snowboard coat hung up on the wall where the remainder of his gear was at. "Well, mind helping me up?" he grinned.

"Uh…well yeah no problem, but you should know your leg was cut pretty bad and…" Hiccup said slowly.

It hit Matt right there. Alvin cut his leg. Moving the covers slowly off of him, Matt looked at the bandaged leg. Though it was tightly wrapped and very clean, blood was still leaking out of it. "Has it stopped bleeding?" Matt asked staring at his leg.

This time Stoick spoke up. "No…it hasn't. Your leg is going to take a while to heal, maybe a year." Stoick waited for second for Matt to soak up this information. "I promise you that we'll have you up and running within the next few months! It just won't be completely healed."

Matt looked at his leg and then asked "Will I be able to ride Wasatch?"

Hiccup jumped in at this, saying "Yes! I made something for you, a brace! It'll keep your leg from moving around as much, but it'll let you stand on Wasatch without straining your leg!"

Smiling weakly at Hiccup, Matt whispered "Thanks that means a lot to me." Then moving his leg tenderly over the edge of the bed, asked "Can I see Wasatch? Where is he?"

"He's outside!" Hiccup replied excitedly "If you're up to it, we can go fly today!"

"I'd like that…" Matt responded.

Matt was a little embarrassed that he needed help to get into his Levi's, but was happy that they were repaired from the slashed hole in them. His snowboard pants weren't so lucky. The impact of the water totally shredded them, making them beyond repair. His coat also took a beating, but it was mostly from the Outcasts when they captured him. Next to his coat was his beanie hat and goggles, with a leather bag next to them. Opening the bag, Matt found that it was most of the gear that Alvin threw into the water when he tore his bag. A few Clif bars, his flashlight, and a dagger, the one that his dad gave him for the trip to the ski resort.

"You found these for me?" Matt asked looking up at Hiccup.

"Well yeah! We weren't going to let your stuff rot in the ocean! By the way, that's an interesting dagger…" Hiccup said grinning a little bit.

Finishing putting his gear on as well as putting the new back pack on, Matt smiled and said: "Yeah, reminds me of someone who has a similar looking one."

Laughing the two slowly walked to the door, with Stoick behind them. The pain in Matt's thigh wasn't lessening, but the fact that he was getting closer to his dragon helped him push through.

Hiccup opened the door to let a flood of light in. Covering his eyes, Matt limped out into the cool air. As soon as his eyes adjusted, he saw a big purple dragon sleeping in the snow next to the porch that Matt was on. "Wasatch, you just going to sleep all day? Come on and say hi!" Matt shouted, bracing himself against the wall of the house.

The Skrill instantly looked up to see Matt and roared with happiness. Running to him, the Skrill shocked Matt out of joy. Almost jump starting him, Matt laughed and rubbed his head with the beanie and shocked the Skrill in return. Letting out a roar of happiness, Wasatch then rubbed his head into Matt's chest; encouraging him to rub its head. Laughing, Matt began to scratch the forehead of the massive head.

Completely lost in the moment, Matt felt something push him from the back. Turning around, Matt was staring straight into Hookfang's face. Looking around him were all the dragons and their trainers.

"Well, it's good to see you up and walking!" Astrid smiled as she dismounted off of Stormfly.

"I wouldn't call it walking, more like hobbling!" Matt said laughing a little as he limped towards her. "It'll take some time but I'll get back to normal."

"That was awesome!" Snotlout shouted, still seated in his saddle on Hookfang. "You jumped off your dragon and did a flip to land on Alvin! That was so cool! Also! When you were a ball of sparks!"

The compliment took Matt by surprise, but laughed at the excitement in Snotlout's voice. "Thanks I guess…"

"They have a word for that Snotlout…electricity!" Astrid said annoyed. "About that though, how were you not shocked? It was amazing, but we were pretty confused at that.

Matt thought about it for a second and then said "I guess because I wasn't grounded…The electricity wasn't connecting to the ground so it was just…I don't know how to explain it, but it wasn't running on a path. Does that make sense?"

Astrid and Snotlout just stared at him, obviously lost; to which he rephrased "The electricity never really went through me. It was 'floating'"

Hiccup then spoke up to change the subject, saying: "I made some new harnesses for Wasatch; I tied your bindings to them as well. I think it'll be a little more comfortable for him and more secure for you."

Matt turned to observe the new straps. They were made of leather, which laid flat along the chest of the Skrill. Rubbing his hand down the leather, Matt looked at his bindings. They were even more secure than when he put it together. "Thank Hiccup…that means a lot to me and I'm sure Wasatch." Matt said softly as he tugged at one of the bindings.

"Come on! Let's test it out!" Astrid said smiling as she walked back to Stormfly. "Think you'll be able to stand on your leg?"

"Got that brace Hiccup?" Matt asked smiling broader now.

"Right here!" Hiccup said, holding an odd looking L shaped bracket.

Holding the brace in his hand, Matt saw that it had at the section where the shorter bracket connected to the longer one, moving on a pivot; allowing only up and down movement. Having an idea on how to put it on, and help from Hiccup and Wasatch to balance him, Matt slowly and painfully attached the brace to his leg. After succeeding at the feat, Matt walked slowly around, testing its sturdiness. It did indeed help him stand up and walk more normal; what it didn't do was kill the pain that surged in his leg. "Ahahhhhh…" he gasped as he stopped walking "I think it'll work! I'm able to stand and walk at least."

"Think you should rest a little longer before you fly?" Stoick asked who was quietly observing Matt walk around.

"Probably, but just for memories sake I want to fly." Matt said smiling at Stoick.

Nodding in understanding, Stoick said "Well good luck! I'll see you later today then!" with that he began to walk up to the Great Hall.

Walking up to Wasatch, Matt prepared to hoist himself up. Wasatch instantly lowered himself to the ground, allowing Matt to strap in without having to balance himself. "Thanks bud…" Matt said smiling. Struggling for a few minutes, Matt almost fell off of Wasatch a few times while trying to strap his bad leg in. A few more attempts at it and Matt finally was set to fly.

"Alright, Ready!" he shouted as he balanced himself with Wasatch walking up to the other dragons.

With that, Hiccup was the first to go, instantly followed by Astrid and Fishlegs. The twins and Snotlout were right behind them. Pulling his goggles down, Matt crouched and leaned forward, feeling himself propelled into the air. The Skrill let out a roar of happiness as they followed the mob of dragons. The group was flying all over the place, high in the sky, low near the trees; doing tricks like loops, twists, and improvised moves. Matt was simply enjoying himself, knowing he wouldn't be able to do anything serious for a while. Seeing Hiccup and Astrid above him, he guided Wasatch up to them.

"How's your leg holding up?" Hiccup asked when he saw Matt fly next to him.

"It's good; all my weight is on my back leg so nothing is really straining it right now." Matt said as he began to carve through the air as he would going down a mountain.

The three simply flew in circles, going higher and higher with each rotation. It was fun for Matt to fly without having to be worried about being shot down or chased by another dragon, this was fun for him. After a few circles though his good leg was getting tired of holding all the weight to which he asked Hiccup and Astrid if they could land on top of the center mountain. Agreeing, they all made way to where Matt originally came from, with the cave and ledge.

After landing, Hiccup and Astrid had to help Matt balance while he unstrapped himself from Wasatch. Tenderly climbing down the Skrill's back, Matt sighed in relief as his leg rested. Leaning against the mouth of the cave, Matt along with Hiccup and Astrid, looked down from the mountain. It was beautiful with the white snow in contrast with the blue sky and ocean. Matt felt good, from his leg throbbing from the pain.

"It seems to be more beautiful than before" Astrid commented, speaking what all of them were thinking.

"I agree…" Matt reaffirmed "It's more powerful than when I first came here."

The three kept on looking at the scenery, soaking it in. Their dragons were behind them, each standing behind their trainer.

It wasn't until Toothless started to growl at something. All three trainers turned to see what was bugging him. Facing the cave, Toothless was crouched in a defensive position, with Stormfly and Wasatch each doing the same.

"What is it girl?" Astrid asked holding her axe at the ready.

Hiccup was also confused, turning Matt to ask a question to which he saw that he was in a cold sweat. "What's wrong Matt? Do you need to go back to the house?" Hiccup said with concern in his voice.

Matt said nothing, only dropping his head. Pulling off his goggles, he revealed that tears were pouring out of his eyes.

"Matt what's wrong!?" Astrid asked with equal concern. The dragons took their attention away from the cave to look at Matt as well.

"I do need to go back Hiccup, but not to your house." Matt whispered "The dead end is gone…I can go back now…"

Shock riveted through Hiccups face when he heard this. Looking at the cave, he didn't know what to think or say.

"I don't want to go back," Matt continued turning to Hiccup "but it's not right for me to stay here…we both know that Hiccup."

Looking back at Matt, Hiccup began to nod, tears swelling in his eyes as well "I know…I just wish it didn't have to be this way."

Walking to Hiccup, Matt grabbed him and held him in a hug. The two never let go for a few minutes, crying and not saying anything. Finally letting go of each other, Matt looked at Astrid who just walked up and hugged him. Not as long or emotional as Hiccup's and Matt's, but sentimental enough to get the message across. Looking at the two, Matt then walked over to Wasatch, who looked confused at what was going on.

"I'm sorry bud…I wish I could take you with me, but I don't think my people will take to dragons very well…" Matt said, scratching Wasatch's head. Then rubbing his head with the beanie, he shocked the Skrill a few times. In response, the Skrill shocked Matt a few times to. Chuckling and crying at the same time, Matt slowly began to undo the straps around his dragon's chest. Treating them with reverence, Matt carefully laid them out just inside of the cave. "Wasatch…thanks for saving my life…I'll be back if and as soon as I can…" Hugging his dragon, Matt looked into Wasatch's eyes "I promise…"

The Skrill swung one of its wings around Matt, as if trying hug him back. Tears were flowing down Matt's face as he finally backed away from his friends. Pulling out his flashlight from the bag, Matt took one last look at those that were watching. Then, looking forward, limped into the cave.

It was a lot harder for him to maneuver around the rocks with his leg, but after a few minutes he found where he first walked into the cave. The charcoal remains from the fire he lit to stay were still there. Looking around his cave, Matt took one last look behind him, to only find a dead end. A wall seemed to have magically been placed where he came from.

Tears pouring out of his eyes, Matt slowly walked out of the cave; not looking back again.


Matt was eventually found by a search party. He was missing for a total of 8 days. His excuse for being lost and not able to be found was that he was snowboarding and crashed, tearing his leg and breaking most of his equipment. He lived in a cave until his leg was a little better and he made a brace for it. His family, friends, and sponsors were relieved that he was ok. However, with his leg injured and wasn't going to heal for a long time; the sponsors soon pulled away from Matt, leaving him to be just a local snowboard bum. Matt was crushed at this, but quickly pulled out of it by applying more of himself in school, to which he graduated that year. His leg eventually healed and Matt was able to snowboard again, even though he walked with a slight limp from then on. Now, Matt lives in a southern Utah community, working at a board shop he owns called 'Strike-Class Boards'; with the strike class symbol as his trademark. People thought it was a cool name and cool logo, but only Matt and his dad knew what it meant. People asked why he decided to open his board shop, to which he always replies with "Eh, well I love snowboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, any kind of boarding. I lost my sponsorship so I had to settle for the next best thing! Might as well do something that I love right?"

There are some nights Matt dreams that he's flying, flying on the back of a purple dragon covered in electricity. Every time he has a dream like that, Matt gets out of bed and looks out of a window to see the mountain where he found the cave. He promised Wasatch that he would come back, and that was a promise he was going to keep.

Here's that sneak peak at my next story! PM if you have questions and such, or if you liked what you read! Thanks!


The Redemption of the Dragon Riders

"Look Sadie…I know that you love the dragons and have even fought some nasty political wars to keep them safe, that I can respect. But for me, I hate them…I hate them and The Deprived; and it's not a hate that came from others telling me to hate 'em, or from those that fear them, because trust me, I don't fear them. This hate is something that runs in me. They're both the reason why my brother was killed and America's fallen. Those who are left of the Americans are fighting to survive because they never made it here in Europe. I honestly can't explain why I hate them so much, but trust me when I say that this hate is my driving force to fight them. That and my dad are the only reason why I want to live." Talon finished. He was breathing loudly now with the adrenaline running through his veins.

Sadie just sat there and stared at him, almost searching for an answer. Not finding anything to say back, she sat back into her chair and turned to face the courtyard.

Sighing, Talon then said "I don't care if others help the dragons, but I'm not going to be part of it…Don't judge me because of my experiences with dragons…please…I never wanted to come to D.U.T.I but my dad sent me to keep me out of trouble. Whatever that means."

"I'm not judging you; I'm just confused." Sadie replied, still looking into the country side. "Why do you talk about the Night Fury so much then?"

Talon took a deep breath and then took his turn to look off the balcony. "I guess because he has a hate to humans as I do to dragons. It's weird, I can almost…feel? If that's the right way to describe it, I can almost feel the hate in him; and what's weird is that it feels like the same as mine…"

Sadie looked at Talon and said "I bet he can feel your hate to then…he wouldn't stop staring at you when we walked through D.U.T.I.'s dragon clinic."

"I'm still haunted by those eyes…" Talon said, standing up and leaning on the balcony "It was the only time I ever felt…connected to something. Honestly it scared me! Hah! Seeing missiles exploding, ships sinking, jets shot down and I'm totally fine, but just looking into the dragon's eyes has caused more psychological damage to me than anything else."

"Talon, I think you're more connected to that dragon than you're giving it credit for. I'm betting that you'll come around with the dragons soon enough." Sadie said smiling slightly as she stood up and leaned against Talon.

"You know…I hope you're right…This hate is destroying me, consuming me even; I need to learn to let go." Talon said looking down and frowning "But until then, my feelings are staying as they are. I hate them."